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‘Cyberspace’ – not understood by Gold investors/commentators!

May 24, 2016

Our monetary world is now within ‘cyberspace’ and yet few commentators, investors, gold-bugs, and precious metals believers seem to comprehend or understand this space! I have listened to all the pundits and commentators for years and I sense that the vast majority do not understand this new netherworld of finance! My view is that this space is difficult to comprehend as it is within our metaphysical consciousness. Most pundits and thinkers view reality as material and physical. The idea that our entire world of finance is NOT material or physical escapes the attention of most thinkers. Yet, the reality is that we now have digital/cyber currencies and all our debt, derivatives, investments, and speculations are located within this realm called CYBERSPACE.

For the past 210 years (let’s say 1788 to 1998) finance and money has been mostly a material and physical phenomena. Our money was silver and/or gold and our currencies were paper. This meant that our monetary transactions were within our material/physical world. Our prices were discovered by exchanging a physical item for another good and/or service. We could observe this process and internalize this process with our physical eyes. All this has now changed with the invention of the computer and our internet. Since 1998 (mostly) our material and physical money/currencies have been converted into virtual/cyber phenomena. Cyber currencies are within this space which we call ‘cyberspace’. Our derivatives, stocks, bonds, mortgages, and all our global currencies are  now within ‘cyberspace’ and traded within this metaphysical world.

I just completed a trade within my cyber Fidelity Investment Account with the ‘click’ of my computer mouse. The trade was completed in a ‘microsecond’ (or was it a millisecond). Anyway, the trade seemed instantaneous and the confirmation was instantaneous. What happened to cause this result within the ‘blink’ of my human eye? The trade was a mining stock (now a virtual symbol) which trades via an algorithm and is confirmed via an algorithm. Algorithms are what now execute most trades and all this is accomplished within this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. Cyberspace is observed within my computer screen yet the information within my computer screen is not material or physical. So what am I really trading (now that all is within ‘cyberspace’)?

I would suggest that I am trading a ‘virtual’ symbol/concept which is actually NOT within our space/time world. I am trading a ‘symbol’ (say EXK or HL) which is a mere unit of my metaphysical ‘consciousness’. This unit of my ‘consciousness’ is displayed as a ‘symbol’ within my computer screen and this ‘symbol’ is really part of my ‘extended’ consciousness. The ‘symbol’ is within what we call ‘cyberspace’ and my computer screen displays this symbol and the shares which I traded. All this happened within a ‘microsecond’ and/or ‘millisecond’ as algorithms acted to execute this trade. Algorithms are mere ‘coded’ instructions (information) which acts upon my command to trade a ‘symbol’ and a ‘number’ of shares. The results are now at near the speed of light and all happens within ‘cyberspace’!

So how should we now define this new netherworld of ‘cyberspace’ which is a ‘virtual’ world that occupies our metaphysical consciousness? First let’s review what our ‘material’ world is made of. All that I see/observe with my eyes is our material/physical world called ‘matter’. Science has defined this material world as physical and composed of a substance called ‘matter’. Trees, cars, houses, gold, paper, oil, gas, oats, my computer hardware, etc. are all objects within this world of ‘matter’. All our historical money was invented and exchanged as units of ‘matter’. Printing of our paper notes and minting of our metal coins came from this world of ‘matter’. All this changed, however, with the advent of the internet, the computer, and this virtual world of images within our computer screen called ‘cyberspace’.

Today, practically all of our financial system has been converted to this ‘virtual’ world within ‘cyberspace. We trade within cyberspace, we invest within cyberspace, we save within cyberspace, and we communicate within cyberspace. Isn’t it time for my precious metals friends to comprehend and understand this new space? So what is ‘cyberspace’? Can I define it so everyone can comprehend and understand this metaphysical concept? The word ‘metaphysical’ must also be understood. Metaphysical means that the world of finance is now within our ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’. Few seem to comprehend this concept called ‘consciousness’. I prefer to use the word ‘MIND’. My ‘mind’ lives within this realm called my ‘consciousness’. The words I am now writing are derived from my ‘MIND’. My ‘mind’ is different from my ‘brain’.

The reality is that I live within my ‘mind’ (consciousness) and most investors seem to not understand this inner realm. All our currencies originate as ‘names’ and ‘symbols’ which derive from this inner world…called the human MIND. Our dollar derives from the human mind. The yen, pound, euro, krona, peso, etc. derive from the human mind. All our currencies are units of my/your mind. MONEY, however, originated within our material world of ‘matter’. Money has always been material/physical until just recently. Gold was invented to serve as a form of money. Silver was invented to serve as a form of money. Wampum, cowrie shells, beaver skins, cotton, tobacco, etc. all were invented to serve as money for a season. Eventually, Americans adopted silver/gold as the best alternative for our money. We then defined our ‘dollar’ in terms of this item of ‘matter. The definition was 371.25 grains of silver!

Today, however, we live within another realm of reality which is NOT material or physical. This world is the netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. So let’s define ‘cyberspace’! There is no official definition as our courts have NOT given us a single definition for this word. Our ‘dollar’ lives within ‘cyberspace’ yet our courts and our government have not officially defined this word. Our legal tender for all debts is now mostly our ‘cyber’ dollar and yet this concept is not understood my many. Cyberspace is what you witness as you ‘read’ this missive. Looking at the words and images within your computer screen (right now) represents this world called ‘cyberspace’. This world of text, words, images, and pixels makes up a system for communication where data and information can occur. This is ‘cyberspace’!

My personal definition of cyberspace is: “that which derives from my consciousness (mind) and is communicated to another via the internet.” Cyberspace is a word which describes the space (this non-physical/inner space of ideas) which allows for information to flow from sender to receiver. The flow occurs due to our electro-magnetic spectrum of frequencies which can transfer these ‘symbols’ and ‘text’ via signals within the air, cable, or wire. The information, however, is derived from each of us (our inner consciousness/mind). This is what has replaced ‘matter’ for our financial world. Prices are now ‘cyber’ derived. Currencies are ‘cyber’ units. All my trading symbols (EXK and HL) which I traded today are virtual units within cyberspace. This is what has occurred mostly since 1998! We now live within CYBERSPACE for our investments, savings, borrowings, debt, cash, and trading!

This new world of ‘cyberspace’ can collapse with the ‘click’ of a computer mouse. The units (called money) are now cyber units. These units are without ‘substance’, without ‘value’, and without any ‘durability’. One global flash crash can eliminate trillions of these ‘units of nothing’. Think about this! We now can eliminate all our debt and money with the ‘click’ of a computer mouse. If the central computer within our Central Banks chooses to collapse the entire financial system this could happen within a ‘microsecond’. It would be similar to shutting off all POWER to all our computers. Yes, we need to understand this concept called CYBERSPACE. It’s ubiquitous and omnipresent! Enjoy and think about this new concept called CYBERSPACE! I am:


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