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Why would a ‘thinking’ person choose IMAGINARY money?

April 4, 2016

What is the purpose of money? Do you know? Does money work when it is a unit of our imagination? Why don’t our leaders ever question the concept of ‘what is money’ and ‘what is its purpose’? Personally, I am shocked that so few comprehend the ‘imaginary’ nature of today’s cyber/digital currencies. Is it because I can SEE an image of ‘numbers’ in my computer screen? Is it because imaginary money works for a time? Is it because no-one desires to THINK about the issues of money? Are all our unbiased experts unthinking on the issues of the ‘nature’ of VALUE, MONEY, and CURRENCIES? Personally, I witness hardly anyone talking or teaching about the ‘nature’ of our money and/or all the digits now acting as proxies for money.

What are the three or four reasons why money was ‘invented’? Think on this issue!

Our historical and constitutional money is being discussed (but not promoted); prices of silver/gold are being suppressed; and our authorities continually promote more digital/imaginary money for the marketplace. Today, in the Wall Street Journal there were two articles dissing the reality of our historical/constitutional money (gold). Our commentators claim that gold has no ‘value’ and that any prudent investor would sell all their gold for our virtual/digital assets (which are sound and growing continually). This mindset is shocking, to me, as I understand the ‘imaginary’ nature of all our cyber/digital units. When I look out at nature (where our money was first invented) I do not witness any cyber/digital units anywhere. When I look at my computer screen I see images and words which derive from people’s consciousness but no material money. I do not witness any material money within my computer screen anywhere. Why do so few comprehend this reality…which seems so obvious to me?

Why would a ‘symbol’ within my computer screen be a sound/rational form of money for our trading markets? This is what we now experience within our global financial markets!

Recently, a friend of mine at the clubhouse dissed my silver coins as units with no ‘value’ or ‘acceptance’. I asked this friend to show me his digital money? Where is your digital money, I asked,  and show me one simple unit (digit). I even gave him my Smartphone for his demonstration of where his money resided. I said to this person…how do I store these digital images on my property? Where can I ‘store’ even one basic ‘unit’ which you call money? What meaning is a ‘store’ of value if I can not ‘store’ even one unit (one digit) on my personal/private property? His response was to rush out of my presence. This person was an engineer/doctor and very intelligent! What is the problem when it comes to understanding our monetary system today? I am shocked at the dysfunctional thinking in our greater public marketplace!

Notice the ‘shadows’ on the wall! These could be our money today (mere ‘shadows’ with no substance or material reality)! Our digital money is a ‘mere’ shadow within Plato’s allegorical cave! Who desires some SUN-LITE?

My QUESTION for today is: What is a DIGIT (in reality)? Think on this issue and see if YOU comprehend the ‘nature’ of our money today! Focus on the question of:  What is a ‘Digit’ within your computer screen! Where is it precisely? How can one access the ‘digit’ and then ‘store’ this ”digit’ on one’s private property? If these questions can not be answered with intelligence then do YOU understand anything about our monetary history, finance system, and/or our banking operations and policies as practiced today? What is a ‘digit’ and what ‘purpose’ do ‘digits’ serve within a system of Free Market Capitalism? Is it now time to THINK about the ‘nature’ of all our IMAGINARY CURRENCIES? Enjoy this challenge! I am:

P.S. A good philosophy to review for the above challenge is: Plato’s allegorical cave lesson! Shadows of reality are what we now experience in our greater monetary marketplace! The shadow’s appear within our computer screens!

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