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Reality involves TWO…not ‘one’! Think on this!

March 22, 2016

There are two recent books which misrepresent economic reality (as well as scientific/philosophical reality) in that these books espouse the notion that ‘I’ am my Brain. These books are partially reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, 3/22/2016. The first is entitled “The Tides of the Mind”, by David Gelernter, and the second is entitled “The Brain: The Story of You”, by David Eagleman. These neurobiologists and neuroscientists conclude that ‘I’ am that which is within my Skull (my Brain). The mystery of ‘consciousness’ according to these experts is at the heart of neuroscience and this issue of ‘my subjective consciousness’ can be discerned and changed if ‘I’ understand my Brain and the events happening within my Brain. Is this reality or deception? Why are these experts not educated in the profession of economics and money? If they were, I suspect that their evaluation of my Brain and who ‘I’ am would need to change! Let’s think on this issue today!

PBS media has presented David’s theory that ‘YOU are your Brain’! Is this a valid theory within economics and finance? David Eagleman is a famous Neuroscientist and Writer. He works as a neuroscientist in Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas. He works in the Laboratory on Neuroscience and Law. Is his theory of reality relevant for today’s monetary marketplace? Personally, I don’t think so!

Read the write-up in the Wall Street Journal, March 22, 2016!

Socrates and Plato understood that ‘reality’ involved TWO realms (not one)!

The GREAT philosopher Socrates made the statement that “knowing oneself” is essential to understanding reality. Socrates and later Plato understood the human intellect better than today’s neuroscientists and neurobiologists IMO. These philosophers understood that ‘I’ and ‘You’ live within TWO realms of reality (not our Brain neurons and synapses exclusively). Science likes to think that all that I am is within my outer SKIN (which includes my Brain and its actions). Science likes to think that there is ONE grand theory of reality which explains every aspect of life. Recently science has espoused the view that the Higgs Boson was the final straw to their grand theory of reality (matter in motion). This concept is what I think needs to change if we desire to understand money, finance, economics, value, and our cyber marketplace of imaginary currencies. What, in reality, is ‘consciousness’?


Within economics we ‘exchange’ VALUE! Trading involves this concept called VALUE in exchange! This concept derives from the subjective Human MIND! My Brain is not the source of this metaphysical concept!

Within economics there is a concept called VALUE. Value in exchange and value stored (savings) are key concepts of economics. This concept called VALUE emerged because of the notion called ‘private property’. Our desire for ownership of things and ownership of land creates this concept called VALUE. What is this concept in reality? Is VALUE a concept which is produced by events within my Brain? Is VALUE produced within my Skull (skin)? Where does this economic concept derive from? Our expert neurobiologists and neuroscientists have no idea (it seems)! The concept of ‘money’ emerges from this concept called VALUE in exchange. Did you realize this? Money is our ‘proxy’ for VALUE in exchange. But where does this concept called VALUE ultimately derive from? Does it derive from events within my Brain, my Skull, my Skin? I don’t think so! Let’s think about this single concept called VALUE in exchange!

The history of economic thought:

VALUE in exchange is what happens when our Nation trades with another Nation. When I trade my grain for Russian crude oil I am creating an exchange of VALUE. This exchange is derived subjectively via two counterparties. The trade is finalized as a barter transaction and/or a transaction of official currencies. The Russian ruble and the American dollar can VALUE this transaction (in math) so that both parties agree that the transaction is ‘fair’. Fair trade is what we desire in economics when we trade wealth between Nations. The key concept underlying trade is this subjective concept called VALUE. Where does this concept derive from, however? Do I get this concept from my Brain neurons/synapses and their interconnections? Or do I get this concept from my metaphysical/non-physical/non-material MIND? What is this entity called the Human Mind? What is Consciousness, in reality?


Reality involves TWO realms IMO (not One as espoused by our esteemed scientists and neuroscientists)! Idealism is also an invalid viewpoint IMO. Think on this!

If I am killed or die at this moment, does my Brain still exist within my Skull? I think so! But what happens to my psychological/metaphysical Consciousness (my MIND)? Does my Mind vanish and disappear at my physical death? I think so! Socrates and most philosophers of my Mind would deduce that my consciousness vanishes at my death. So what is this ephemeral unit called the Human Mind? I would suggest (as did Socrates) that the human mind is nonphysical and or immortal. This means that my Mind and/or my Consciousness is not located within my neurons/synapses or their interconnections.

Does this neuroscientist understand economic reality? I don’t think so!

Read his book and make up your own MIND? There is a difference!

My Mind (in reality) is separate and distinct from my Brain. This economic concept called VALUE and its proxy called MONEY derive from my subjective Mind…not from my Brain. This means that I live within TWO realms of reality and not ONE (as our esteemed neuroscientists like to assume). Take the time to think on this philosophical issue going forward. Our metaphysical cyber markets are soon to CRASH as they derive from our imagination (not material matter and substance). Our currencies are now units of ‘consciousness’…not units of material matter (with substance). Our money today is ‘nothing’ and it derives from ‘nothing’ (our inner subjective MIND)! Wake-up and think for yourself! I am NOT my Brain and neither are You! Economics is much beyond the ken of these neuroscientists which have written books about the Brain. Enjoy this thinking! I am:

P.S. Why are our currencies (now cyber units) and our cyber stock markets not responding to the dire psychological factors now affecting our markets (like the recent killing by ISIS warriors over in Brussels, Belgium)?  Think about our machine driven markets (today). Algorithms and HFT, electronic trading, speed of light trading transactions, and Central Bank manipulations! These are not Brain events…but MIND events! Our manipulators have MIND’S which are active in real-time so as to rig, elevate, and suppress select cyber prices via their trading activity.

Look at this image of cyberspace! What do 1’s and 0’s create within our computer screens? Who pushes the computer buttons to create our digit money today? What are these ‘digits’ (in reality)?

ISIS warriors claim responsibility for killing some 30 innocent humans and wounding some 200. Does the Brain (neurons and synapses) pull the trigger or does a Mind (with ideas and psychological reasoning pull the trigger)? Think on this! My philosophy is based on the concept of TWO realms of reality (matter is one realm and mind is the other)!

World’s ‘most wanted ISIS terrorist’ made astonishing escape from Brussels police raid today. His name is Salah Abdeslam (26). Was this his Brain at work or his metaphysical MIND? Does his interpretation of the Quran and the words therein affect his conscious MIND? What is your philosophy of reality?

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