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The ‘Mark of the Lamb’ Economic System!

June 4, 2016

We currently have an economic system which I call the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system! Imaginary units of consciousness (called money) and cyber digits (called currencies) circulate as our money/currency globally. Basically, our money is now a ‘control’ (algorithmic) system which emerges from a Centralized computerized/electronic/digital/cyber/bookkeeping system. Mere ‘numbers’ (called Assets/Liabilities) derived from the mind of Central Planners manage, control, administer, and monitor our economic cyber bookkeeping system. This is a system for enslavement of all who are part of this Centralized ‘Beast’ System. Most do not notice their enslavement as yet but this will arrive as economic conditions deteriorate and when these Central Planners need to cover their butts to survive. The enslaved (you and I) will then recognize their condition!

This is ultimately the Mark of the Beast economic system! A Centralized system of the Political Hierarchy! It is here NOW and it will eventually enslave the masses!

We now need to think of an alternative System which can work for all those who do not bow and/or give allegiance to this ‘Mark of the Beast’ system! I will call this alternative System ‘The Mark of the Lamb’ system. Economics is based upon creating ‘wealth’. Wealth is what derives from the land (our natural resources). In reality, our Creator OWNS all these ‘natural resources’ which the elites call ‘wealth’. But that is another issue! The creation of real material ‘wealth’ is a process which derives from ‘first’ GIVING (of myself) and then RECEIVING. GIVE and it shall be given unto you (abundantly) is the ‘principle’. This is the mindset of the ‘Mark of the Lamb’. Phony/fantasy/cyber money/currencies are not needed in this Alternative process/system! If I GIVE prior to RECEIVING, then I am creating either a unit of material wealth (via my labor) and/or a service which is equivalent.

GIVE and then RECEIVE and then exchange if necessary! Value in exchange is subjective!

All those who choose NOT to give allegiance to the ‘Mark of the Beast’ monetary system can participate in this ‘alternative’ economic System…called the ‘Mark of the Lamb’. Economics is all about creating real physical ‘wealth’ from the land and then sharing this ‘wealth’ with the greater society. The ‘Mark of the Beast’ economic system is all about controlling people, accumulating money digits, distributing these money digits to a chosen few, and doing this without any production of real wealth and/or a service which accommodates real wealth (mostly). This control/enslavement financial system can be for those who desire to bow to this Political ‘Beast’  (now emerging) and their Central Planners! I do not wish to do this so this is why I like my ‘Alternative’ System (when the time arrives)!

Global Central Planners have already initiated the ‘Mark of the Beast’ economic system! The system is electronic/digital/cyber and a Global computer network!

The original purpose for a money system was so that people would work and create real physical wealth (bread, butter, milk, meat, lumber, etc.) from the land. As I work and create VALUE, I then receive a ‘unit of value’ (money) as my reward. Money started out as a proxy for VALUE and the creation of VALUE was ‘wealth’. Real physical wealth which is needed and desired by the society is what gets labeled as having VALUE. Money serves as this proxy so everyone can exchange their items of VALUE in the marketplace. All this has been abandoned these past 70 years and a system of Political rewards has emerged…mostly for gaming the system. The elite who administer this phony system benefit (not the masses of consumers). I call our current gaming system the global currency CASINO. It is now a system for the enslavement of the many by the few! We need another alternative to this ‘Mark of the Beast’ monetary/economic system. Alternatives are the American Way!

Our Global Financial Casino consists of ‘symbol’ currencies administered via a Centralized electronic/cyber computer distribution system. Ultimately, this leads to enslavement of all mankind to ‘numbers’ and ‘codes’! The fate of this phony/fantasy system is vanishment (back to ‘money heaven’)!

The time to abandon this current ‘Mark of the Beast’ system is when our digital markets crash and when our savings accounts no longer function as a ‘store’ of value. This is emerging fast and it could happen later in 2016 and or 2017. Now is the time to start thinking about an ‘alternative’ economic system for exchanging goods and services. My label for this ‘alternative’ is the ‘Mark of the Lamb’ system. GIVE (of myself) and then RECEIVE is the core principle of this system. Money is not needed. Survival is made up of ‘Food’, ‘Clothing’, ‘Shelter’, ‘Transportation’, and ‘Medical’ services (mostly). When our current fantasy money disappears/vanishes (as it is really ‘nothing of substance’ and does not ‘exist’ physically) then is the time to think about my ‘Mark of the Lamb’ alternative! Enjoy and give these ideas some reflection! I am:

During the transition from our Current ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system (many years) we need to act so that our original historical money is returned to its logical destiny. Our Constitution calls for gold and silver to serve as our Constitutional money/currency. The best service I can do today is to support those who desire a return to these metals as our ‘store of value’. Ultimately, gold and silver must be abandoned (as money) as their ‘value’ is subjective. But that is another discussion! For now, I will continue to purchase REAL physical precious metals to show my allegiance to our Founding Fathers and our original Constitution!

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