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Jefferson – Tyranny over the ‘MIND’ of an American (not good)!

April 3, 2016

Political leaders, religious leaders, and all types of strong-arm leaders can create ‘tyranny’ over my/your Mind via their decisions, rules, regulations, doctrines, and laws! To be free and unique I/we need a Mind which is not controlled or manipulated. Thomas Jefferson is my model for freedom over the Mind. This founding Father recognized the tendency of human nature to desire mental control over another person. He witnessed this within all the different religious denominations (in Colonial America) and also within the political environment. Tyranny is a form of control over another person’s freedom to think as an individual. Today, I witness this reality within American politics, religion, science, education, philosophy, and economics. Groupthink is everywhere where strong-arm leaders reside. This mindset is a form of ‘tyranny’! Watch out for leaders who implement policies and programs to control another’s thinking and their Mind.

A wise philosopher/founding Father! He recognized that ‘individual’ freedom is the ultimate goal of man!

A government can create citizen tyranny without recognizing it! This is evident within our current leadership!

Authority figures desire adulation and respect and this can lead to tyranny over the minority (the ‘other’)!

Tyranny over another’s Mind can include all forms of ‘groupthink’, ‘absolutism’, and ‘hierarchical control!

Americans need to choose wisely if they desire individual freedom to think and act!

Examples of tyranny from history! Current leaders can be similar!

Great advice from the writer of the Declaration of Independence! Who is today’s Thomas Jefferson?

Our Constitution is law until the ‘people’ change the Constitution and/or abolish it!

Lessons from prior history! Vigilance is essential if tyranny is to be eliminated! Who is aware?

This quote is rather relevant today! Freedom requires that people choose their own beliefs (without mandates)!

Another great quote (and wisdom) from someone we all recognize! Charleston Heston (1923 – 2008)!

Human nature does not seem to change! Beware!

Again we witness the wisdom of this founding Father and writer of our Declaration of Independence!

The human Mind is what allows each person to think and act! It must be FREE!

Without mental freedom…what is ‘freedom’? Every human being ultimately needs zero ‘tyranny’ over their unique personal Mind. Those of us who recognize the reality of our Mind recognize that rulership over another’s Mind is prevalent all over our planet. We witness this in America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and within all territories on this planet. Man is ruling over man and this creates some ‘tyranny’ which can get detrimental/dangerous for progress. Thomas Jefferson, Socrates, Yeshua, and a few other philosophers have recognized this reality within human nature. I recognize this reality wherever I witness strong-arm leaders desiring to RULE. The evidence is right in front of our noses as we watch events in today’s news. Tyranny, Groupthink, and Political Correctness is a real and present danger! Give this missive some reflection as you witness current political events on your Smart phone or computer! I am:

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