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Is it time for ‘SELF GOVERNMENT’? I say Yes!

May 5, 2016

Is it possible that ‘I’ could govern myself? Is it possible that ‘You’ could govern yourself? America was founded upon the philosophy that ‘man’ must work towards ‘self government’ and ‘equality’ for all. That is my understanding of America’s founding! Could this goal, of ‘self government’, become a real-time (now) reality in today’s internet society? When I look at our current choices for Commander-in-Chief for America I ask the question: Do I desire to be ruled/governed by any of these personalities? Hillary, Bernie or The Donald, come January, 2017, could be my Ruler/Czar. The lies and dysfunction within each of these potential rulers seems pervasive IMO. Hillary could soon be indicted (my prediction) over her illegal behavior while Secretary of State and The Donald has ideas which will alienate the entire world against our Nation (given the character which I have observed in real-time).

We want you to ‘govern yourself’! Am I capable of governing myself? Personally, I think so!

Hillary, Bernie, and The Donald are decent/normal Americans if OUT OF POWER…but dangerous ‘narcissists’ and/or ‘megalomaniacs’ if given the Power of being America’s Commander-in-Chief (in today’s world environment). That is my view as I observe world events! There are still six months until our election date in November, 2016. Can any of these three (or others) climb the allegorical HILL (of corrupt politics) and become the single Ruler/Czar over a Nation (some 320 million individuals)? Currently, Hillary desires to rule over her limited clan of followers to obtain general POWER. But if she becomes Commander-in-Chief she acquires enormous global POWER…which she can use to shape her vision for planet earth (now some 7 billion citizens). Do I/You desire to give her or any single human (say Donald or Bernie) this degree of POWER?

The only solution for peace and happiness (including equality) is Self Government!

America currently has hegemony over our entire planet via our military might and our nuclear arsenal of destruction. America can dictate destruction over any part of our planet via a simple decision. One punch of a computer button can destroy millions instantaneously…possibly billions of human beings. The POWER given America’s next president is enormous when I think of the destructive capability which one leader (operating behind closed doors) can impose upon our entire planet. Every human being on this planet must be aware that our next leader can do much more harm than good. Our world works upon the principle of MIGHT makes RIGHT. Those with the ‘military’ might (guns, drones, ships, missiles, bombs, robots, airplanes, etc.) are the ones who rule over this planet and who can use ‘Destruction’ to accomplish their private illusions! Look over at the Middle East for current evidence!

Who are the megalomaniacs causing the destruction over in the Middle East?

The Middle East situation and the chaos therein reveals how those with POWER (the guns, bombs, etc.) can determine the outcome over millions of innocent people who just desire to live a normal life (free of interference from power politics). America and its NEXT leader will need to continue this war over who rules this planet! Human nature desires to RULE and those in POWER can/will impose their rulership over the masses who have ‘no power’! How can I impose my will over those with the GUNS and military might? How can I live a life of independence (and happiness) when select narcissists/megalomaniacs RULE this planet with POWER and CONTROL…and demand their view of reality as the ONLY politically correct option! Let’s look at this word called ‘narcissism’ and/or ‘megalomania’! What does it mean? Who now can be viewed as having this psychological trait?

Can any Ruler solve our human problems with a philosophy of Might makes Right? How?

Megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem. Historically it was used as a name for narcissistic personality disorder prior to the latter’s first use by Heinz  Kohut in 1968, and is used today as a non-clinical equivalent. Specifically, grandiose delusions are frequently found predominantly in paranoid schizophrenia, in which a person has an extremely exaggerated sense of his or her significance, personality, knowledge, or authority. For example, the person may declare to own IBM and kindly offer to write a hospital staff member a check for $5 million if they would only help them escape from the hospital.[23] Other common grandiose delusions in schizophrenia include religious delusions such as the belief that one is Jesus Christ, Mohammad, or God Almighty.[24]

Watching our military as they accomplish another killing event! Is this likely to improve global human relations?

What I witness today, within all governments (the key rulers), suggests (to me) that our narcissistic rulers are mostly pursuing self-determined delusions and schizophrenic military solutions…merely to impose their POWER and CONTROL over their constituents. Examples: Xi Jinping desires to rule our planet IMO, Vladimir Putin desires to rule our planet IMO, Barack Obama desires to rule our planet IMO, Pope Francis of Rome desires to rule our planet IMO, King Salman of Saudi Arabia desires to rule this planet IMO, and Abu Bakr al-baghdadi desires to rule our planet IMO, etc. Look all around our planet and notice who is currently imposing their WILL upon their group/society/world? Does any of this work for the betterment of our greater world society? What is human nature desiring ultimately? THINK: rulership and control over their society and ultimately the entire PLANET! One vision must eventually RULE this planet! Who will emerge as the RULER over planet Earth? That is the Biggest Question!

Killing and destruction is meant to create ‘peace’! Is this a mental dysfunction/disorder? What do you think?

What is needed today IMO is a counter trend towards Self Government by each ‘individual’ (a separation from all the group-think rulership by select megalomaniacs who must impose their strong delusions upon the masses). Imagine a world where everyone had equal power and control. Equality can emerge (given today’s internet age) if everyone seeks ‘self government’ and rejects being ruled by a political/economic system of the few. What is now developing globally is a war of POWER brokers who desire that they rule this planet and make all the Macro Rules. Agenda 2030 is one example of this mindset. Socialism is another example of this mindset. Communism is another example of this mindset. Select megalomaniacs desire to rule this planet!  Now is the time to reject man’s rulership as a form of schizophrenic megalomania. That is my personal view! I am:

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