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April 19th could be significant/pivotal for gold and silver! Why?

April 14, 2016

A physical gold trade will be priced in Yuan at the Shanghai Gold Exchange next week! On April 19 the SGE will price gold in Yuan’s rather than Dollars. This is very significant as there will finally be a price established for the physical metal rather than a mere ‘paper’ price as at the COMEX. Price discovery for the physical should gradually reflect real supply/demand rather than a suppressed price which reflects the manipulation of our banksters and their proxies. The gold and silver markets have been ‘rigged’ and ‘suppressed’ for nearly 5.5 years via trading gimmicks on our electronic exchanges (mostly the Globex electronic exchange and the London electronic exchange). So called ‘paper’ trading via futures contracts where no delivery is scheduled and where HFT algorithms can ‘suppress’ gold and silver prices via uncovered shorts (also called ‘naked shorts’) could stop. This trickery and manipulation which has occurred these past 5.5 years could stop if real prices get discovered via trading of the physical metal.

This Exchange desires to trade ONLY the physical metals (not ‘paper’ as done via the COMEX)!

Watch April 19th (next Tuesday) and witness if this price discovery becomes real-time reality. Investment Watch says the following:

End of the US Dollar April 19? China plans to launch yuan-denominated gold fix on April 19 –SGE, the Shanghai Gold Exchange is going live April 19.

Submitted by IWB, on April 8th, 2016 (

Reuters says the following: Markets | Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:47am EDT. China’s yuan gold benchmark to launch with 18 members source.  SINGAPORE, APRIL 13 |
The significance of this event (assuming it happens on the 19th) could change global currencies and trends. Silver and gold are the foundation of our money/currency system. If these metals are allowed to reflect actual supply/demand then these metals become a barometer for the health of our markets. After 5.5 years of price suppression by our banksters and their proxies I hope this event becomes reality on the 19th. We need transparency within our global markets and only silver/gold and sound markets can restore some credibility to our markets. Watch April 19th and let’s hope this event goes off as scheduled! Enjoy! I am:
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