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‘UNITY’ – a dangerous ‘opponent’ of Individual Freedom!

April 3, 2016

When I hear a politician enunciate that he/she needs ‘Unity’ to resolve a contentious issue (say ‘terrorism’, ‘enemies hatred of our nation’s values’,   or ‘economic injustice in the marketplace’) I realize that this politician wants his/her political AGENDA to prevail over all others. What this leader wants is conformity and agreement to his/her political agenda. The word ‘unity’ can, and usually is, a ‘code’ word for ‘getting behind a politician’s mandated program to solve a contentious problem. Rhetoric and words are what leaders use to get the masses to ‘unify’ behind their program and follow their agenda totally and religiously. The words may not be meant as spoken (in real-time) but nonetheless ‘words’ create emotions and this can create a type of ‘groupthink’ within the electorate (the sheep)…also called ‘political correctness’!

John F. Kennedy and his ‘groupthink’ gang during Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961!

The gesture and image (above) reveals a mindset where ‘political correctness’ and  ‘groupthink’ is desired!

This teacher/scientist also desires some ‘groupthink’ on the issues which he ‘interprets’ as REALITY!

Theological correctness is very important among strong religious leaders!

Recently, I heard Mr. Barack Obama say that Americans must ‘unite’ behind his program to defeat terrorism and the Jihadist group called ISIS. I hear candidate Trump say ‘unite’ behind my desire to build a 1000 mile Wall along the American/Mexican border to solve a problem with illegals. Ted Cruz wants ‘unity’ behind his desire to solve our immigration issue (his way) and his desire to ‘destroy’ ISIS (via military force). Sanders wants ‘unity’ behind his program to tax the Wall Street manipulators and the wealthy 1%. Hillary wants ‘unity’ so she can “make America whole again” and continue the Obama legacy on medical care, etc. What is really happening with this ‘word’ game which all politicians use to elicit agreement and ‘groupthink’ among followers? What does ‘unity’ really mean in real-time politics?

Christine Lagarde (IMF) and Barack Obama (at a finance meeting)!  Agreement must prevail among World leaders!

This lady desires ‘groupthink and economic correctness’ on issues of finance, money, banking, and interest rates!

While attending a church service today I heard the pastor talk about Christian ‘Unity’ so the body of believers could achieve their goals of service to the community. These same pastors, teachers, theologians also want ‘Unity’ of belief in their DOCTRINES so everyone will think alike on the issue of ‘truth’. Each pastor thinks that he/she can ‘interpret’ God’s written document (called the BIBLE) so as to enunciate final ‘truth’ on an issue for the church body. These leaders present their ‘interpretations’ so as to gain UNITY within their body of believers (the sheep). To challenge one of these pastors, theologians, a church groupthink member, a politician in office or one campaigning for office is generally NOT allowed. Why? Diversity of thinking is not ‘politically correct’ (on many issues) and this can destroy UNITY for this politician, pastor, teacher. What is happening within our religious and political environment (via these key code ‘words’)? Why all the code words for all the ‘groupthink’ followers?

China and Iran prefer ‘groupthink’ and ‘political correctness’ for their countries!

This candidate is against the ‘political correctness’ of the current administration but favors his own ‘political correctness’! Is this typical of all politicians and political candidates? I think so!

WORDS are what we all tend to fall for and use to create our relationships. If I agree with another person who thinks their view is the correct view, then we can have UNITY. Agree and unity emerges within most groups. Challenge the groupthink body or the key doctrines of the self-righteous leader and this immediately creates separation and rejection. Why is this such a powerful mindset within our many political and religions leaders? Unity and groupthink are what a body of thinkers desire so that challenges do not destroy the GROUP. Disagreement is not accepted by most leaders who espouse strong views on political issues and/or religious issues. Look all around our world and discover the ‘groupthink’ everywhere. This is scandalous for anyone who desires real ‘individual freedom’. Thomas Jefferson hated the ‘groupthink’ mindset within religion and politics of his day.

Millennial’s desire ‘groupthink’ as they buy into Bernie Sanders and his Socialism!

These politicians desired ‘political correctness’ on issues of WAR with Iraq and al Qaeda!

These two have different views on Islam and foreign policy (which ‘political correctness’ will win?)!

America is founded upon the rights of the ‘individual’ and this means that ‘diversity’ of viewpoints needs to be accepted on all and every issue. Church doctrines and political concepts are NO exception! Diversity and the right to challenge another leader’s dogmatism is the American Way and yet this is NOT being practiced within most of our institutions of higher learning, science, economics, religions, philosophy, or on the street. Everyone today seems to like a ‘groupthink’ agenda which they can IMPOSE upon the greater marketplace. Is this real FREEDOM (for individuals)? Personally, I don’t think so! What I witness today are key code words used by leaders in all areas merely to PREVENT ‘diversity’ of thinking! This, to me, is scandalous and this is not healthy for progress! Think for yourself on these issues! Enjoy this day! I am:

P.S. Definitions of Groupthink:


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  1. April 3, 2016 1:49 pm

    Is it politically correct to buy and sell things with debt-free currency that is fully backed by gold bullion ?


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