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Attn: Congress: which is it – ‘Guns’ or ‘Behavior’ that kills!

June 22, 2016

Today, our Congress is holding a ‘sit-in’ (in Washington) over the issue of creating a bill to further limit ‘guns’ for Americans. All the democrats and some from the Senate leaders want a bill to further limit the sale of ‘guns’ (it seems)! The assumption is that ‘guns’ are the problem in America as witnessed with the killing event in Orlando. Our President is also on board with the idea that ‘guns’ need to be restricted or eliminated to solve the killing/terror issue in America. Hillary Clinton is also campaigning on this issue of limiting specific ‘guns’ and hoping that this will solve all the ‘killing’ in our Nation. Is this a valid argument? Think about this issue of ‘guns’ vs. the ‘behavior’ of the person doing the ‘killing’! What or who is responsible?

For example: If ‘I’ kill you with a gun today, is it my gun which did the ‘killing’ or is it my behavior/thinking which is responsible for the killing? Behavior involves my ‘ideas’, ‘ideology’, ‘beliefs’, and my ‘thinking’. Who or what is responsible if ‘I’ (I will use this word in a uni-plural sense) kill you at this moment? Think on this for a minute! Let’s say that I used a ‘gun’ as my tool. Was it my ‘gun’ that did the ‘killing’? You are now ‘dead’ from what I did (let’s assume)! If I ‘kill’ you with a stone, knife, gun, bomb, missile, or even via a cup of ‘hemlock’ tea, who or what is ‘responsible’ for this ‘killing’ event? Can an elimination of ‘guns’ or ‘special types of guns’ solve the riddle called “me killing you”? That is the issue of this missive!

This Arizona lad ‘shot’ Gabrielle Giffords at a Tucson Shopping Mall on January 8, 2011!

History reveals that ‘killing’ has been happening since the dawn of people (some 6,000 years prior to today). Cain killed Able, prior to the invention of ‘time’, and this started the behavior of ‘killing’ another person(s). Was it the ‘stone’ that killed Able or was it the behavior (mindset) of Cain which was responsible for this death? It appears that Cain killed Able with a stone or similar. Last week Omar Mateen killed some 49 innocents and shot some 102 people in total in Orlando, Florida. Was it his ‘gun(s)’ which were responsible for this terror and killing or was it his ‘behavior’ (derived from his prior ideas, ideology, and thinking)? I would suggest that it is MY behavior that is really responsible for killing you (in the above hypothetical scenario) and guns or whatever are used as mere ‘tools’ for the killing event! I can kill with a host of different ‘tools’!

What was the ‘mindset’ (set of ideas) within this person which caused this killing? The ‘tool’ used as the killing item is mostly irrelevant (IMO)!

Let’s further assume (as a thought experiment) that a bill is signed restricting and/or eliminating ALL guns on this planet, will this stop me or any person with ‘ideas’ to change one’s behavior on killing. I don’t think so! The mindset of ‘killing’ is based upon an ‘inner’ set of ideas and beliefs which are logic to the killer. The issue of the ‘tool’ which is used to kill is secondary and today there are all kinds of killing ‘tools’ on the market for me or anyone to acquire. I could strap on explosives, I could poison the water, I could fly a plane into a building, I could start a fire in a crowded theater, I could drive my truck into a crowed intersection of people, etc. I could come up with new ‘ideas’ (endlessly) so as to accomplish my killing event. So is it GUNS or BEHAVIOR which is ultimately ‘responsible’? Think on this for a few minutes! I am:

P.S. the mindset of many who lack discernment is as follows:

The ‘tools’ of the STATE (and our military) are many and changing continually. Today, we don’t need to send PEOPLE to kill. We can send a DRONE with a hellfire missile or a bomb! Behind the ‘killing’ event, however, are PEOPLE with ideas, an ideology, and a mode of thinking. America kills thousands today via a strategy called ‘covert targeted killing’. Read my prior missive on this issue. People kill people and the ‘tool’ used is secondary! Go back to the beginning with my example of Cain killing Able. A mere stone was likely used! We need to think more seriously about the CAUSES for the killing events on this planet. What caused Omar to kill in Orlando? Forget the gun issue!



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