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Silver ‘slammed’ some 1.6% on Globex! Who? Why?

March 8, 2016

You can go to and see the tick chart of silver. Silver was slammed (today) by an algorithmic trade (most likely an uncovered futures contract…also called a ‘naked’ short) early morning on the Globex Electronic Exchange. Most likely this was done by traders at the New York Federal Reserve bank. Simon Potter and his markets group consists of some 500 traders who monitor and manipulate our markets daily. Were you aware that our Central Bank now manipulates all our markets daily? Why would this group (under the control of our Treasury Department) desire to slam silver (and also gold) whenever there is upward momentum in the price of these precious metals? Think! What is our official Constitution money? What is our unofficial private corrupt money?

This tick chart is typical of what happens to silver (notice the red/green/blue lines). Silver gets slammed in real-time whenever upward momentum happens! The real price of silver (without any manipulation) should be closer to $150!

Our esteemed financial policy makers desire to suppress demand for our precious metals as these metals represent our real Constitutional money. Our Fed, however, is a criminal organization and also a private institution (legally) which operates independently, secretly, and surreptitiously to manipulate and rig any market (and price) which they dislike. What a corrupt system we now live under. All our stock, bond, commodity, and derivative markets are RIGGED, monitored, controlled, and manipulated by just a few policymakers who think they can operate independently of law and our Constitution. This is pure corruption and few comprehend what is happening in real-time. Did you know that our Central Bank has some 500 traders at the N.Y. Fed bldg. (8th and 9th floors)?

The ‘markets group’ traders at the N.Y. Fed could be the source of market manipulations (some 500 traders occupy the 8th and 9th floors at the 33 Liberty Street building). These traders operate without any media exposure or real-time transparency! Why are Central Banks now trading in our markets???

Fed policy implementation occurs at the New York Federal Reserve Building, 33 Liberty Street, N.Y.

Gettyimages 154286819

The following words are from the Financial Times, December 16, 2015: “Questions about whether the Fed’s new tools will perform as planned are putting a spotlight on Simon Potter, who runs the Markets Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He leads a team of traders who interact with financial institutions. Their goal is to hit the interest-rate targets set by the policymakers in Washington. Plenty is at stake. If what Potter’s team has planned doesn’t keep interest rates in line over time, markets could lose confidence in the Fed. People tend to fixate on one word in Potter’s biography: British. They talk about his Oxford degrees, dry wit and other signifiers of his birthplace, intrigued by the idea of a British-born economist in a huge role at America’s central bank.”  Comment: Central Banks in Europe also have huge trading rooms for manipulating all our cyber markets today. This is done via computer trading and via trading strategies (using algorithms, robots, and live click trading). What happened to our Free Private Markets where ‘price discovery’ was via real people???

The mechanics of price manipulation in real-time! Our markets are now cyber (algorithmic) markets (mostly)!

Take the time to look at a daily tick chart of spot prices of silver (and gold) and watch the manipulation in real-time. This occurs with the commodity called ‘crude oil’ also. Rigging and manipulation is now the only method which our esteem authorities can use to effect trader emotions in real-time. The guilty are behind closed doors and those of us who follow these issues perceive who are the culprits. Think of Jack Lew at our Treasury, William (Bill) Dudley at the New York Fed, and our traders at the Exchange Stabilization Fund in Washington. These are likely the policymakers behind these illegal actions! Our Constitution has zero meaning to these corrupt (private) operators. Wake-up and check these issues for yourself. Go to: and check out the tick chart. I am:

P.S. Why is ‘price discovery’ a false signal today in most of our markets? Computer trading strategies can create contracts (called ‘uncovered’ contracts and/or ‘naked’ shorts) which artificially INCREASE the digital supply of a commodity like silver. This artificial increase in supply (within our computer screens) acts to suppress the spot ‘price’ of this commodity (also gold and oil). This is done on the Globex and other electronic exchanges (daily). Who is doing this is impossible to discover as our Central Bank trading operations have zero transparency to knowledgeable investigators. Manipulation and rigging can occur at any trading venue on our planet…as all one needs is a computer and a trading platform! What a change from yesteryear!

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