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Zhengnengliang (Chinese) means ‘Positive Thinking’ Necessary!

May 4, 2016

Today’s Wall Street Journal presented two great articles about the ‘mindset’ of Chinese leaders. Basically, it’s similar to our Obama administration…and all the other political authorities who occupy positions of POWER! Those in power desire for everyone to THINK positively about events so that a false CONFIDENCE continues during their reign. To govern a nation or a group, leaders need everyone to buy into ‘positive thinking’ about their policies and goals. Everyone must remain ‘confident’ and ‘positive’! Recently, Chinese leaders (Xi Jinping and his administration) have vigorously promoted the idea that ALL is well with the Chinese economy and their political system. This party line is now being enforced throughout China…and dissents to this positive thinking mentality are being blocked by the Great Internet Firewall and by the controlled media officials. Restrictions on foreign and domestic expressions of reality are being made to prevent the REAL truth from getting into the open market! Let’s think on this issue for today! Why do governmental administrations demand a ‘positive’ spin on their decisions!

China’s leader demands that ‘group think’ and ‘positive spin’ pervade the entire society! Anyone who expresses views contrary to the official line can be removed and/or prosecuted! Is this a healthy mentality?

The following foreign publications are being restricted within China: The Economist, Bloomberg News, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, Google, Facebook, and the New York Times (among others). Contrarian thinkers such as Lin Caiyi, economist, and Gao Shanwen, economist, who express the view that official Chinese data are unreliable and that real growth is much less than the official dogma are being ostracized from expressing their views. All leaders MUST present a ‘zhengnengliang’ message (positive thinking) when reporting on events within China. Why this mindset? It’s all about maintaining false CONFIDENCE within the public (who are mostly deceived about what is happening). The public MUST continue to be unaware, uninformed, and ostracized from expressing ‘true’ reality about events! This mindset of ‘positive thinking’ must continue so everyone will continue with the status quo and not recognize the real corruption and deceptions within the SYSTEM!

China wants contrarian thinking (if negative) to stop so all information represents ‘positive thinking’! Why? The key word is continuing ‘Confidence’ in the economy and the system so the status quo can continue!

The WSJ says: “The clampdown on criticism is reaching  beyond publicly available news and comments at investor forums to include policy research and market analysis. This potentially could skew the information that leaders, officials and investors rely on to make decisions.” Ms. Lin Caiyi, economist, said she has been getting guidance to tone down her public remarks about the Chinese currency and not to recommend ‘shorting’ the Yuan. She now is changing her message to ‘buying’ the dollar. All grim assessments of what is really happening within China MUST be stopped so the official ‘zhengnengliang’ (positive thinking) will continue. Our corrupt political leaders recognize that ‘truth’ must be changed so their POSITIVE THINKING messages can keep the public CONFIDENT continually! The vast majority of Americans and Chinese must be kept unaware and confused about the REAL events so that ‘false flag’ events can work! What garbage…yet this is how a corrupt political system works!

To govern, leaders demand ‘groupthink’ and a positive spin on their policies and ideas! Truth and reality are not important as these leaders create ‘reality’ with their words and rhetoric (so they think)!

The mindset of a potential President! Laws are for the ‘slaves’ and not for those who govern! Is this reality? Personally, I think so! Those who govern are essentially ABOVE the ‘Law’!

This mindset could become the ‘politically correct’ view if Donald becomes America’s Commander-in-Chief! Can bombing the ‘hell’ out of ISIS eliminate the ‘ideology’ from our planet? What is an ‘ideology’?

Read the articles under World News in the Wednesday, May 4, edition of the Wall Street Journal. The headline reads “China Warns Its Analysts to Toe the Line” and “Looking to Mao, Beijing Pulls Welcome Mat for Foreigners”. These two articles reveal the corruption within the Chinese political/economic system and we can assume that this same corruption is prevalent within the American political/economic system. My personal blog is meant to reflect as much truth and reality as possible. Personally, I will not bow to the political/economic/goldbug pundits who desire to squash contrarian viewpoints. I have discovered that if I desire to express my own personal views on the issues I must write this blog as my private missive to select readers. Most readers will reject this blog as my message is not always focused on ‘positive thinking’. My message will continue to focus on ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ as I see it! Enjoy this day! I am:

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  1. therooster permalink
    September 17, 2017 7:58 pm

    The petrodollar, which was created back in 1975 by Henry Kissinger, following the closing of the gold window, could be history soon. This will expose the U.S. dollar as a ‘naked’ currency unit with no tie to any real material wealth.

    Good … the USD oil pricing was simply a stand-in while gold did it’s real-time price orientation. It’s now ready to give the dollar a far more powerful role. Why measure the value of oil that only gets consumed when the dollar can now measure gold in a currency role that goes round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round etc…. etc… etc ?

    All consumers have to do is send the gold round and round …. 🙂


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