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Defeating ‘Hillary’ means buying ANTI-money!

June 9, 2016

Anti-money is a form of money which can defeat Hillary in November without voting for Trump or any other establishment person! What is ‘anti-money’? Funny money is what allows our political candidates to gain power and enslave the citizens of America and the world. Funny money is what we live with today and these ‘digital’ currencies are self-created so as to continue the Ponzi political system and enslave the majority of mankind. I call this ‘funny’ money the “Mark of the Beast” system! Anti-money is our historical/constitutional money which when purchased (by the masses) will collapse the political/ponzi/financial system and the corruption which evolves from this system. What is Anti-money? Let’s understand!

Hillary and Obama desire to continue the enslavement society via Agenda 2030 and similar philosophies! We can defeat this combo with ‘ANTI-money’!

If enough American citizens and additional citizens of the world choose to convert their savings and investments to silver and gold this will collapse the financial system which allows our current POWER brokers to enslave all of us. Yes, gold and silver can and will collapse the Hillary/Obama political machine and any other political machine (on planet Earth) which attempts to enslave the voting citizens. Money rules over our planet and the political systems which feed upon this concept. Money is what scripture calls the ‘root’ of all evil. Our freedoms cannot survive given our current real-time political system. Those who understand reality recognize that it is our ‘funny’ money (now digital units of nothing) which are self-created by the establishment to continue the Ponzi political system…which then allows the current system to continue so as to enslave the many! Let’s change this situation!

Anti-money is disliked by the corrupt political system as it can not be ‘self-created’ out-of-nothing! Our enslavement is caused by our current ‘funny money’ digital currencies!

Those of us who desire individual ‘freedom’ and a NEW economic system need to immediately BUY anti-money (gold/silver) so that a MESSAGE is sent that the status quo cannot continue! Anti-money will send a clear ‘message’ to the banking/political system that the status quo is unsatisfactory. We do not need to vote for Trump or any specific candidate to accomplish this objective (the defeat of the leftist establishment…Hillary/Obama, et al) and restore sanity to our politics. Today’s debt, deficits, entitlement society is bankrupting America and the world economic system. See: This bankrupt system must not prevail in November. Now is the time to buy ANTI-money with a vengeance so that a Message is sent (to the Power Centers) that we need meaningful change for the many!

America and the world is bankrupt from prior ‘funny’ money policies and political corruption! Hope and change come from conversion to ANTI-money!

Our historical/constitutional money is a ‘thing’ of substance with the ‘name’ silver/gold. Our corrupt political system hates real money as this restricts their goals and objectives and returns ‘free’ choice to the people. Our autocrats who govern this planet desire to self-create their ‘digital’ (phony) money so they can maintain their hegemony over the masses. Digital money is self-created by the Central Banks who then bow to select political authorities and the ‘shadow’ government (like the Bilderberg Group, CFR, Illuminati, etc.) which rules over planet Earth. Funny money is what allows this ‘shadow’ government (currently meeting in Dresden, Germany) to continue their enslavement of mankind. If we purchase ANTI-money with a vengeance and create a ‘value’ of (say) $50,000 for one ounce of pure gold and $500 for one ounce of pure silver, then this group-think system will collapse! Watch!

The November battle is upon us! Who wants to continue the enslavement society? Vote with your ‘funny’ money and convert to ANTI-money! Do it NOW!

Yes, ‘we the people’ can create a better and more free economic/political system. We do NOT need to vote for anyone (in November) to accomplish this RESULT. The message of the people will overwhelm the establishment if we exchange our ‘funny’ money for real ANTI-money (gold/silver). This can be done NOW! Reality is successive moments of NOW! Think about creating a better and more free global economic/political SYSTEM. All that is necessary is to convert most of your current ‘funny’ money (digits in the computer screen) into real ANTI-money (gold coins and silver coins). Do not exchange your savings and investments for ‘derivative’ gold/silver or for digital gold/silver. Buy real PHYSICAL silver coins and real PHYSICAL gold coins (or bars) and take POSSESSION of the metals! Think about creating a New economic/political system for the GLOBE! Let it happen…NOW! I am: See this website for WHY we need change now:

MESSAGE: send this missive to anyone which you think might agree with the above sentiments! Do it NOW! Thanks!



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