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Amerigeddon to premier on May 13, 2016! Why the importance?

April 12, 2016

Those of us who are fully aware of our economic and political situation today realize that a great financial collapse is coming soon. This collapse is mostly economic but it will play out in all areas of our lives. We now live with a phantasmagoria financial system which is vulnerable in so many areas. The ultimate public infrastructure, which could create mass chaos within our economic system everywhere, is our greater electrical grid (should it fail). Our enemies (and we have many) could use an EMP (electromagnetic pulse bomb) to destroy our electrical grid in seconds and this would mean chaos and death for millions of Americans. Amerigeddon is a movie which many think is rather realistic given today’s world situation. Millions of preppers are already preparing for this type of event within the next year, two, or three. Will I watch this movie on May 13 or after? Yes!

The story is hypothetical but potentially real given today’s technology! I plan to watch on May 13, 2016 or after! An EMP attack is rather realistic given today’s political climate! America is viewed by many as the Great Satan on this planet!

Marshall Law and governmental policy could exacerbate the problems if this type of event were to occur! The unprepared are the ones who might create the chaos!

Currently this movie, Amerigeddon, is scheduled to play in some 20 major cities and some 40 plus theatres on May 13, 2016. Cities such as Las Vegas and Phoenix have already been approved for the showing of this movie. I do plan to watch this movie on May 13 if at all possible. I will be attending the Money Show in Las Vegas from May 9 – 12, 2016. I might watch the movie in Las Vegas on the 13th or I might watch it in Phoenix on the 13th. I sense that the movie is well thought out and the actors and presenters are first class people. You can review the trailer here: and here: Anyone who follows economic and money issues should think about watching this movie on the 13th or after. A ‘false flag’ conspiracy (arranged by insiders) could also be at the core in causing this chaotic event. Our corrupt government has used ‘false flag’ events in the past!

Wealthy preppers and governmental elites have prepared for the events portrayed in Amerigeddon! Many recognize that an economic collapse is imminent!

Those with wealth and understanding are preparing for events which could occur if our economy collapses! This is prudent given today’s global cyber economy!

Many are preparing for a real-life economic collapse with a shortage of food, gas, and available cyber money! Barter could be needed if this type of event were to occur!

Those of us who have prepared for an event like this have no fear. Fear, however, is what could move the masses when this event or another event of similar nature were to occur. Those who are unprepared and unaware of our global political and economic situation could act irrationally when this type of event occurs.  Our world economic situation is dire and many Americans are totally unaware of this potential reality as they do not understand cyberspace, our electromagnetic spectrum, our global interconnected society, or the many enemies which the Great Satan (America) has acquired since 1971. America has lots of enemies (more than just ISIS) who do not appreciate our political, economic, and military CONTROL over planet Earth. Also, most Americans do not comprehend the metaphysical nature of their own mind and/or the spiritual mindset of our enemies. Watch this movie for insight and growth in your understanding! What we need today is WISDOM! I am:

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