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Hello, Janet: ‘Digitize’ my Wells Fargo Account for $1 Billion!!! Thank you!!!

March 27, 2016

Money is now a complete JOKE for those of us who comprehend what is happening! Bernie Sanders says that America is the Richest nation on the planet so let’s give everyone FREE medical care and FREE education and FREE whatever else! Yes, Bernie, you are correct! American money (now digits in the computer screen) makes America the ‘Counterfeit’ Capital of planet Earth and the ‘digital’ King of the Hill (economically). The American Central Bank (called the Fed) can now ‘digitize’ money units in the trillions and claim to be KING of the Capitalist Hill when it comes to money ‘digits’. America has ‘raped’ the planet with Dollar ‘digits’ (created from the thinking mind of our Central banksters) and filled all the government coffers (their digital accounts) with ‘counterfeit’ legal tender (now masquerading as ‘debt’) so they can claim HEGEMONY over planet Earth! Yes, Bernie…your messsage is somewhat correct! YOUR America can now create MONEY from heaven for all your social programs! Elect Bernie in 2016!

Bernie seems to comprehend where our counterfeit money comes from? Bernie wants utopia for his millennials!

Could Janet send us (digitally) each $1 billion from her master computer at the New York Fed? What do you think? What would be the ‘cost’? Who would complain? It’s mere ‘digits’ created from her thinking!

What has emerged in the past 40 plus years is an America which ‘rapes’ the greater planet (called our World economic community) using FAKE money from heaven (now ‘digits’ in the computer screen as their legal tender). Since 2008 our esteemed Central Bank leaders have created some $16 trillion of FAKE counterfeit cyber digits for LOANS to their primary FRIENDS and then increased their digital master BANK account at the New York Federal Reserve (our Central Bank) so their digital account is now $4.5 trillion (an increase of some $3.7 trillion digits since 2008). What a great gimmick for creating Riches for a select few who have insider interests with this MONEY MACHINE in New York and Washington D.C. Big Ben Shalom Bernanke started the counterfeiting scheme and the game of ‘digits’ continues under our current Chairperson, Janet Louise Yellen! A host of foreign copycats are following our lead!

Big Ben Shalom Bernanke understands Central Banking! Increase his digital account (called the SOMA) and then DISTRIBUTE the digits secretly and selectively! The media uses the metaphor, called ‘QE’, for this Central Bank operation!

Those who lack the understanding of what is now happening within our global Central Banks assume that MONEY comes from heaven for anyone with connections with those operating our computers behind closed doors (called our Central Banks). Just create more ‘digits’ and then grow government so the select elites (Bernie and Hillary may understand this game better than most) can DISTRIBUTE this largess to the sheeple under their deceptive Spell. Where does our MONEY come from? Who comprehends what is happening today behind the closed doors of our Central Banks. Sweden is another country which is UNDER this deceptive Spell of ‘digits’ from heaven. Swedes desire more ‘digits’ from Stephan Ingves and his Riksbank in Stockholm. I tried to visit with Stephan last July while I was visiting Sweden but the guards and insiders at the Riksbank would not let me visit anyone! Why? Think!!!

Stephan Ingves would not visit with me while I was in Sweden in July, 2015! Why? I do not know the man! But his guards would not let me past the front entrance! Why? THINK!!!

This is what Bloomberg News reported in February, 2015 (paraphrased by me):  Stefan Ingves, the governor of Sweden’s central bank, said he’s ready to expand the bond-purchase program (called QE) unveiled yesterday by “a lot” should it prove necessary. The Riksbank is preparing to buy 10 billion kronor ($1.2 billion) in government bonds (this increases ‘digits’ for select counterparties) as long as five years as it steps up its battle against deflation (deflation is a decline in prices in the general marketplace). The bank’s experiment with quantitative easing (QE) was announced together with a repo rate cut to minus 0.1 percent as Sweden joins the list of central banks delving below zero to revive their economies. Since 2015, Stephan has continued this ‘counterfeiting’ of the Swedish Krona! Comment: Are the Swedish consumers AWARE of this manipulation/rigging? I doubt it!!!

Chip cards, mobile smart phones, and digits as legal tender keep the Swedish economy from collapsing! For Now! Stephan Ingves is in control of the ‘digitization’ process at the RIKSBANK (to assure no collapse)!

Sweden (their economy) is now nearly 100% digital and their KRONA is a mere ‘digit’ within the computer screen. This ‘digitization’ of the Krona starts in Stockholm at the Swedish Central Bank called the Riksbank. Stephan has been ‘digitizing’ his Swedish Krona in the billions so as to prevent a collapse of the Swedish economy. Bernanke did the same for America while he was in charge of our Central Bank from 2006 – 2014. Mario Draghi is doing the same in Europe as he ‘runs’ the European Central Bank. Mr. Kuroda is doing likewise in Japan as he ‘runs’ the Japanese Central Bank. Who else has done this digital counterfeiting to prevent an economic collapse? Think of Big Mervin King at the Bank of England. Think of Mr. Xiaochaun of China and his People’s Bank of China. Think of Thomas Jordan of The Swiss Central Bank and there could be dozens of others who do similar. But our Central Banks operate behind closed doors and the public is mostly UNAWARE of what is happening.

Central Bankers meeting at a G20 meeting in Russia (behind closed doors)! Is the public informed of what they discuss? Are consumers aware of how our global electronic computer money system operates? I don’t think so!

As consumers who spend  our ‘digits’ in the marketplace we are mostly UNAWARE of what is happening behind the closed doors of our Central Banks. The recent policy of QE (quantitative easing) has revealed what actually happens behind these closed doors. Select administrators just ‘punch’ in numbers in the computer screen to create NEW reserves (cash in the account) and then this digital CASH is spent by these administrators to accomplish their selfish goals and to prevent a collapse of the greater economic system. Our entire economic system is held together with ‘pins’ and ‘needles’ and then our computer traders (at these Central Banks) continually rig, manipulate, and fix digital prices so as to prevent a greater financial CRASH and COLLAPSE! The entire Ponzi game is run by computer machines and all these computer machines are run by select insider manipulators who trade our markets.

This image (above) reveals what has evolved these past 40 years! Paper and coin money are now ‘digits’ in the computer screen. Digits are created from the ‘thinking’ of our Central Banksters (operating behind closed doors)! Think for yourself to gain understanding!

All our markets are now mostly ‘electronic’ and this means that our MONEY is also ‘electronic’ digits. I call these ‘digits’ our Cyber Money. As a consumer you use your chip cards and mobile phones to buy, sell, trade, save, and invest. You are probably UNAWARE of where all these cyber ‘digits’ come from! But to understand our greater cyber market system you need to understand what our Central Banksters are saying and doing. Their ‘words’ are mostly deception but their inside ‘action’ reveals their manipulations. Think about your own mobile smart phone and your personal laptop computer. Do you buy, sell, trade, save, and invest with your MACHINE? If you do then you can ASSUME that those insiders (behind closed doors) are doing likewise! Our MONEY today is a complete JOKE when understood! Yes, Janet…send me $1 billion in digits and click your account (computer mouse) in Washington to send me a ‘direct’ deposit into my digital account at Wells Fargo here in Arizona. Thank you, Janet. Help me and everyone! Bernie or Hillary will appoint you to another term (if elected)! Enjoy! I am:

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