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Pope Francis says: ‘Conquest’ is goal of both Islam and Christianity!

May 22, 2016

In an interview with a French Catholic newspaper published this week, Pope Francis sent yet another shot across the bow of Europeans grandstanding over the threat of Muslim immigration. When asked by a journalist from La Croix about fears of Islam and terrorism, the pontiff suggested it was not productive to think of Islam as a threat and pointed to its shared roots with Christianity. “It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam,” he said. “However, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest.” Francis claims ISIS similar to Jesus sending his disciples to all nations. Comment: Logically, his point seems ‘valid’! Conquest is the mindset of the Establishment!

Acceptance is now the ‘politically correct’ mindset! Accept ALL behaviors and continue the political/military game (via Agenda 2030)!

Yes, human nature, at the core, does demand ‘conquest’ so that only the Conqueror ultimately governs. This is evident from observing 6,000 years of human history. The history of man is a history of ‘conquest’ via the sword/guns/military might and religion. The winner of the ‘conquest’ gets to impose his/her reality upon the masses. Guns and military ‘might’ along with the money cartel and religion creates the eventual Conqueror. We then live with the ‘political correctness’ imposed by this Conqueror for an extended time. This is the reality on this planet which we call Earth. Our rulers are those who have been rewarded by the money cartel, religion, science, and the ‘fears’ of the masses (fears of the spiritual realm of reality). The tools for ‘conquest’ are maintained via MILITARY MIGHT and GUNS (today Drones and remote-controlled missiles)!

The so-called ESTABLISHMENT is now desiring Agenda 2030 and a NWO for the planet! Who is the ultimate Ruler over our planet when this occurs? Where does the ‘BUCK’ stop?

Yes, ‘Might makes Right’ for planet Earth and its inhabitants. The Pope’s message from May 19, 2016, is that further ‘conquest’ must continue via the means of the political/religious/scientific ESTABLISHMENT so that all of mankind (now some 7.2 billion) are under the control and enslavement of this ultimate human Authority which emerges by stealth. Today, this Authority is mostly the New 2016 ‘Agenda 2030’ adopted by the 193 nations of the United Nations on September 28, 2015. This NEW WORLD AUTHORITY is now in the making and our Global Pope will play his role to assure that it happens. The will of the common man must continue to be ‘subservient’ to this enslavement mentality coming from our ESTABLISHMENT! Enslavement (for the masses) is built into this model of reality coming from our hierarchical leaders!

Those with ‘absolutist’ views of reality (ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY) create the mindset of ‘conquest’! ABSOLUTISM demands ‘One’ view and ‘One’ interpretation of reality!

Christianity has an ‘exclusive’ message (it is preached as an ‘absolute’) and compromise is NOT allowed! Islam has a similar mindset! Which will prevail when ‘push comes to shove’?

The mindset today of Islam and Christianity is that we are IN the Last Days! Do you agree or disagree? The study is called ‘Eschatology’! Above is ‘one’ view!

Will Jihad killing (like that of ISIS) prevail in the END or will the killing behavior of our establishment prevail? Whose MIGHT will prevail in the END? The END is supposed to Justify the MEANS! Yesterday, our esteemed Commander-in-Chief of America’s military sent out another DRONE to kill a perceived enemy. This enemy was located within the borders of Pakistan (outside of our military jurisdiction…it appears) while driving a vehicle. Then a Drone Missile emerges from the sky above and ‘strikes’ the vehicle killing two occupants. Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mansour, leader of the Afghan Taliban, was immediately murdered by this Drone missile…authorised by our esteemed political leader, Barack Hussein Obama. This is our policy of ‘Might makes Right’ and the ‘End justifies the Means’! It is likely to continue until all mankind on this planet have been (unintentionally) annihilated.

Mullah Mansour killed in Pakistan via an Obama directed Drone from the sky! Are American voters AWARE of this killing policy of our esteemed leader?

America (the ‘elite’) are now adopting the above philosophy which emerged from the mindset and observations of Niccolo Machiavelli. There can be ONLY ‘one’ outcome with this philosophy!——-_(Exposing_The_Antichrist_Papacy)/

I use the word ‘unintentional’ as it appears, to me, that our esteemed political leaders are mostly unaware of what they do! They ACT and then ACT and then ACT…without any thinking or reflection upon their prior behavior. Our esteemed Senator from Arizona, John McCain, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said that “stepped up attacks on the Taliban are now needed”. He was ‘glad’ Mansour “has met his just end”. But is this esteemed Senator aware that he may be next…from the viewpoint of our counterparty (ISIS)? Will ISIS or a proxy of ISIS desire that revenge occur (at some point)? I think so! The entire philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’ with no revenge occurring is illogical and ludicrous (based upon 6,000 years of recorded/experienced history). Watch any boxing match or sporting event (which is serious in nature) to witness the eventual behavior of a ‘counterparty’! Action creates counter Action! This mindset continues (after the initial event seems over)!

Doing ‘EVIL’ is what I now witness on the global political stage! This mindset along with the mindset of ‘absolutism’ must create a FINAL battle of the ages! Yes, the END TIMES are definitely HERE!

Yes, our esteemed Political Leader must ‘approve’ Drone killings! Are there ‘consequences’ for this type of behavior? I think so! But the mindset of our Commander-in-Chief is unaware (it seems)!

How many Americans actually understand the policy of Drone Killing as a Military strategy? Does our electorate ‘approve’ of this behavior by our elected representative?

Yes, the behavior of our esteemed Establishment (religion/science/politics/rulership) creates real consequences IMO…which may be delayed but which arrive at some point within our history. Our 6,000 years of recorded history seems to point to this result. With today’s nuclear options (now available to the many) this ‘tit for tat’ military behavior of Obama/the West (via drones from the sky) and ISIS and/or their proxies (beheadings and self-carried bombs) eventually leads to the TOTAL destruction of all mankind if carried to the end point. Then we have China and Russia which also desire hegemony over this planet and the mix is ominous for our survival. Anyway, I presume that this philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’ will continue until enough people wake-up to what is happening! Eventually, a philosophy of ‘The MEANS is key to the END’ must emerge as the model for planet Earth! Think on this and reflect on what is now happening globally! I am:

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