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‘None of the Above’ is a valid Vote! Why?

February 29, 2016

Our 2016 candidates can not engender a majority of votes (or support) it would appear! We now have two likely candidates which could oppose each other in November. Donald Trump for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. Both would create chaos for our Nation if elected IMO. Neither can engender real support for their ideas and goals and this means that whoever gets elected will likely polarize American citizens further. Donald is our Anti-candidate in that he engenders support from those who dislike what is now happening in Washington. Hillary is viewed as a wordsmith and liar in that her past behavior does not square with her words. Let’s look at these two candidates to discover why neither can engender any real support!

This was a ‘joke’ but it does reveal some pride or hubris which could backfire in November!

Donald, Hillary, Bill, and Melanie! Could these Americans still be friends after 2016? This photo was from 2005 at the wedding of Donald and Melanie!

Donald desires to build a fence along the 2,000 mile Mexican border. Cost of a fence could be around $7 million per mile. This means the total cost would be some $12 -$14 billion (with yearly maintenance costs of $150,000/mile or more). Currently there is some fencing from San Diego to Tucson and this may need to be upgraded. One estimate is that fencing of around 1300 miles may be required. Other estimates suggest 700-800 miles. The estimates vary as fencing can be built to bar people from crossing the border and other areas merely to prevent cars and trucks from entering. The following is one estimate of what could be needed:

— 1,300 miles have no fencing (66.5%) as of 2016

— 299.8 miles have vehicle fence (15.3%) as of 2016

— 316.6 miles of pedestrian fence (16.2%) as of 2016

— 36.3 miles of double-layer fencing (.02%) as of 2016

Will Donald build this type of fence or a Trump Tower fence? The above is only 10 feet high!

This huge cost and the yearly maintenance for patrols, robots, check-points, etc. would be a substantial investment for a bankrupt America. Would any of this be effective in the longer run? Personally, I don’t think so. Donald is creating an idea which may create more problems than it prevents. Flying over the fence is one option for illegals and going around the fence is another option for illegals. So what is really being accomplished? Also, Donald desires to create barriers to trade with China and who knows who else. All these ideas create a fortress America which I don’t think will work in 2017 and after.

The Great Wall of China is some 26 feet high (on average). Will Trump’s wall be equivalent or greater?

Then we have Hillary who desires to impose Obama care and big government upon everyone. She desires a ‘no fly zone’ over in the Middle East to prevent citizens in Syria and neighboring countries from solving their own civil war. Hillary’s credibility as our prior Secretary of State is very dubious. Her unilateral action to prevent anyone from discovering her inner workings resulted in her private email server. Was she representing the American citizens with her private actions or was she furthering her private inner schemes for her Foundation and her billion dollar backers? Who does she ultimately represent? Can anyone ‘trust’ this lady if she has real power and authority? Personally, I don’t think her image helps and this means that her leadership will fail (big time)!

Is this poll representative of most Americans? Polls do change from moment to moment!

This poll in August of 2015 (prior to the Iowa vote) is another indication that Hillary could have image problems!

Many express doubts about the word veracity coming from this person called Hillary!

So what would I do in 2016 come November? I could not vote for Donald or Hillary as representatives for our Nation. I would need to vote for ‘none of the above’ and write in my own private choice. I could also not vote as this is equivalent when no real choices are provided. I would assume that many Americans will have this conundrum to consider. Should one vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’ or merely vote for ‘none of the above’? Voting, in my view, should lead to a stronger and more viable America. If my choices are limited to candidates who will create chaos for Americans then I must decline to vote for this result. Thomas Jefferson is my model when it comes to choices for leadership. I do not envision a Thomas Jefferson type person for 2016! Therefore, ‘none of the above’ is likely to be my vote in 2016! I am:


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