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The ‘Digital’ World is: an ‘INNER’ world (exclusively)!

April 6, 2016

What is now evident to me and a few others is that a ‘virtual’ digit (say our ‘cyber dollar’) is not a ‘thing’ (substance) within our material universe. A ‘digit’ (like our cyber ‘dollar’) within our computer screen is part of my/your/our INNER world (which is spiritual/metaphysical). A ‘digit’ is not some ‘particle’ which is composed of ‘matter/mass’. If it were, than I could ‘store’ this digit on my private property! This means that they (digits within cyberspace) are not a ‘thing’ which exists within our OUTER world (also called our space/time universe). Digits, text, numbers, photons, pixels, colors, images, and symbols living within ‘cyberspace’ (our computer screens) can not be found, discovered, located, or sensed by our five traditional senses. The entire ‘digital’ world lives within our consciousness (our ‘INNER’ world) and our extended consciousness (the ‘cyber’ world which we perceive as merely a copy/shadow of material reality).  Virtual reality (within cyberspace) is actually within a different dimension (realm) from our OUTER world of matter/mass/energy! That is my premise! Give this some consideration!

My mind (spirit/intellect) is within a different world from that which I observe (the world of matter/mass/substance)! Both worlds are real (but within different realms of reality)! Give this some consideration!


I live within TWO realms (worlds) which are distinct and separate! Some call this Dualism! Some call this the world of MIND and the world of MATTER!

How can I prove this to myself? Reality is always a NOW experience (my core assumption of reality)! Right NOW determine if you can sense (via your five traditional senses) a unit of your own ‘consciousness’? Can you taste a ‘digit’ or a ‘symbol’ within cyberspace (your extended consciousness)? Can you hear a ‘digit’ or ‘symbol’ within cyberspace (your extended consciousness)? Can you smell a ‘digit’ within cyberspace? Can you see a ‘digit’ within cyberspace? Can you feel a ‘digit’ within cyberspace? I can’t! The bits/bytes which I am typing NOW (reality, to me, is successive moments of NOW) get revealed as ‘digits’ or ‘text’ or ‘images’ within my computer screen as I THINK up the ‘words’ which I type. Where do my ‘digits/text’ derive from (right now)? Am I conscious at this moment? Am I thinking at this moment? Is my mind active? Are ‘words’ emerging from my consciousness at this precise moment? What does this mean for this missive?

Socrates and Plato recognized that most people live with ‘shadows’ or ‘copies’ of reality (unaware of their own higher intellect…the ideas/forms/symbols). This he called the ‘allegory of the cave’ example! Today, our ‘virtual’ money is merely a ‘shadow’/’copy’ of our prior money (silver/gold)! Digits (the virtual units used to transact financial trades) appear real (like a substance or thing) as I witness images within my thinking consciousness as I look at a computer screen! In reality, however, these cyber currencies (now virtual units) are actually IMAGINARY (part of my INNER world)!

Socrates and later Plato used the word ‘form(s)’ to describe information derived from one’s HIGHER intellect. These so-called ‘forms’ are separate and distinct from the objects which I witness within my OUTER (space/time) World. Right now I witness my SILVER COIN resting upon my computer desk. This coin is part of my OUTER world (exclusively). I can use my five senses to recognize this coin and classify this coin as part of my OUTER world. The information engraved upon this coin, however, originates within my INNER world (exclusively). I engrave the word ‘dollar’ , ‘1 oz. fine silver’, and ‘United States of America’ upon this coin which is mined initially from the land (matter/mass) and which became a coin serving as an official currency (with a perceived ‘value’). Can you discern that I live within TWO worlds (my INNER and also my OUTER)? This seems obvious to me!

Assume that the ‘imaginary’ horse (within Plato’s mind is our ‘dollar’ today)! What, in reality, is a ‘dollar’ within my metaphysical MIND? If I type a symbol ($1) in my computer screen and call this a ‘dollar’ is it (this ‘dollar’) physical or metaphysical? Do I live within TWO worlds (which we can call the INNER and the OUTER)? I think so!

My five traditional senses derive from my INNER world of consciousness/mind/higher intellect! Does this appear reasonable? Is my Brain the source of my consciousness or does my Brain get activated by my consciousness? Which comes first and which vanishes when not attached to a body/object?

How many pundits, experts on money, financial advisers, bankers, politicians, or the general public DISCERN that they live within TWO different and exclusive WORLDS (I call them the ‘inner’ and the ‘outer’). Plato and Descartes and many others use the term Dualism to describe these TWO different WORLDS. Some say that each world is composed of a ‘different’ substance which is unique to that world (matter for the ‘outer’ and mind/spirit for the ‘inner’). Some say that the philosophy called ‘monism’ is a contrarian philosophy to those who espouse ‘dualism’. My view is that I live within TWO distinct and different worlds each moment of NOW (continually). I can call these worlds the OUTER (material world of substance/matter with mass/the brain with my neurons and synapses) and the other my INNER (my mental/consciousness/spirit/mind/virtual world). Cyberspace is part of this INNER world IMO. Can you discern this reality? Think about this word called ‘cyberspace’! Where is it?

What is ‘cyberspace’ in reality? Where does cyberspace reside? From whence does it come? Could we say that ‘cyberspace’ is equivalent to my ‘extended’ consciousness?

Does cyberspace emerge from human Brains or does it emerge from human Consciousness (the mind)? What, in reality, is consciousness? Can matter/mass create ‘consciousness’? How? Evidence?

Is our ‘digital’ world a result of prior consciousness (my/your INNER world of thinking)? Could our ‘digital’ world (say our cyber currencies) live (exclusively) within our INNER world (right now and successive moments of now)? Where is all our DEBT (right NOW)? When ‘confidence’ collapses (within our collective ‘inner’ worlds) what happens to our ‘digital’ stock markets? All our global cyber markets?

When will the elites from Wall Street lose ‘confidence’ so that traders ‘short’ our markets and sell our virtual stocks/bonds/derivatives via their HFT algorithms? The key to the coming CRASH is this INNER emotion called ‘confidence’! Money is mostly a ‘confidence’ GAME! Today, money is INNER! This means a vanishing ‘dollar’!

Why do I expect our financial currency system (including all our stock/bond/derivative markets) to collapse/crash/vanish and eventually disappear? I expect this because of my view of REALITY! Reality, to me, derives from my INNER world and then gets attached to my OUTER world. When my ‘confidence’ crashes so do my virtual ‘digits’…called cyber money. Collective ‘confidence’ is now starting to decline (gradually) and when ‘lack of confidence’ reaches a specific threshold level (totally unknowable my me or anyone) THEN is when our cyber stock/bond/derivative markets will CRASH via a ‘flash’ and with ‘suddenness’! Many other observers of our cyber markets sense this same potential event (but see reality differently from me)! The DAY or SECOND of this coming crash can not be known precisely! But the ‘season’ or ‘general time period’ can be discerned by those with understanding, wisdom, and discernment! It would help (I think) if others recognized the TWO worlds which we all live within! That is my PREMISE! Enjoy! I am:


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