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Evangelicals now moving to Trump! Why?

March 1, 2016

It appears that Donald Trump will move into a commanding position now that he won Super Tuesday. This win should help the Donald continue towards a win in June at the Republican convention. Ted Cruz wins Texas and Oklahoma and it appears that Marco Rubio will win Minnesota. This means that the Donald gets eight wins out of eleven States. I think he is now on a roll and I doubt that any of the remaining candidates can remove the Donald from his #1 position. For the Democrats it appears to be Hillary Clinton who desires to continue the Obama legacy. I don’t think Hillary can win in the general election with her image of being a big spender and one who wants more of the same. Her legal issues are another negative! We must wait and see how this game of politics plays out! Events could change in the next few weeks! I will watch and stay independent!

Christians (especially Evangelicals) appear to be moving over to Donald Trump! This could grow!

What Mr. Trump represents is total dissatisfaction with the status quo and with the polarization in Washington. Congress currently has only a 9% approval rating and the Executive has less than 40% approval. This condition could deteriorate from here as we have some  nine months until the November election. Our economy is trending down and the likelihood for war in the Middle East is growing daily. These types of events could change all the confidence which Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton currently enjoy. My sense is that 2016 is a crucial year of change for our economy and for foreign policy. I sense collapse in our stock markets prior to November and the likelihood of war is real! These types of events could change the thinking of voters!

The Donald is getting religion and this appeals to Christians, Evangelicals, and similar groups!

What is obvious is that the American people are losing their confidence in the establishment system and this means that outsiders like Trump could move into this vacuum. Those of us who follow the money realize that our financial system is on a knifes edge and that some event could change our markets from prosperity to depression in a matter of months. All this could happen prior to the general election in November, 2016. We will need to watch what happens in the coming weeks and months and stay flexible! Personally, we could have substantial chaos if war breaks out in the Middle East and/or our Stock Markets enter crash mode. Watch and pray as events will change prior to the general election. That is my sense as of today! I am:

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