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China now has an ‘APP’ for mobile phones to purchase gold!

April 16, 2016

As a Chinese citizen I can now download the Yijintong App for my iOS or Android mobile phone and open a gold/silver account with the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE). The mentality of the Chinese is that gold is for the common citizen as well as institutional investors. Currently some 8.3 million Chinese citizens are already members of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE). This number is likely to grow substantially after April 19 as this is the date when the SGE will buy/sell gold contracts (the real physical metal NOT a ‘paper’ transaction as within the CME Comex/Nymex system). The Western gold system elites have suppressed the discovery price of both gold and silver for years so as to promote their digital currency (the dollar). This is now changing BIG time! Who is aware?

Mobile trading software for the Chinese to buy/sell gold and silver in real-time! It’s called Yijintong App! Some 8.3 million Chinese citizens already have accounts with the SGE! This number is likely to grow substantially over the next couple of years!

Starting on April 19, 2016 (next Tuesday) the Shanghai Gold Exchange will create their own ‘price discovery’ benchmark for gold and silver which is traded on this exchange. Some 18 entities (banks, retailers, etc.) will participate in setting the benchmark price (twice daily) and this becomes the basis for new trading by those who desire the physical metals (gold/silver) as a speculation or an investment. The mobile APP, Yijintong, should help to solidify a growing DEMAND for physical gold and silver by the general public. This will likely create an explosion in the price of these metals over a short time period (say one/two years). As demand grows and supply stays limited (due to all the rigging and manipulation by the Western banksters), this means the price will accelerate to the upside (over time). If supply/demand works then prices of these metals MUST increase substantially these next couple of years!

Chinese citizens love purchasing gold jewelry and also silver! This demand is likely to grow after April 19! Add the institutional investors to the mix and prices could explode upward for a time!

Our corrupt Western elites (most likely the Exchange Stabilization Fund and our New York Fed trading desks/or proxies) have continually controlled and manipulated the gold/silver prices for many years. This has been done on the so-called ‘paper’ gold/silver market on the CME Comex/Nymex/Globex exchanges. These CME administrators have allowed trading of ‘uncovered contracts’ (also called ‘naked shorts’) where NO delivery has taken place. Trading ‘imaginary’ gold and silver has been allowed by our CME administrators and the CFTC regulators. This scheme of allowing ‘imaginary’ trading (with no delivery) has created a ‘suppression’ scheme for price discovery. This could change BIG time if the SGE functions as planned. Trading real physical metals in real-time with immediate  settlement/delivery would change the price discovery process! Watch what happens after April 19! Enjoy! I am:

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