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Trump’s ‘Understanding’ of our Economy Totally ‘Fallacious’!

May 9, 2016

Mr. Donald John Trump desires to solve our National Debt situation by either ‘buying’ back our debt at a discount (assuming rates increase substantially) or ‘printing’ more debt dollars to continue the Ponzi system. Does this Presidential candidate understand economics or our debt situation? I don’t think so! His understanding is totally ‘fallacious’! Why? First of all, our Treasury has NO liquidity (Trump’s word) to buy back any of our debt (should rates increase). Our country is running a deficit in the billions (and the accumulated debt is now some $19.2 trillion) and we have NO ‘liquidity’ (surplus)! Wake-up, Donald, and look at this website for current data on our ‘liquidity’: Our current deficit (lack of ‘liquidity’) is over 1/2 trillion $$$ (at this moment)! Look at learn:

The Donald lacks understanding about our DEBT situation and our LIQUIDITY situation!

Mr. Trump then tells CNN that we can ‘print’ dollars (I assume he means to buy back and/or continue the Ponzi debt system). This is also a complete lack of understanding. First of all, our Central Bank no longer ‘prints’ dollars. What our Fed does is create digital liabilities (called dollars) and then use these digital units for new purchases of assets. This is what we have called QE for years and/or creating money out of thin air. Central Banks create digital liabilities (called legal tender) and then they use these ‘numbers’ (within their digital computer account) to buy corporate assets, government bonds, mortgage notes, and whatever else they choose within our private markets. Our money, Donald, is now a digital unit and ‘printing’ is old school history! Go talk to Ben Shalom Bernanke for an update on what our corrupt Central Bank does!

The Donald needs to study these numbers (now digital units of nothing) and then THINK about what all this means!

What Donald is revealing is that he understands business finance as it relates to hotels and such but he does not understand International finance or Central Banking. Apparently, he also has not been doing his research on what has been occurring now for some 7 years. Our corrupt Central Banks have extended the Ponzi debt system via monetary manipulations and official ‘rigging’ and this fools most everyone. Our SYSTEM is totally corrupt! What Donald needs to do is go think about the information within this website and then he needs to visit with our past Fed chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke, and learn what our Central Banking at the highest level has been doing. Buying back our debt at a discount is fallacious thinking and increasing interest rates now to buy back this debt is ludicrous! Wake-up Donald…study to show thyself approved! I am:

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