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Human Nature (+) our System is the real Problem!

April 27, 2016

Today, we live with a Ponzi financial system (mere ‘digits’ in cyberspace) and a populace and political system which seeks escapism from the real problems of life. Human nature generally prefers darkness over light, avoidance of discomfort over critical thinking, acceptance over sound moral principles, and positive thinking even as problems worsen. Basically, our society has devolved into a hodgepodge of groups which desire their selfish goals…over the hard realities of solving broken Systems. Yes, our current System is broken and the few who discern this reality are mostly shunned and ridiculed. I must commend Mr. Trump for his spontaneity when it comes to revealing a few of our serious problems. Few Americans, however, desire to hear about our ‘problems’ (this is negative thinking)…which are now mostly beyond any meaningful resolution. Why is human nature so desiring of avoiding ‘pain’ so as to maintain the status quo? We now need the mantra: No Pain equals No Gain!

People mostly do not change until the PAIN is felt personally! ‘No Pain’ does seem to mean ‘No Real Gain’!

My personal sense is that people live in the NOW MOMENT and if the ‘now moment’ is acceptable and bearable, then rocking the boat is viewed as negative and unacceptable behavior. Problems must not be discussed until the ‘situation’ reaches a crisis level. In other words, if I perceive that a huge tornado is approaching and likely to strike, I must not act upon this perception until everyone in my group senses this reality (personally). A problem is not to be dealt with until the problem is a present danger to the group. This mindset is what I witness today with most of Western society. I witness that our financial system is about to crash and collapse due to debt and a Ponzi trading system (along with a fake/phony currency unit) but this perception is meaningless for the masses (and pundits) as they do not desire to perceive this problem. Is this Human nature? I think so!

Everyone is ignoring this problem as it can not be resolved! But will the problem vanish? Who desires to understand this problem?

Today, our national debt is unpayable, our deficits are unsolvable, our entitlement programs are unsustainable, our military adventures are self-destructive, our trade policies are corrupt, our leaders are ineffective, and our money system is a fantasy. But the masses, the media, and most of the pundits desire NOT to focus on these problems…as RIGHT NOW events. All seems acceptable given that no real pain is noticed by most. The Sun shines and everyone can do mostly what they desire. Pain creates change but NO PAIN creates a mindset of misapprehension and a behavior of no action. A few sense the tornado on the horizon and desire to change their personal behavior, however, the masses (including most of the educated) will promote an aura of positive thinking as long as there is no ‘immediate’ crisis. All this appears to be part of Human nature and this mindset promotes criticism of those who sense this problem emerging! The tornado is now a few blocks away!

Don’t rock the boat, stay positive, and we all can survive indefinitely!

Last night after his sweep of five states, Donald Trump, outlined some of his thinking and he presented some serious problems which our current policymakers are hiding from the public. He said that manufacturing is declining substantially, people’s incomes have stagnated for some 18 years, our $19 trillion debt is being avoided and not talked about, and our politicians are mostly corrupt and ineffective. These comments are the mindset of someone who desires to talk about reality. But the majority of Americans (including all our administration neocons) continue to promote a mindset of ‘all is well’ in America and our economy is sound and prosperous. Why this mindset? Deception appears to be needed so our masses stay uneducated and complacent…that is my view! Don’t rock the boat until the boat starts sinking significantly! Again, this appears to be Human nature at work!

Nothing will change until we read another headline like above! Human nature is Why!

I am now resigned to the view that NOTHING will advance that is meaningful UNTIL a serious economic CRISIS develops. People will respond to a serious crisis but they will not respond to a continuance of the status quo. Our bubble markets continue to gyrate from day-to-day but we witness NO COLLAPSE. This means to the masses and our deceived leaders that ALL IS WELL. Don’t rock the sinking boat as our Central Bankers can bail out the water continually. Money rules this planet and those in control of our cyber/fake/phony money will continue this game of financial deception until there is NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE. Until a serious black swan event develops don’t expect anything but more positive thinking and deception from our banksters and politicians! That is my view for today! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. My principles for critical thinking include:

  1. Describe the Situation
  2. Identify the Problem
  3. Develop a Viewpoint
  4. Create realistic Assumptions
  5. Develop an Action Plan (the Premise)
  6. Deduce the likely Results
  7. Consider Alternatives
  8. Start over with #1.
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