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Significant ‘Crash’ now likely within 30 days! Why?

March 18, 2016

Today’s Wall Street Journal states that traders are confused and uncertain about what is now happening in our markets. The volume of trading (nationally and globally) is declining and the real supply/demand situation with many commodities are not reflected in the real-time computer prices. Crude oil has a glut and yet our cyber prices increase (now over $40/barrel). Natural gas prices have increased as the glut of this commodity continues to increase. The freight and shipping indices are not reflecting increasing demand as both the Chinese Containerized Freight Index and the Baltic Dry Index are suggesting that trade is substantially down and not growing. Manufacturing is slowing and consumer spending is slowing. All these indices suggest, to me, that our Stock Market Indices are false representations of reality! A serious CRASH is on the near horizon!

The other clear indicator of a soon appearing Stock Market Crash is the change in sentiment in Gold and Silver. These precious metals are now reflecting that ‘confidence’ is waning in our global stock markets and that these markets will soon reflect trading reality. The attempt by our corrupt Central Bank trading desks to force our cyber stock markets UP in the face of declining real demand reveals the falseness of our cyber markets. In reality our cyber stock markets are now decoupled from the reality of our REAL supply/demand markets. Cyber trading by Central Bank computers are forcing these markets up in the FACE of a declining real market and a declining ‘confidence’ level (as reflected in the volume of activity). Where is this leading going forward?

This index has likely bottomed and as our false/cyber markets start to CRASH ‘confidence’ in gold/silver will GROW! The foundation of all monies/currencies are physical gold/silver!

My sense is that a significant stock market CRASH is now very near (within 30 days). Today is March 18. I am predicting a significant crash by April 18. The lag time between our decoupled cyber markets and our REAL physical markets should not exceed 30 days IMO. This means that a significant CRASH is developing and is likely by April 18 (or sooner). The real indicators of economic activity are what I follow. These real indicators (crude oil, steel and iron ore shipping, energy supplies, real estate activity, shipping and freight activity, and silver/gold activity) suggest that all is not right with our official cyber market prices/indices…which go UP when real activity is going DOWN! It is obvious, to me, that supply/demand is not in control of our price discovery process!

Our crude oil prices go UP as the glut in supply grows globally! Is this real price discovery? 

What is obvious, to me, is that our official ‘numbers’ and ‘statistics are not measuring the real economic activity and our real supply/demand situation in our markets. Now that computers and algorithms RULE over price discovery and trading activity is partially camouflaged by false algorithmic signals, our real markets are not being fairly represented as valid price discovery models. Essentially, our markets and our prices are distorted/false/invalid for measuring real economic activity. This is why the Wall Street Journal suggests that traders are confused and that trading volume is slowing. The next 30 days should reveal what is REAL and what is pure manipulation by Central Bank trading algorithms (operating behind closed doors). Watch the real markets to discern what is happening beneath the false signals given by our algorithmic trading indices! I am:

The Dow goes UP even as real economic activity declines! Why? Think about cyber prices, algorithmic trading, HFT, Central Bank trading desk manipulations, and decoupled price discovery!

P.S. Now is the time to recognize that cyber prices (displayed within our computer screens) and cyber markets (displayed within cyberspace) are not representing real economic reality. Cyber prices can decouple (from a material commodity) as all cyber prices today are ‘imaginary’ and are derived mostly from HFT activity (our money/our currencies/and algorithms are the problem). Fake money leads to false price discovery and invalid indices. Think for yourself!

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