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Make America Great ‘Again’! Not Possible!

March 7, 2016

Living in deception is what I observe among our official media, our politicians, and our voting public. The Donald is promoting a slogan which totally deceives the unaware public. Make American Great Again implies that America is not great at this moment! And this is absolutely true. America is in serious trouble economically, politically, militarily, philosophically, socially, and morally. Economically, America has DEBT which is unpayable and which soon will bring our economy to a serious halt. Anyone with an understanding of ‘math’ can discern that America has DEBT which can not be repaid. Obama has added some $9 trillion in just the past 7 years. Just look at this website for evidence of our situation: There is ‘no way’ that America can go into a period of ‘austerity’ and still become GREAT (per Trump’s vision)! And ‘austerity’ is what America now faces!

The above slogan is nice and interesting BUT it reveals the deceptions which prevail in America!

Trump, however, is no more deceived than the other candidates (Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Clinton, or the Socialist Bernie Sanders)! None of these candidates understand economics, finance, banking, our international interconnected cyber trading economy (which has evolved in just the past 15 years) or the soon collapsing digital Stock Markets. Take a look at the ‘index’ markets all around our planet for evidence of why our global economy is soon to bring America to its knees. Check out the Baltic Dry Index for shipping and freight data. Notice the slow down which is now evident. Check out the Factory Order data as evidence that manufacturing is slowing down. Check out the real estate market as evidence that this market is in bubble territory and will soon start its collapse into deflation. Check out the EBT cards (food stamp recipients)…now some 45 million and growing! Poverty is greater now than during Johnson’s era!

1945 to the present! What has evolved? DEBT, deficits, destruction, and moral decline everywhere!

Check out the interest rate policies of our Central Banks who now are proposing NIRP (negative rates) and ZIRP (zero rates). Notice what China and the ECB (the European Central Bank) are now doing to pump up there slowing economies (QE forever). Look at Japan and their Ponzi economy and the NIRP and ZIRP which they propose. Even Germany is now in trouble economically with all the asylum/immigrant issues. So economically, America is in serious trouble as of 2016 and after and this will prevent any new GREATNESS for America. Then look at our military situation. America is bombing, droning, shooting, and killing anyone who challenges our prior hegemony. Innocents as well as those labeled ‘terrorists’ are being killed continually. From every corner of our planet radicals are challenging THE GREAT SATAN (America)! Will our current behavior lead to a NEW Greatness? I don’t think so!

The mindset of our politicians! Might makes Right! War brings Peace! Destruction brings Construction!

Then check out the moral and philosophical strength of America. I hate to be negative, but America is mostly immoral in their actions when it comes to following our laws and our Constitution. Why all the Executive Orders from Bush and now Obama? Obama avoids our Constitution whenever he discerns that his vision must prevail over our traditional historical vision (as represented by our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution). Essentially, Obama is avoiding our Constitution so as to build his vision of a global planet under Agenda 2030. Have you discerned that we are now under this new Agenda 2030 which our global Pope, the United Nations, and Obama has promoted? This was effective as of January 1, 2016!

The Blueprint for America and the World is now Agenda 2030! It started as of January 1, 2016! Who is aware?

America as a bordered Nation with walls in every direction is now obsolete. The global Internet has created a NEW world of interconnectedness! The old world where America could RULE the planet (via their military industrial complex is now crumbling)! The American dollar allowed America to become GREAT for a season! This season from the End of World War II to 2012 is over! American control over the World economy is crumbling fast and the digital dollar (with speed of light transactions) will create massive changes in the next few years. We now have mobile devices which serve as a tool for monetary transactions and for our global communication. We have computers which are connected internationally so as to speed up trade and decision-making. Yes, our world has totally changed in just the past 15 years!

The American dollar ($) has zero ‘value’ and is now a mere ‘digit’ in the computer screen! Is this Greatness?

The new technologies promoted by Google, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Satellite communication, etc. reveal that our world is now an interconnected (global) communication planet. Borders and Walls are no longer necessary or possible in this NEW world of interconnectedness! Trump desires to eliminate Obamacare (easily said but what happens economically when this is done)? Trump wants to build up our Military so that American can reassert hegemony over the entire planet via the philosophy of Might makes Right! Where is all this new money coming from? America is broke and with DEBTS which can not be repaid. Look again: Trump wants to impose financial tariffs on China, Mexico, Vietnam, and any country where we now have serious deficits. Will any of these policies be possible given the nature of what is now evolving globally? I don’t think so! The deceptions are great in America and our media and the voting public are mostly in the DARK!!!

Building a 1000 mile WALL along the American/Mexican border is not realistic or practical! Walls are not relevant in this new world of interconnectedness!

Spending (into oblivion) has been the American motto since the end of World War II! This game is now over! Trump and the other candidates are deceived! Making America Great Again is NOT POSSIBLE!!!

Personally, I don’t think that Trump or anyone else can reset the table so as to Make America Great Again!  Making America Great is a useless slogan which confuses and deceives the majority of our voters who have not discerned the above trends and realities! There is no way that America can revert to its OLD set of policies and actions going forward! America must now rethink their economic model, their political model, their moral model, their philosophical model, and their spiritual model. Reality is mostly ‘spiritual’ and Americans have forgotten this core factor! We now must change all our thinking and develop a NEW MODEL for our planet! This is happening on the edges but the masses of unaware voters and our official media keep many in the DARK. Think about what is really happening by thinking on your own! Thinking is hard but it will pay off! Enjoy! I am:




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