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Words, Algorithms, HFT change ‘Values’ instantaneously! Why?

April 1, 2016

Yellen speaks a few ‘words’ (I will not increase interest rates now) and the ‘value’ of the Japanese Yen changes instantly. This was reported in yesterday’s Financial Times. Draghi says a few ‘words’ (I will continue the stimulus) and the stock markets change in ‘value’ instantaneously. Stephan Ingves, of Sweden’s Riksbank, says (more QE is coming “a lot”) and his Swedish krona changes immediately (relative to the dollar). China’s Central Bank governor, Japan’s Central Bankster Authority, England’s Bankster Authority, and a few others ALL can affect our digital/metaphysical markets via mere WORDS. Think about this! If I have a position of Authority (say Chairman of a Central Bank) I can merely ‘SPEAK’ a few words and my ‘words’ will change the direction of all global markets instantaneously. What kind of markets do we now have? Why can a ‘few words’ spoken by an Authority figure CHANGE the ‘value’ of an asset, a currency, or the trend of a market instantaneously? Has anyone thought about this phenomena? What is really happening within our global digital markets? Are we being controlled?

Imagine if ‘YOU or I’ had the power to SPEAK and change all the global markets (instantaneously)! What POWER ‘I/You’ could demonstrate in real-time to manipulate our digital/global markets!

If our ‘money’ were a physical/tangible object (a ‘thing’ composed of matter/mass like grains of silver/gold) then this phenomena would not be possible. Mere ‘words’ spoken by Authority figures could not CHANGE the ‘value’ or ‘price’ of an Asset (instantaneously and sometimes significantly). Real marketplace negotiation and a change of some physical currency would be required to change our markets and the ‘value’ of an exchange. But today we live with ‘spiritual’ money (digits derived from the human consciousness). These ‘digits’ are not composed of matter/mass/weight and this means that they are units of spirit (metaphysical units of nothing). Who is aware? As an Authority figure I could change the ‘digital value’ of an ASSET by merely SPEAKING a few ‘words’. This is amazing and instructive for those watching today’s global DIGITAL markets. Where does this lead going forward?

Mario Draghi can merely SPEAK a few ‘words’ and change our digital/metaphysical markets! Is Mario an economic Dictator? Do we have FREE market Capitalism today?

Today, the ‘digital value’ of SILVER was slammed by some 4.5% in milliseconds on our global electronic markets. This is now possible due to a new phenomena called the ALGORITHM and HFT. Today I can code an algorithm to buy ‘uncovered shorts’ of silver in the electronic futures markets (say the Globex) and by using HFT (high frequency trading) I can buy these ‘naked shorts’ in milliseconds and then ‘cancel’ the trade prior to any delivery of the metal. This is called a ‘uncovered contract’ and/or a ‘naked short’. Today some 500 to 1000 uncovered short contracts exist for each one (1) ounce of silver available for delivery at the Comex. This means that if a holder on a one ounce contract (say a holder asking for one ounce to be delivered) only one of the 500/1000 would actually receive the metal. This is amazing and very instructive for those with some common sense and discernment. VALUES (our digital prices) can now be MANIPULATED, suppressed, elevated, and rigged via a mere ‘algorithm’ and via HFT trading of uncovered silver contracts!

This ‘tick’ chart reveals a trading strategy to SLAM a commodity ‘price’ via HFT (and algorithms)! Prices (also called the ‘value’) can then be affected so as to suppress and/or elevate a commodity price in real-time!

The ‘value’ or ‘price’ of one ounce of gold can be ‘slammed’ in milliseconds via HFT and algorithmic trading! Who does this? A trader using our electronic markets (in real-time) via ‘uncovered shorts’ is the culprit!

Commodities like gold, oil, natural gas or even corn and wheat can be ‘price manipulated’ in our electronic markets via futures contracts, algorithms, and high frequency trading. This can be done even though the supply/demand situation would not justify these ‘value’ changes. Yes, the concept of ‘value’ and our ‘prices’ can be manipulated today by mere WORDS spoken by select elites (or algorithmic traders)…in positions of Authority. These elites can trade via HFT and Algorithms to manipulate, rig, suppress, and/or elevate our currencies, our commodities, and nearly any collateral asset which trades within ‘cyberspace’. We now live within CYBERSPACE where human ‘consciousness’ controls our markets. Our money is metaphysical (spiritual) and the concept of ‘value’ is metaphysical (spiritual). But WHO is aware? My sense is that I am ONE of a very few! Think on this for today! Enjoy! I am:

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