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Radical ‘Islam’ vs. Radical ‘Christianity! Is that the Battle now Emerging?

April 1, 2016

Today, I witness TWO radical belief systems vying for control over planet Earth. Radical Islam desires that everyone bow to their belief system or die. Radical Christianity desires that everyone accept their belief system (or live as unsaved infidels). Islam desires that I ‘submit’ to their God called Allah…their view of our Creator. Christianity desires that I accept their view of ‘salvation’ via their key God (Jesus) and the Holy Trinity (their Godhead). Both of these belief systems desire that I/You become ‘true’ believers in their doctrines and core beliefs if ultimate progress is to develop! This is the message of each religion and proselytization (changing the ‘other’) is part of the process to gain ‘true’ believers for the cause! Islam currently has some 1.4 billion believers and Christianity has some 2.2 billion believers. This results in 3.6 billion overall (some 55% of the planet)!

The God of Islam is called Allah! The word Allah means God in Arabic! Allah governs the Universe according to Islam! Islam does not accept the Christian Trinity (nor the death of Yeshua/Jesus for sins)!

The Evangelical Christian God is a Trinity! The members are Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit! To be ‘saved’ one must become a believer in this Christian doctrine (say many)!

Examples of radical Islam could be Al Qaeda believers and/or ISIS believers. Sunni and Shia believers are also part of Islam and many would label these believers as ‘radical’ in that they desire World domination over all humanity. Christianity has radical believers such as the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, Worldwide Church of God, Baha’i (part Islam and part Christianity), Unitarians, and many others labeled as cults. Even Evangelical Christianity (the norm) is viewed as ‘radical’ by most secular thinkers (scientists, humanists, atheists, and such). Other belief systems include Budhist’s, Hindu’s, Non-dualists, Deists, and Secular Existentialists. All belief systems are viewed mostly as ‘radical’ by those who do not buy into the doctrines of the particular belief system. We all have our view of reality and no-one appears to know everything! Was Socrates right? We all enter (via birth) this planet with ‘questions’ and we exit (via death) with questions! Who knows ALL (on this planet)? Examine yourself to discern the reality of ‘relativity’ within belief systems!

Some 1.4 billion ascribe to the Islamic belief system! Can these believers assimilate into the greater global society? It appears difficult as of today!

Islam views God differently from most in the West (general Christianity)! God did not die on the Cross for our ‘sins’! We must ‘submit’ to Allah as we are!

It appears from surveys that some 80+% of people on this planet have some belief in a Higher Intelligence (a Source which transcends themselves). The % could be as high as 85%. This means that some 6 billion people (as of today) have a belief in a ‘power’ which transcends themselves. So who should rule this planet with this type of reality (set of beliefs) among our populace? Can the 15% of non-believers rule? I don’t think so! The 85% who believe in a Higher Power and/or Higher Intelligence must ultimately rule over the small minority which flaunts the Higher Spiritual Realm. Today, the small minority of secular elites (basically non-believers) rule over the entire planet (mostly). Money is a secular concept (mostly)! Money and Matter currently rule over this planet (mostly)! The concept of matter/mass (viewed as ultimate reality by most Scientists/Atheists/Budhist’s, etc.) is a secular belief system (mostly)! What we now need is a contrarian (Dualist) viewpoint which receives credibility for the 85%!


Three persons (not called God individually) but nevertheless GOD (collectively)! THREE (3) equals one (1) and ONE (1) equals three (3)! Thomas Jefferson was unable to accept this concept of Evangelical Christianity (the logic and the math does not convey meaning to most thinkers)!

This is a belief which is currently powerful among Evangelical Christians! The second advent from outer space is the message! This event is scheduled any day now (imminence is the concept)!

The Jesus (Yeshua) who ascended (31 A.D.) will return in an ‘identical’ manner to planet Earth (soon)! Christianity 101! I call this the ‘outside/in’ doctrine! God is within the Cosmos and returns from the Cosmos to planet Earth!

What we now need is a serious dialogue between the ‘radical’ believers who espouse Islam and those who espouse Christianity! Can these two religions reach some compromise in their diverse/dogmatic doctrines? Is it possible for some ‘unity’ among the ‘diverse’ doctrines within these two belief systems? Is it possible for both religions to survive as this dialogue gets heated and serious? There are core differences which must be reconciled (hopefully via non-violent dialogue). Can a non-violent dialogue help resolve some issues? Can each side Agree to Disagree? What I think is necessary is that both of these belief systems have a serious public dialogue on the core doctrines of their beliefs. This dialogue could start with this missive (now)! Some suggestions (for thought) might be the following:

  1. Which God should rule over this planet? Who (in other words) is the Creator of mankind? What are the ‘attributes’ of this Creator God?
  2. Does the American founding Fathers have a view on the issue of WHO is our Creator? What was/is this view? Were Jefferson, Adams, Monroe, Washington, etc. theological Deists (viewing God as a ‘singular’ Source/Creator)?
  3. Which God was viewed as  Creator in the Declaration of Independence (America’s founding document)? Who differed with the views of the originators of the document? Can the concept of ‘Creator’ be reconciled via dialogue?
  4. Does the concept of a ‘Trinity’ make sense to the larger populace on this planet…or is a ‘Singular’ God more reasonable and logical?
  5. Which believers desire a ‘Singular’ God and which desire a ‘Trinity’ Godhead? Let’s survey the planet! The outcome (after discernment on the issues) would be instructive for everyone going forward!
  6. How many believers on planet Earth desire that God (say the Almighty Logos) RULE over this planet? Let’s count all on our planet above age (say) 12! This might resolve many issues over this issue of ‘Rulership’ and who is The Logos!
  7. Should all current politicians (who now ‘play God’) be asked to step down from their  God playing ‘pedestal’? Would this be realistic? Do we need politicians going forward?
  8. Is ‘playing God’ necessary in this new age of the Internet where worldwide communication is ubiquitous? Does political ‘groupthink’ work in real-time?
  9. Could global problems be resolved without a hierarchy of politicians administering the policies? Could volunteers solve our many economic issues?
  10. Could mankind make progress without a hierarchy of elites ‘playing God’ for the many? Say the United Nations Agenda 2030 idea or similar (Bernie’s Socialism/Communism program)?

Is it time for a non-violent dialogue among both religions to resolve some of the doctrines and beliefs? Can each agree to disagree (without resort to violence)?

This non-believer in a Higher Power asserts that Islam and Christianity can not be reconciled (many agree)! Sam is a secular philosopher and has written many books on the idea called ‘The END of FAITH’! Does he represent the 15%?

The above could be a start to a serious (continuous) dialogue among thinkers, believers, theologians, scientists, philosophers, and the general public. Everyone could participate in the dialogue and everyone could learn from the process (unending)! Is it now time for this type of dialogue (now that we have an international internet for communication and learning)? Would a non-violent dialogue (among everyone) help with resolving the contentious issues which now are leading to War, Disfunction, and Political Conflict? What do you think? Is it time for dialogue or must mankind resolve the issues of ‘diversity’ in beliefs via killing, war, might, beheading, negativity, and bombs? Give this missive some reflection at your leisure!. Send me your view if you desire! Enjoy! I am:


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