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Economics profession now promotes ‘fantasy’ and ‘myth’!

March 3, 2016

Our esteemed teachers and professors of economics can not discern the real ‘nature’ of money or of economics (it seems). America started its system of economics, called Capitalism, in 1776. Adam Smith published his book called The Wealth of Nations in 1776. Adam Smith, a Scot and a philosopher who lived from 1723 to 1790, is considered the founder of modern economics. In Smith’s time, philosophy was an all-encompassing study of human society in addition to an inquiry into the nature and meaning of reality. Deep examination of the world of business affairs led Smith to the conclusion that collectively the individuals in society, each acting in his or her own self-interest, manage to produce and purchase the goods and services that they as a society require. He called the mechanism by which this self-regulation occurs “the invisible hand”.

In making this discovery, Smith founded what is known as classical economics. The key doctrine of classical economics is that a laissez-faire attitude by government toward the marketplace will allow the “invisible hand” to guide everyone in their economic endeavors, create the greatest good for the greatest number of people, and generate economic growth. Smith also delved into the dynamics of the labor market, wealth accumulation, and productivity growth. His work gave generations of economists plenty to think about and expand upon. His concept of the “invisible hand” is really a spiritual/metaphysical concept. Providence is another ‘name’ for this “invisible hand”. Providence guides free people to act in the best interest of society by seeking their own self-interest!

Today, our economics profession has evolved into a Centrally Planned hierarchy of criminal manipulators…where computers, elite (unelected) policymakers, and controlled banksters rig our economy daily. Free individuals working in their own self-interest have been reduced to enslaved computer traders who trade imaginary currencies (called money) at speed of light frequencies to effect changes in asset values and prices. What happened to our Free Markets and Free Trade? Professors of economics now promote ‘math’ and ‘imaginary’ numbers (all within this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’) as tools for price discovery and for earning revenue/profits in the marketplace. The model for our economics profession is generally called Keynesianism.

Keynesianism (as practiced) is not completely what John Maynard Keynes, the British economist, modeled for our profession in his book called The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money. What Keynes did express, however, is a centralized approach to economics where ‘interest rates’ and ‘government money’ rule over the Free Market. His model of economics got its start after the Great Depression of 1929 – 1937. This model of economics has evolved into what we experience today (a computer driven economy of digits and algorithms). Centralization and government control (via a Central Bank) has created the ‘monster’ which now rules over enslaved Americans. The game of Keynesianism has evolved into what I call ‘fantasy’ and ‘myth’ 101.

During the era of Adam Smith economics money was a physical/material item from nature…chosen by the people as a ‘thing’ of value. Money represented some ‘thing’ from nature which was perceived as having ‘intrinsic value’. The people chose silver and gold as these ‘things’ which they perceived as having ‘intrinsic value’. All this worked well until the Great Depression of 1929 – 1937. After this economic calamity, Keynes moved into economics as the replacement for Adam Smith’s model. Keynes advocated a centrally controlled money system where governments could monitor and manipulate ‘interest rates’ and ‘money supply’ to effect changes within the greater marketplace. His model has now evolved into what we experience today!

Today, we have a Central Bank which has adopted digitized money which they create from their private (metaphysical) consciousness. They input (type) digits into their computer screen to act as money, legal tender, and the ‘coin’ of the realm. These so-called ‘digits’, however, are really imaginary units of NOTHING created from ‘nothing’ (their inner thinking mind). Today, we call this QE and/or fractional reserve money creation or mere money creation out of ‘thin air’. Central computers receive these units of nothing (bits/bytes or one’s and zero’s) and circulate these ‘digits’ from computer to computer. This system is now ubiquitous globally and acts to rig/manipulate/suppress/stimulate and corrupt all values, asset prices, and trading within all our markets.

What has emerged from centralized economics (called Keynesianism) is a profession of ‘fantasy’ and ‘myth’ where imaginary ‘numbers’ rule over all economics. Today, these ‘numbers’ have decoupled from our material production (real wealth) and ‘numbers’ distort all prices and values within our global (interconnected) marketplace. Our marketplace is now so corrupted that traders are unaware of what is happening. Investors are deceived. Savers are deceived. Politicians are deceived. Even our banksters seem deceived! The entire system is now mostly ‘fantasy’ and ‘myth’ heading for collapse and a crash where all money and currencies are reduced to nothing. The entire economics profession is now operating within cyberspace and this means enslavement for all mankind!

What is now on the horizon is a metaphysical/spiritual form of economics which Scripture calls the ‘MARK OF THE BEAST’. Banksters will administer this corrupt system via centralized computers and identification codes so that buying and selling will be controlled by computers. Central control is the computer and select elites will monitor and decide who gets what and when. Is this freedom and growth? What is this system which is now emerging with a vengeance? Scripture calls it the ‘Mark of the Beast’. Commentators call it a Cashless Society. Enslaved consumers assume it is a new Socialism leading to Communism. Bernie Sanders and most of Europe seem to perceive this trend which the young seem to desire! Obama calls it Agenda 2030!

Deception is now present everywhere and this ubiquitous trend (deception/fantasy/myth) is being promoted by our deceived politicians and many millennials (those under 40) who have not been educated about our economic history. What can be done to change these trends of ‘fantasy’ and ‘myth’ within economics and politics? Education and awareness is what I advocate. People must become aware of our prior history and what has evolved these past 242 years. This is the ONLY salvation IMO. Start by reading this missive and then check out alternative perspectives. Study and show yourself approved! That is my suggestion! Enjoy! I am:


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