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America’s ‘killing’ machine – SOCOM plus ‘philosophy’!

June 9, 2016

Today’s WSJ  (Wall Street Journal) covers the issue of America’s Military Command System (SOCOM) and its global reach to create hegemony for the American political system. Washington’s new plan is now a global operation so as to address threats by the Islamic State and/or anyone who challenges America’s control over planet Earth. Yes, America operates with a philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’ and this is what destabilizes the world system and eventually leads to nuclear war and destruction on a most massive scale (now emerging). Words (of ‘Power’) rule over our Command Centers and the ‘words’ of those in Power are mostly based upon FEAR (of the ‘other’)! Fear of anyone who seriously ‘challenges’ America’s hegemony and control over this planet called Earth is our situation/problem. What a misguided psychology…I witness!

Raymond ‘Tony’ Thomas III is one of the Strongmen who operates under the philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’! He is the current leader over SOCOM!

The New Command and Control operations consist of: U.S. Central Command (Tampa, Florida), which oversees the Middle East; Africa Command; Northern Command; Southern Command; European Command; and Pacific Command. Some 69,000 personnel make up these command centers for global hegemony over our planet. Under this centralized command system, General Raymond ‘Tony’ Thomas III will make recommendations on ‘operations’ for this system. General Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will be the ultimate Strongman for our Military with Ash Carter as the Strongman who is most responsible for America’s global hegemony…all via the mindset of ‘Might makes Right’ (all based upon the emotions of FEAR, CONTROL, MIGHT, and RULERSHIP over our planet)! Who RULES and makes the decisions for the masses (now 7.2 billion people) is the core ISSUE!

General Joe Dunford (middle) is Obama’s new Strongman to assert ‘Might makes Right’ globally!

Today, we have THREE major power centers which will not bow to America’s global hegemony over our planet. Russia, under Vladimir Putin will not bow. China, under Xi Jinping will not bow. Finally, ISIS under their leadership will not bow. Where does this ultimately LEAD? It leads to World War III and global CONFLICT…and ultimately destruction of all life on this planet. Someone MUST rule this planet is the situation/problem. America has the military might and the weapons (as of today) to destroy our planet (all people). Russia has the military might and the weapons to destroy our planet (all people). China has the military might to destroy our planet (all people). And finally ISIS or a similar group is gaining the means to destroy our planet (most people). This is WAR 101 between those who desire to RULE over planet Earth and impose their VISION of reality!

Aston Carter is another Strongman who must follow America’s philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’!

At the core to the ‘situation’ is the ‘problem’ of HUMAN NATURE and the desire to RULE over the OTHER. Human STRONGMEN desire to create their vision of reality for the masses (all those without the power, might, money, and control). STRONGMEN with ‘guns’ rule this planet and this is obvious as I observe global political/military events. Look at some of America’s STRONGMEN to understand the issues. All POWER derives from those with ‘guns’ and those with ‘money’ to implement their strategies…and finally with agreement (psychological support) from the ‘establishment’ politicians who benefit from all this control, money, and power. The corruption on this planet revolves around the Human Nature (mostly that of ‘Strongmen’) who need to RULE this planet! Think and learn! Who will RULE is the situation! Who must not RULE is the problem! MIGHT makes RIGHT is the ultimate philosophy!

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping will challenge the hegemony of America (this ultimately leads to a nuclear World War III and millions of dead civilians). Might makes Right is the mindset of Strongmen!

Give this missive some reflection at your convenience. Watch what is now happening in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Command Centers  of America, Russia, China, and ISIS will likely decide WHO ends up destroying the planet…and most of the people on this planet! The MIND of man is mostly based upon FEAR at the core. This leads to the NEED to rule and control the ‘other’. Global hegemony is the ultimate goal of our STRONGMEN. Only one VISION of reality must prevail and ultimately a STRONGMAN must prevail so that this ONE vision can be realized. Think about this issue of ‘rulership’ and the need to ‘control’ the OTHER so as to RULE this planet! Who will ultimately emerge as the STRONGMAN for planet Earth??? Think on this for today! I am:

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