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BREXIT (June 23): I say LEAVE!

June 21, 2016

The elites who desire a New World Order are doing all they can to prevent a BREXIT on Thursday. The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, the Economist, CFR Journal, and most of the elitist publications are all trying to convince the voters that REMAIN should be the vote. I say LEAVE! Do it NOW! Donald Trump is right on this issue IMO. Britain needs to ‘leave’ the corrupt EU Supra-state and start dealing with their own problems. Centralization within a Supra-state allows the elitist enslavement agenda to continue at the expense of the common citizen. Why not vote to LEAVE and then develop a new political/economic strategy for a decentralized community. Vote LEAVE on Thursday!

The vote could create volatility for our stock and currency markets IF LEAVE wins! There could be a bank holiday on Friday if LEAVE wins. If REMAIN wins, then we could see a temporary surge within the controlled and manipulated stock exchanges. My sentiment is with those who desire independency from the EU and this Supra-state system!

I am shocked that the Queen may vote for a BREXIT. Hope voters follow this advice!

Well, did she or didn’t she? The Sun said the Queen backs Brexit. But Nick Clegg, the alleged recipient of her majesty’s views, dismissed the report as “nonsense”. And a Buckingham Palace spokesman insisted the Queen is, as ever, “politically neutral”.

This elitist needs to exit his Power Perch and get a new job!

The vote is a toss-up but the establishment may use ??? means so REMAIN wins!

This elitist wants a NWO under the auspices of Agenda 2030 and more enslavement for the many! I can understand his desire that Britain REMAIN within the EU! Hope his sentiment does not prevail!

Donald says LEAVE! I would agree with this advice! Collapse the NWO and Agenda 2030! The Donald has by support on this issue! A BREXIT could help to set a new TREND!

Putin says he will shed no tears if Britain exits the EU! Basically, he desires more fragmentation! This is understandable from Russia’s point-of-view!

Now that the campaign is in its final week, the country is preparing for the crucial vote on 23 June – which polls suggest is currently neck and neck, and well within the margin of error. As of this moment, the REMAIN has taken a slight lead in the polls!

Nigel Farage has my support on this issue! His sentiment is for the common man!

Abandon ship is my advice! Start a new trend towards DECENTRALIZATION!

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