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Who will RULE the planet and/or DESTROY the planet? The day of reckoning is near!

May 6, 2016

The END is near! Which destroyer will win and which POWER center will set off the fuse! The philosophy of MIGHT makes RIGHT is the mindset!

Russia (Putin), China (Xi), or America (Obama/Trump/Hillary)! Who will RULE this planet? The voter/citizen has ZERO power and control! The select ‘elites’ who control MONEY and the centers of POWER will determine the fate of planet Earth (so it appears)! Let’s review the arsenals where destruction is centered!

This COMMAND/CONTROL center in Tampa, Florida can destroy billions in their goal to create ‘peace’ on planet Earth! The goal of our POWER brokers is rulership over 7 billion citizens of planet Earth! The philosophy is called: MIGHT makes RIGHT…and ‘I’ must rule over ‘YOU’!

File:Russian ISS Flight Control Room.jpg

This Russian COMMAND/CONTROL center can destroy planet Earth with their nuclear arsenals! Including USA! Destruction is what our competing POWER brokers know best! Can love/joy/peace/happiness come from these POWER brokers and their mindset?

Russia is now preparing for WAR with anyone (especially USA). They must attempt to rule over planet Earth or BE RULED by the ‘other’ (USA)!

Look Inside Putin's Massive New Military Command And Control Center

When it comes to computers, the new Russian center is said to only utilize Russian-built computer components so as to limit the chances of espionage and cyber intrusion. This POWER center will fight to RULE planet earth! Who can destroy the ‘other’ so as to RULE over planet Earth?

America’s goal to RULE planet Earth requires computer control centers for destroying enemies! The above is Raven Rock Mountain Complex some 6 miles from Camp David (in Pennsylvania, USA). Does this reveal ‘mental health’ or ‘mental disorder’ of the highest degree?


Cheyenne Mountain Command/Control center near Colorado Springs, Colorado! Ready to destroy land and people! America has the means to destroy planet Earth if anyone challenges their ‘hegemony’! Is this mental health or a mental disorder?

China’s military Command/Control center in Beijing, China. This nation is now the 3rd POWER broker who can destroy planet Earth via a computer decision! Ruling over planet Earth is the ultimate goal! Destruction is the means and the END justifies the MEANS!

China’s navy can now challenge the USA within the South China Sea. Who has hegemony? Who will determine who RULES this planet? China, Russia, or America!

Review the above photos and websites to gain some new knowledge about RULERSHIP and CONTROL. You and I have zero power and control. We are mere slaves within the BIGGER game of POWER politics/economics! Enjoy this overview! I am:

P.S. Some operations of our CENTCOM command center to think about:

  1. Operation Desert Storm
  2. Operation Provide Comfort
  3. Operation Southern Watch
  4. Operation Desert Thunder’
  5. Operation Desert Fox
  6. Operation Desert Focus
  7. Operation Enduring Freedom
  8. Operation Inherent Resolve

All the above concern destruction to accomplish peace, stability, and hegemony. Why do these Operations not work? They end and another starts! Does the philosophy of THE END (which never occurs) really JUSTIFY the MEANS (which never works)???

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