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Affirmations of a Tyrant (the ‘Beast’ mentality)!

May 28, 2016

I am the Solution, You are the Problem! These eight words are the ‘affirmation’ and/or the ‘mindset’ of a tyrant/dictator. It’s also the affirmation of most leaders who desire to rule over the ‘other’. Let’s repeat the words and think about this type of ‘affirmation’! Anyone with this mindset is potentially a BEAST at the core! That is my view of reality! I witness this inner affirmation (usually unspoken) by all our rulers (religious/political/monetary spin artists) who think they know what is best for the ‘other’. Down deep in the psychology of a smiling face could be a tyrant (beast) who desires to RULE over the ‘other’. Let’s drill down on this issue for today’s missive!


The Beast Kingdom has ruled planet Earth from the beginning!  The BEAST within continues until it ENDS! This seems to be the message of Human Nature! Deception and intrigue rules over the masses!

We now know that select political rulers and religious rulers desire to RULE this planet. What is Agenda 2030 but a set of affirmations which reveal who ends up as RULER. Take the time to study the current Communist Agenda 2030 at the United Nations website or via a Goggle of the words. These tyrants who affirm the above eight words (inwardly) must ‘affirm’ daily the above eight words (continually)…and with a smiling face for the deceived public to further affirm. Affirmation of words which enslave usually come with a smiling face and positive rhetoric…emerging from the mouth of a person (who has a tyrant/beast mentality under the covers). Think about the above eight words the next time you listen to a political/religious person who desires your loyalty.

Religion is a motivating force within our global society! Who can spin the message of Utopia best! Agenda 2030 is now the operating paradigm.

Religion and politics is a mixture which desires to RULE over all mankind via ‘words’ and ‘rhetoric’. Life is mostly a ‘word’ game and those gifted with the ‘spin’ of words can usually reach the TOP of the hierarchy. Most religious leaders can ‘spin’ words to make the listener think that the speaker KNOWS what he/she is talking about. A good political leader tends to learn ‘spin’ and ‘deception’ with his/her use of select ‘words’ and rhetoric. Discernment of the messages coming from these ‘spin’ artists is often rather difficult. People mostly fall for positive ‘words’ and positive ‘spin’ as this appeals to the human ego. Few can think deeply about the real message which underlies the ‘spin’ and ‘deception’. This appears to be HUMAN NATURE!

The gift of ‘spin’ comes to those who have charisma and rhetoric…which the masses desire! Words rule over the masses of unthinking people!

Listen carefully to a ‘spin’ artist and the words emerging from his/her MOUTH. Notice that the person will focus upon YOU as the person with a PROBLEM and themselves as the SOLUTION to ‘your’ problem. They are thinking (inwardly): I am the Solution, You are the Problem (down deep)! The spin artist has a SOLUTION which appeals to one’s EGO and fleshly/psychological desires. Some of the best ‘spin’ artists on this planet are religious leaders (pastors and such). These artists usually have a Ph.D in Theology and or Philosophy and they have unusual confidence and charisma when presenting their ‘truths’ (spin). Confidence and spin is a deadly mix for those with charisma and acting talent! Few actually reveal meaningful TRUTH when their ‘words’ are fully dissected!

This lady is also gifted with unusual spin and rhetoric! This helps to convince the masses that she is THE SOLUTION!

I have been watching/observing politics/religion/monetary leaders for some 50 years now. My sense is that the BEST are ‘spin’ artists at the core. They seem convinced of their own spin and rhetoric. This then ‘falls’ upon the listener and our fleshly/psychological desires create the image that this person IS THE SOLUTION. In reality, however, this person usually does not KNOW what they espouse. The ‘words’, however, deceive most of the sheeple who desire a SOLUTION to our human PROBLEMS! Human nature desires a SOLUTION to all problems. Just give me the SOLUTION and I will follow you! This is what a ‘spin’ artist recognizes down deep. The message is: I am the Solution, You are the problem!

This presumptive candidate for Commander-in-Chief is learning spin as he campaigns! Will he achieve his goal of rulership?

Today, we have Agenda 2030 as the Human SOLUTION for our planet! We also have our Global POPE and select Political leaders who can SPIN this message to the masses of sheep. The message is: we (the RULERS)will give you UTOPIA if you follow our rhetoric. The masses tend to buy into the rhetoric and words. And the messengers give their ‘smile’ as they enslave the listener. Yes, human nature is interesting and beguiling. Leaders with charisma and spin can usually reach the TOP of the BEAST hierarchy. Who can destroy this BEAST from within? That is my question! In reality, we all should think just opposite of the above eight words! The PROBLEM comes prior to the SOLUTION! Our spin artists are really THE PROBLEM! Give this missive some reflection! I am:

P.S. Who will emerge as the BEAST of Revelation? This is my question!

Islam believes that we now live in the END TIMES! Watch their actions for evidence!

The spiritual realm is our ultimate reality for determining human history!

London is not (legally) part of Great Britain! Washington is not (legally) part of the United States! The Vatican is not (legally) part of Italy! And most Central Banks (especially our Fed) are not (legally) part of the United States! Legal documents have created these entities which RULE over our planet!

The End Times should be interesting for those with discernment!

Add some current politicians to the above list of ego’s to update the images!

YouTube is promoting these two as candidates as potential candidates for the Beast Kingdom???

Who is KING over the global Hierarchy of humans? Who is the BEAST!

Another attempt to ‘identify’ the BEAST who desires to RULE our planet!

There are lots of views on the issue of WHO is the BEAST of Revelation! The final candidate is yet to emerge!

The Theology of Christianity assumes ‘escape’ from the realities of earthly Problems! Is this reality or deception? Is the Kingdom ‘within’ or ‘without’?

This message is the assumed SOLUTION of 2.2 million Christians! Is this reality or deception? The spin is now ubiquitous!

The assumption is that Satan is the ‘real’ RULER over planet Earth (now)!

Islam believes that Allah rules over planet Earth! Allah is viewed as Creator!

This message is based upon the assumption that God will RULE this planet eventually! Rulership is ‘within’ one’s consciousness! Our Creator rules from his spiritual realm!

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