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Value, Money, Dollar – it’s all a ‘Mirage’!

April 7, 2016

What I witness today is a monetary/financial system which should be classified as a mental ‘mirage’! What is a mental ‘mirage’? See the synonyms below.

optical illusion, hallucination, phantasmagoria, apparition, fantasy,chimera, vision, figment of the/one’s imagination;

literary phantasm
something that appears real or possible but is not in fact so.

Our markets need to be reclassified as a figment of one’s imagination (a delusion). There is NO such thing as ‘value’ within our greater material universe. There is NO such thing as ‘money’ within our greater material universe. There is NO such thing as ‘dollar’ within our greater material universe. Value, Money, Dollar are internal concepts of our MIND. This makes these concepts part of our INNER World and totally imaginary. We could call these concepts phantasmagoria and/or fantasy 101. All money systems are based upon this concept called ‘value’ and this concept is totally within my/your consciousness. There is NO ‘value’ anywhere (out there) and I challenge anyone to locate/find/discover this concept within our greater material universe. Without ‘value’ (as a physical concept) all the other proxy concepts collapse into chimera/illusions. Wake-up and smell the roses!

Where is this concept called ‘Value’? Is it an ‘illusion’ and/or a ‘mirage’?

Practically everyone is living within Plato’s allegorical cave and this means living with illusions, fantasies, and phantasmagoria! Is it time to crash this illusionary fantasy and wake-up to reality! Personally, what I witness today in our markets is pure illusion, delusion, chimera, and fantasy! Our entire monetary system needs to collapse and vanish from the planet. People need to discover that our elite financial authorities have no conception of ‘reality’ and they are ALL dysfunctional (with respect to understanding their concepts of finance). This is my perspective as of today! You can label me dysfunctional also if you desire. The entire financial system must now collapse back into our collective consciousness so that the light of day emerges! This needs to happen ASAP to avoid total human destruction on this planet via banksters and politicians who act on all these phantasmagoria! That is my view as of today! Enjoy the challenge! I am:



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