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‘Reality’ is revealed in one’s WORLDVIEW!

April 8, 2016

We all have a ‘worldview’ or belief system about life, ourselves, and the world. Many do not express their worldview publicly but nonetheless they have one when questioned. There are thousands of worldviews on this planet but a few ‘general’ worldviews can express the perspective of most thinking people! Let’s review a few general worldviews to gain further understanding on this issue. What is a good definition of a worldview:

Definition:   The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world.  A collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or a group. A worldview is like water to a fish: it is implicit, taken for granted. We rarely think about our worldview, but it forms a framework that organizes our world, guides our behavior, and provides emotional security. It is the matrix for our assumption that everything is as it is…’because that’s just the way the world is’!  People believe that the world really is the way they see it through their own lens. Rarely are they aware of the fact that the way they see it is molded by their worldview (their set of beliefs on the nature of reality). Reality is what everyone seeks via their worldview!

Naturalism and/or Secular Humanism

(e.g. Atheism, Agnosticism, Existentialism, Communism)


The ‘material’ universe is all that exists. Reality is “one-dimensional.” There is no such thing as a soul or a spirit. Everything can be explained on the basis of natural law, matter/mass, energy/vibration. Monism and the material world is all there is to contemplate. There is no ‘Higher Intelligence’ which created man so man must plan his own destiny. Two philosophers who espoused this view were Karl Marx along with Friedrich Engels. Most of our elites who govern this planet have adopted this worldview or one similar!


Man is the chance product of a biological process of evolution. Man is entirely material (composed of matter/energy). Life and consciousness emerges from inorganic chemicals. The human species will one day pass out of existence. Death is final and there is no afterlife.  Choose now your destiny as there is no ‘Higher Authority’ to report to. All is relative and each person is autonomous and self-directed. Freedom (for the masses) is impossible under this worldview as man must rule over man.


Truth is usually understood as scientific proof. Only that which can be observed with the five senses is accepted as real or true. Material monism is the general philosophy. One’s brain controls one’s thinking and produces one’s words, concepts, and ideas. All is relative and each person’s destiny is determined by one’s brain activity and one’s brain evolution. Neuroscience is one profession which provides evidence for those who accept this worldview. Truth is subjective although science can create some objectivity within their sphere of influence.


No objective values or morals exist. Morals are individual preferences or socially useful behaviors. Even social morals are subject to evolution and change. Multiculturalism is a value system which is espoused by the elites who accept this worldview. A borderless world with a central (hidden) hierarchy running the planet is the best world possible. An economic system of digits and numbers will rule over all buying/selling. Agenda 2030, which is now the official goal of our 193 member United Nations must be imposed upon all mankind so peace, prosperity, and happiness can emerge!

Pantheism and/or New Spiritualism

(e.g. Hinduism; Taoism; Buddhism; Non-dualism, New Age Consciousness)


Only the spiritual dimension exists. Spiritual monism is the philosophy. All else is illusion, maya. Spiritual reality, Brahman, is eternal, impersonal, and unknowable. God is myself and my relationship with man’s collective consciousness. It is possible to say that everything is a part of God, or that God is in everything and everyone. I am god and you are god. There is no separate individual self independent from the collective spiritual source…called God.  Matter/mass is really part of our consciousness (which emerges from our brain)! Consciousness is fundamental to this worldview. A current philosopher/scientist who espouses this worldview is Peter Russell (


Man is one with ultimate reality. Thus man is spiritual, eternal, and impersonal. Man’s belief that he is an individual is illusion. Evolution has created this worldview. Evolution started billions of years prior to today. Man evolved from primordial matter. Reality is subjective and science is subjective. Unity can emerge as everyone buys into this philosophy of oneness!


Truth is an experience of unity with “the oneness” of the universe. Truth is beyond all rational description. Rational thought as it is understood in the West cannot show us reality. Reality emerges from an inward seeking. Experience within oneself and within the collective consciousness of humanity is ultimate reality! Non-dualism is the idea that there is oneness when the self attains a relationship with the collective world consciousness!


Because ultimate reality is impersonal, many pantheistic thinkers believe that there is no real distinction between good and evil. Instead, “unenlightened” behavior is that which fails to understand essential unity. Enlightenment happens by turning inward and discovering one’s higher relationship to this universal spiritual source! Happiness emerges within this higher realm!

Theism, Deism, Trinitarianism

(e.g. Christianity; Islam; Judaism; Unitarianism)


An infinite, personal/impersonal God exists. He created a finite, material world which we discover via science. Reality is both material and spiritual (dualism expresses this reality). The universe as we know it had a beginning and will have an end. The Creator determines events. Rulership over events is called Providence.  We experience reality as both matter/mass and as spirit/transcendence. For some experience is a personal relationship with the Godhead and for some experience can not discern the events as they happen. Monotheism is the general belief system. Trinitarianism is viewed by some as monotheistic and by others as polytheistic. There is a supernatural realm!


Humankind is the unique creation of God. People were created “in the image of God,” which means that we are personal, eternal, spiritual, and biological. The self is separate and unique and distinct. Man’s role is stewardship over the planet. Man is conceived in ‘sin’ (for some) and returns to ‘matter’ at death. For others man has a ‘glorification’ at death and/or a ‘resurrection’ of the body at an appointed time. History can be discerned as a ‘meta-narrative’ story over some 6000 years. Man must respond to the Providence of the Creator!


Truth about God is known through revelation and experience. Truth about the material world is gained via revelation and the five senses in conjunction with rational thought. Truth is viewed as objective and can be discerned from the holy scriptures. Islam views Allah as the ultimate Source of Truth and Christianity views the Trinitarian Godhead as the ultimate Source. Judaism and Unitarianism generally views YHWH as the ultimate Source. Truth is what everyone needs to seek to achieve reality!


Moral values are the objective expression of an absolute moral being. There is both Good and Evil within our universe. There is generally a Right and a Wrong view of events and morality. Christianity views Jesus/Yeshua as the only way to the Father (ultimate salvation). This presents man with an ‘exclusiveness’ that all other worldviews reject! Islam views Allah as Supreme and the only God of our universe! Submission to Allah is essential for paradise or happiness! America’s founding fathers viewed the Creator as a singular God whom has ultimate control over events on this planet!

Spiritism and Polytheism

(e.g. some Mormons, Wicca, Catholics, Christians)


The world is populated by spirit beings who govern what goes on. Gods and demons are the real reason behind “natural” events. Lucifer is the God of this planet! Material things are real, but they could have spirits associated with them and, therefore, can be interpreted spiritually. Some Mormons view the gods as many (Polytheism), some Christians view God as dual and some as Poly, some Catholics pray to Mary and other spirit beings, Wicca believers worship the Lord and Lady of the Isles.


Man is a creation of the gods like the rest of the creatures on earth. Often, tribes or races have a special relationship with some gods who protect them and can punish them. Essentially, man is not in control of reality! History reveals the gods of Sumer, Egypt, Greece, and Rome as a form of Polytheism (Zeus, Aphrodite, Vishnu, Shiva, etc.).


Truth about the natural world is discovered through the shaman figure, prophets, Messiah’s, special messengers, holy scripture.  The anointed often have visions telling him what the gods and demons are doing and how they feel. Truth is revealed and then proclaimed to the masses. Science is generally not relevant within this worldview.


Moral values take the form of taboos, restrictions, fixed covenants, laws which are derived from the spiritual realm. These religious laws are meant for those who discern their relevance as a means to progress and salvation. Values are viewed as absolute and exclusive for all believers within this worldview system.

Postmodernism and/or Skepticism


Reality must be interpreted through our language and the cultural “paradigm.” Therefore, reality is “socially constructed.” There is no ‘absolute’ truth that one can discover. Change is continual and events create new paradigms for art, music, architecture, economics, politics, etc. Richard Rorty (1931 – 2007) is one philosopher who espoused this worldview. Generally, the view is that matter/energy is ultimate and that evolution describes history. But being skeptical is necessary for all postmodernists.


Humans are nodes in a cultural reality – they are a product of their social setting. The idea that people are autonomous and free is a myth. Man is controlled by the culture and group in which they belong. Man must work out his/her own salvation via individual creativity and personal action. There is no Higher Intelligence and/or a Meta-narrative which describes history. One must choose and then act and then accept the consequences.


Truths are mental constructs meaningful to individuals within a particular cultural paradigm. There are no universal truths. Truth is relative to one’s culture and changes from culture to culture. All truth presented to a group must be viewed with skepticism.


Values are part of our social paradigms as well. Tolerance, freedom of expression, inclusion, and refusal to claim to have the answers are the only universal values. Accept everyone as having a valid perspective on truth and moral values. Reject all absolutes in the area of morals and social relationships.

A review in pictures of my worldview can be seen here:…1455.11603.0.12935.

We can conclude that everyone who thinks seriously about reality and life has a Worldview. My personal Worldview is different from all of the above although many of the ideas above I would accept. My view is that reality must be evaluated within an environment of NOW. I live continually in the ‘now moment’ and ‘successive moments of now’. Time is a concept of one’s mind and has no existence as a separate thing. Objects in motion (like our planet) are necessary if ‘time’ is to have any meaning. The concept of Past and Future are chimeras as I/You live continually in the ‘now moment’. To talk about a Past, I must do so within the ‘now moment’. To talk about a Future, I must do so in the ‘now moment’. This makes the NOW MOMENT ultimate reality for me. All events and concepts must be evaluated by experience within this NOW MOMENT. Living in the ‘now moment’ is essential to understand my Worldview. I hope the above review of different Worldviews has been helpful in discerning your own view of reality! Enjoy! I am:

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