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A 20% decline in ASSET ‘values’ means bankruptcy for America!

February 29, 2016

Debt has reached levels in our society and our world where a mere 20% decline in overall ‘asset values’ would create borrower defaults, delinquencies, and bankruptcy for our economy. Our global debt is now in the neighborhood of $230 trillion (excluding unfunded liabilities) and derivatives. Our national debt is now over $19 trillion (excluding off-budget items). Derivative obligations are in the area of $1.2 quadrillion. What has emerged these past 40 years under Keynesian economics is debt which can not be repaid. Donald Trump’s idea of a dynamic economic system is mere rhetoric and without sound judgment IMO. Hillary and Bernie have no understanding about our economic problems IMO. I don’t think they are even aware of the problem! We could soon witness this 20% decline in ‘asset values’ (real estate, stocks, bonds, and derivatives). What happens then?


As of today, the National Debt is over $19 trillion: Why no understanding by our politicians running for President?

How can any of the above DEBT be repaid? Why are not any of the candidates educating the public on this issue? The total has increased to $19 trillion some $9 trillion added during the Obama administration! America is now BANKRUPT!

$19,000,000,000,000,000 reveals that America is bankrupt! How can this be repaid?

Our American dollar no longer commands respect internationally! The dollar is now an imaginary mental abstraction! Who is aware of the economic issues?

Our economy is on a knifes edge as our growing debt is not being addressed by any of our candidates for President. Trump has no plan for dealing with this issue. Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, Carson, Sanders, Clinton have no plan and a weak understanding of this issue. The issue of international and national debt is now the biggest issue for all politicians. Where are the plans to deal with this issue which could crash all hope for our future. Take the time to understand this website, please: This website reveals the problem and also why this is the biggest issue for our candidates for President. Who is thinking about this issue? Which candidates have a viable plan for dealing with this issue? Personally, I have not witnessed ONE candidate who is seriously addressing this issue!

This candidate proposes economic policies which can not solve any of our core issues of finance! Check out his political website:

Hillary wants to continue the policies of her mentor, Barack Obama! Where does this lead? Does anyone understand economics and finance?

Tomorrow we have Super Tuesday and then we have a 2nd Super Tuesday on March 15. After this date we should have a good idea who will remain as the final candidates for our 2016/2017 Presidential leadership. My sense (as of today) is that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will prevail (although neither seems a solid choice of the majority of Americans). This means that either candidate is unlikely to have sufficient support to implement a plan of action on the difficult social and economic issues. Our Super Pacs and the money interests will attempt to rule over either candidate so as to retain the status quo. This has been the outcome for the past 40+ years. Is it time to rethink our entire philosophy about elections? Do we now need to abandon the support of candidates who can not gain the support of a super majority of Americans? (listen to Hillary for her economic ideas)! Does she comprehend anything about economics, finance, or banking? I can not discern any real solutions in her vision!

The idea that 50.01% of the voting citizens can rule over the Nation is not a sound situation IMO. This % could be much less than a majority if all the ‘none of the above’ voters are counted (after the coming election is complete). My sense is that neither Donald or Hillary will gain a majority of Americans when the election is complete (and when all eligible voters are counted). This means that neither will be able to govern successfully with their lack of needed support. Mob Rule is not a viable system for governing America. Thomas Jefferson viewed ‘democracy’ as a form of Mob Rule. I think we are now at that point as our Republic is lost (when our economic situation is comprehended)! Our past politicians have run our Republic into the ground with debt and deficits which can not be repaid. The END of America is now here for those who discern this website: That is my view! I am:

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