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Self Government – If I can do, so can you!

May 31, 2016

America was founded on the premise of limited government and mostly volunteer service. This was the beginning of the American dream. Today, this dream has been shattered and the trends are ominous going forward. Government has expanded to unbearable levels and those within government are no longer servants of the people but stewards of ego and enslavement. This must not continue if progress is to continue. We now need a different model and different thinking for America and for the World. My view is that Self-government can work for everyone if a commitment to this mentality is seriously made. Self-government eliminates the current System completely!

Since the founding of America government has grown to unsustainable levels. Our unpayable Debt is now nearing $20 trillion and our total unpayable Debt is over $65 trillion. Add the entitlements and America has some $167 trillion (think ‘trillions’) in unpayable Debt. This has reached a level where America is now the Great Satan on our planet. With our military might and global hegemony America is now mostly ‘hated’ by those who sense that enslavement is the model of this Super Power. The corruption within the American government is now evident to everyone with a mind to discern. The current System can not survive and provide any of the benefits which American’s originally were given. Essentially, the game of American government is OVER IMO!

So what is an Alternative to this game of enslavement for the many at the expense of the few? My suggestion is Self-government! Self-government means that every person must develop a mentality of individual responsibility and a concern for the greater development of our global society. Self-government means that each ‘individual’ governs over his/her own affairs and then provides his/her talents as a service for the greater society. This has been the model of Self-government from the beginning. I don’t need a corporate government (laws, regulations, mandates from a hierarchy of elites) if I can govern myself with responsibility. Think about this concept of Self-government as the New Model for our planet!

Voting for more of the same with greater enslavement for the many is not a viable model for this planet. The ‘individual’ must come PRIOR to the ‘state’ and this means Self-government for each ‘individual’. With the global internet as our world communication system (now at the speed of light) and mobile service for each individual, all our economic and political problems can be resolved with a peer-to-peer system of communication. There is no need for the Mark of the Beast money system. Think about this concept of Self-government for the planet. It can start today for the reader of this missive. Enjoy and pass the message of Self-government to all our friends. I am:

Check out this website for the current PROBLEM:

national debt clock 2015 201508023552 enational debt clock

The Debt is now over $19 trillion with total unpayable debt at $167 trillion! Who discerns a ‘problem’?

The trend suggests that the current leadership are not successful or acceptable!

Approval as of November 2014. The low was 9% in 2010. This situation is not positive!

At some point the American people will wake-up! But it may not happen in 2016!

The New World Order has begun as of January 1, 2016. Who can stop this program of our elites? It creates enslavement for the masses!

Time to discern what is happening at the MACRO level! It’s all about CONTROL!

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