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Who would Thomas Jefferson vote for (against) in 2016?

February 29, 2016

Let’s assume that T.J. was still alive and able to vote in our 2016 election. What would he do? Would he vote for Hillary and/or the Donald? I have read much of T.J.’s philosophy (it is now available on the internet) and his view was that our current centralized banking system would lead to enslavement of the American citizens (see his view below). He could not support the views of Hillary and/or the Donald on finance/money/economics IMO. His views on foreign policy was to protect the borders of American and stay OUT of the affairs of Nations which did not threaten our Nation or the American people (no entangling relations were his words). Would T.J. desire to change the regime in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, or Afghanistan? Would he confront Russia with banking sanctions to force a change in Russia’s political philosophy? What about his views on North Korea, Libya, Ukraine, Afghanistan, etc.? Let’s review (assume) what T.J. might do when thinking about the elections of 2016?

T.J.’s philosophy is now available on our internet!

Thomas Jefferson supported free choice even if that choice were contrary to his own!

The concept of ‘unjust’ must be interpreted on the basis of our official founding documents IMO!

I realize that 1800 – 1826 and 2016 – 2017 are two different time periods with different situations and problems…but, nonetheless, wisdom and judgment was a strong attribute of Thomas Jefferson. My sense (from reviewing his philosophy) is that T.J. would not desire to support either the philosophy of Hillary or the Donald. I think he would either ‘pass’ on voting and/or write-in another alternative or just choose ‘none of the above’. I have a similar philosophy given my choices in 2016. I do sense that the Donald will win over his opponents tomorrow and after…and I also expect Hillary to win over the Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders. If Hillary is indicted for her private email fiasco then Bernie could prevail but I could not support him either. This leaves me with either NOT voting, choosing ‘none of the above’ or writing in some unofficial choice.

T.J. believed in our founding documents as our guide (the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution)!

T.J.would not support our current Federal Reserve or our cyber money system of algorithms, robots, and computer money! Thomas would support a silver standard for our dollar!

The government of America is entrusted to the voting citizens. But these citizens must be informed on the issues!


I don’t think T.J. would support our economic foreign policy as now being practiced by our 2016 politicians and our unelected banking administrators! $19,000,000,000,000 in debt would not be considered valid in the mind of T.J.

The philosophy of Hillary, Sanders, Trump, Rubio, Cruz would not be favorable to T.J.!

Some of the readers of my blog have expressed the view that I MUST vote for someone to be a proper American citizen. Voting is a right and I must choose from the available candidates (say some). This, to me, is not sound judgment. Why should I vote for someone who I view as a disaster for America? Why would I desire to vote just to vote? This mindset is anathema to me. Not selecting a candidate is also a vote. Choosing ‘none of the above’ is also a vote. Writing in an alternative is also a vote? Voting should be valid if I choose the negative or the positive philosophy. Voting for the lesser of TWO evils has never been part of my philosophy. Anyway, this missive was meant to explain why I will likely vote for ‘none of the above’ in 2016. Hope you discern this choice! I am:

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