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If men were ‘Angels’, no Government would be necessary!

May 30, 2016

James Madison in Federalist paper #51 reveals why we have a government. Men (male/female) are not sufficiently like ‘angels’ (in their behavior) and this is now our problem in America (as well as the World). The word ‘angels’ means that most citizens/people must ‘self-govern’ (act with moral principles and a sense of general justice with their behavior) so that laws and rules are minimized. Limited government was instituted in 1789 so as to deal with those who can not act as ‘angels’ (self-governing responsible individuals). The problem today is that this concept of responsible behavior has become meaningless as those in positions of Authority have been corrupted by our System. Our System has become the problem and corruption follows from mere participation in this System!

Our leaders are now so corrupted (look at Washington D.C. and the daily shenanigans) that a Government of men is impossible going forward! What is now needed is a revolution within man so that ‘Self-government’ can occur for everyone (over time)! Our ONLY direction going forward which makes sense to me is SELF GOVERNMENT! I must govern myself and you must do likewise. A corporate government is an obstruction to this goal of self-government. We now need to abolish our Constitution and the Rule of Law as it is not being followed by any of our key elected leaders. We are living by mostly ‘executive orders’ and this is tyranny in the making! The time to abolish our current System is now!

The coming 2016 election has turned into a comedy of Human Nature. The flaws of our presumptive leaders are so evident that any election of these leaders leads to further corruption and disillusionment. Hillary can not govern given her prior behavior and conduct. Sanders can not govern as his ‘ideas’ are anathema to most thinking Americans. Trump could not govern as his perceptions of our current problems are much to incomplete. His economic and foreign policy ideas are unworkable given what has transpired under the Obama leadership period. The entire economic System is now anathema to common sense. The Keynesian economic model has evolved into pure fantasy.

None of the above can govern over a SYSTEM which has been totally corrupted!

Furthermore, our global situation has also changed from prior periods with our global internet society. We now live in a global village of real-time communication and awareness. This means that a global System is needed for our planet going forward. Agenda 2030 is ONE attempt at creating this global utopia for the planet. Unfortunately, global Communism is unworkable for administering a New System. What is needed is a ‘decentralized’ global economic system and NOT a ‘centralized’ system of a few unelected men. Agenda 2030 is pure corruption of our society and this system (Agenda) would lead to economic enslavement and a criminalization of the entire political/economic process. History reveals its unworkability! A repeat is not necessary!

The Model of our Elites leads to Communism and eventually total CONTROL (and enslavement) over all citizens! Is this what our global citizens desire?

Now is the time to recognize the above realities so that ‘self-government’ can evolve and emerge. Tearing down the existing System may be difficult but it is the ONLY avenue for progress going forward! Living with fantasies and continuing corruption leads eventually to Martial Law and a breakdown in civil order. Recognizing the PROBLEM is the first need for creating a better Alternative. The Problem is our corrupted System and the need for a New Global Model for our planet. Communism and Agenda 2030 will NOT work! This should be obvious to any thinking person! A Centralized hierarchy of elites can not govern this world! The people would not agree to this model! Think on these ideas! I am:

The ultimate Government (Kingdom) must come from our Creator/Most High God!

Who governs over the Affairs of men? Where do our ‘WORDS’ ultimately come from?

Ultimate freedom is when the ‘individual’ is under self-government!

Should this MAN (or any man) govern our 7  billion citizens? Which face would you suggest as RULER over our planet?

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto (all ‘names’ for gods)!

This % changes from year to year but belief in a Higher Source suggests that God governs over the affairs of men! Most (who reject this idea) are simply not aware of their own ‘consciousness’ (inner world)!

We are now there! America has fallen into the ‘hands’ of a corrupted Central Banking System! The America of our Founders is OVER!

I live, move, and have my BEING within Who? Think on this for a revelation of the Spirit! God governs in the affairs of men!

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