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Eschatology, Judgment Day, Mahdi, Dajjal, End of the Age!

March 25, 2016

When I was visiting Sweden in July of 2015, I visited a facility (prior hotel building) in Southern Sweden where some 240 Muslim asylum seekers were living and being processed for residence. My cousin and I toured the facility and I talked to one of the Muslim leaders (who spoke excellent English). I asked this leader what was happening to cause all the killing and mayhem over in the Middle East, Syria, Libya, etc. This leader reviewed many of the reasons but his main inner mindset was that all this was happening because we are now in the LAST DAYS…also called Judgment Day and/or the End of the Age! His view was that Allah was creating these events over in the Middle East and eventually all these events will create a FINAL Judgment Day for the world. I could not disagree with this Muslim leader!

Is this what our world situation now reveals? Are we as a human race at the END OF AN AGE? Will a Mahdi and the Dajjal appear in the near future?

As a student of ‘human nature’ I can discern that the real battle on this planet is a spiritual battle. Beliefs are what moves people to action and the biggest set of beliefs on this planet are those of Islam and Christianity. If we add up the followers of these two belief systems we can imagine some 4.5 billion people within this camp. We have only 7 billion people on this planet. What is now happening is that this GREAT battle of the ages is reaching a finality period which each belief system views differently. Islam views the West and Christianity as the AntiChrist or the Dajjal. Most of Christianity views radical Islam (the beliefs stemming from the Quran) as essentially an AntiChrist spirit and contrary to their scriptural message. Opposite viewpoints emerge depending on which belief system prevails within these communities of religious people.

The Dajjal and/or the AntiChrist is what is now a popular concept among strong religious believers! Both Islam and Christianity are preaching about this concept!

Human nature likes to think of the OTHER (the other person’s beliefs) as anathema and one’s own beliefs as the correct interpretation of reality. This is ‘human nature’. I witness this battle of opposites when I read the literature of each belief system. Christian prophecy experts focus on their beliefs as interpreted from their Holy Book and Islamic prophecy experts focus on the words derived from their Quran Holy Book. Allah is the God of Islam and Jesus is the God of Evangelical Christianity. Allah is a singular God which rules over the Quran and its message whereas a Trinity Godhead (primarily the message of Jesus) rules over the Bible believers (called Christians and/or the Judean/Christian belief system). Each belief system views the ‘other’ as mostly the Dajjal (AntiChrist)!

Is ‘human nature’ our problem on this planet? Kill the ‘other’ so that ‘I’ can survive! I am ‘right’ and you are ‘wrong’! Might makes Right and the End justifies the Means!

A scientist who viewed The Almighty as the ultimate authority over our material Universe! We discover what has already been accomplished!

The ‘other’ is flawed but ‘I’ am saved! Change the ‘other’ so ‘I’ can survive! Is this what we now witness in our world?

The battle of radical Islam (as represented by ISIS and others with a fundamental view of the Quran) is what I now witness over in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and parts of the USA. Even the founding Fathers of America had the view that a DAY OF JUDGMENT would eventually arrive. America was founded upon mostly religious/spiritual beliefs. We are now some 240 years since our founding in 1776. Could this final battle of the ages be HERE? Is this what I now witness as I read the current world news and observe the words of our leaders (politicians, commentators, media personnel, scientists, and religious prophecy experts)? The tone of conversation has changed radically these past couple of years and I now witness a change that I have never witnessed prior to now. Are we soon to experience the END OF AN AGE and the beginning of a new age? Is this what we witness as we watch our leaders scramble for words of reality?

Is America the Final Solution when it comes to planet Earth’s destiny? What do you think?

Who is the ‘problem’ and who is the ‘solution’? Is there a final answer? Who wins in the battle of words (Trump or Hillary)?

Is ‘human nature’ at work with these two combatants? Who will win this battle of words (Trump or Cruz)?

Human nature views the OTHER as the enemy and oneself (me or I) as the rational person of TRUTH. I witness this as I attend church services, watch our political candidates espouse their views of reality, and as I witness all the words coming from experts who write about what is happening in our world. Each person tends to view the OTHER as the problem and oneself as the SOLUTION. Let’s defeat and kill the ‘other’ so as to preserve the current ‘situation’ for me, mine, and us! Elect me (says Hillary, Trump, Cruz, Sanders, Kasich) so that I can lead you to the promised land. I will defeat the enemy (now radical Islam or ISIS) and I will recreate America of old. Is this the mindset which is now prevalent? Is this ‘human nature’ in action? I think so! Kill the enemy so that I can be the last person standing! Use MIGHT to make RIGHT. The END justifies the MEANS! Elect ME and my policies so that ‘fear’ will subside! Is this today’s reality?

The Quran vs. the Christian Bible! Appeasement vs Action! Right vs. Wrong interpretations! Allah vs. Christian Trinity! Radical Islam vs. Radical Christianity! Science vs. Religion! Me vs. the Other! Who ultimately wins in the battle now in progress! Will human nature create this FINAL battle of the AGES?

Does political/economic/religious/scientific/philosophical history end…only to begin again? What do you think?

Give this missive some reflection as it applies to all that I have been writing in my personal blog these past 8 years. Economics is based upon ‘human nature’, politics is based upon ‘human nature’…science, religion, the media commentators, and the public viewpoints are all based upon ‘human nature’ and beliefs. Human Nature is what rules over events on this planet. The OTHER appears to be the problem, I, ME, WE are the SOLUTION. Opposites must be eliminated. Political ‘correctness’ must prevail. Our beliefs (the West) are the ‘right’ beliefs and the ‘other’ (Non-West) have the ‘wrong’ beliefs. This is our spiritual/metaphysical battle/war (as of today) which never ends. Words reveal the thinking of our leaders. Listen to their WORDS and then discern what they might do as leaders in a position of POWER. Politics and Money creates POWER…and ‘power’ is what rules over this planet! The next few years might REVEAL the truth on many issues of reality! Think for yourself, however! I am:

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