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What is a ‘Store of Value’? Consider!

February 23, 2016

The Wall Street Journal states that the Swiss would like to eliminate the 1000 franc note, the European Central Bank plans to eliminate the 500 euro note, and America may eliminate the $100 paper note. The trends are now to eliminate all paper notes (called Cash) and promote mobile/digital payments for the world. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Kenya, Canada, Somaliland, South Korea, and Israel are just a few nations which are going totally cashless. The U.S.A. is becoming more cashless as each month passes. I now use mostly credit cards and my smart phone for most of my money transactions. I carry little cash in my wallet. Where is this leading and is this trend good for economics and the people?

Our elites (operating behind closed doors) now desire to eliminate all paper CASH!

The new technology is going digital and operating in cyberspace. Cyberspace is where our elite desire that finance and economics go. This allows for instantaneous payments and speed of light transactions. All this is positive for the consumer (it seems). I can pay my bills via the internet and buy my products on the internet or via my chip card. Cash is no longer needed and our politicians claim that crime will decrease if CASH is eliminated. But what is the downside of this trend towards a cashless world operating within cyberspace? Who controls this type of monetary system? Who provides the ‘digits’ (called money) for the system? We need to think about the downside as well as the upside!

Mario Draghi and the ECB now wants to eliminate the 500 euro note so as to, hopefully, reduce crime and criminal activity! The Swiss want to eliminate the 1000 franc note and the Americans the $100 paper note!

The downside to all this digital money is that we transfer control of finance and economics to a centralized group of unelected elites. Currently, this centralized group operates behind closed doors within select Central Banks around our planet. We recognize some of the names who administer our digital money but few think about where all this is leading. Names like Ben Shalom Bernanke, Mark Carney, Mario Draghi, Haruhiko Kuroda, Zhou Xiaochuan, Stefan Ingves, and Janet Yellen…to name the few who have enormous influence upon finance, trading, and economic events. These select elites can now create their ‘digital’ units (digits) from their thinking (their consciousness/mind). Money (our legal tender) emerges from the MIND of a select few operating behind closed doors!

Central planners (operating behind closed doors) want us to buy into their global ‘digital’ currency system! Their goal is to eliminate CASH and force everyone into cyberspace where ‘digits’ can be created arbitrarily by these unelected elites!

These unelected elite can rule and control the entire economic world with their private (behind closed-door) operations. It is all done today by the speed of light computer. Computers are now the means for creating ‘digits’ (called money) for everyone with favors going to those who control the system. Think about what has emerged in just the past 20 years! This must be heaven for our politicians as they can transfer their digital bonds (called government securities) to their Central Banks and obtain legal tender instantaneously (into their checking account) and this can now be accomplished merely by typing numbers in the computer screen. Numbers are now our legal tender! Think about this situation!

If CASH is eliminated then all money is within cyberspace! Cyber money can not be directly observed! It is imaginary! Eliminating paper cash notes would allow select (unelected) elites to rule over all finance!

If I am a Central Banker with control over the computer which creates a nations legal tender (now digits), I can funnel these ‘digits’ to whomever I choose and favor whomever I choose. I can basically rule over my nation (behind closed doors) and since I am a private institution I can avoid the public and the electorate. What a great Ponzi game which I could administer (and all this can work behind closed doors) and in the dark (to a large extent). What we now need to recognize is that the downside to digital money is this concept of centralized control and the favors which it provides select unelected administrators. Are you aware of what is currently happening behind the closed doors of our Fed, the ECB, the BIS, the IMF, the WB, and the PBOC, etc.? What are these key administrators doing and who gets the favors?

Larry Summers (an elite advisor) wants to eliminate the $100 paper note! Why not eliminate all paper notes, coins, and historical money? The elite (operating behind closed doors) could control everyone via codes, rules, procedures!

The issue today for the masses of investors, traders, savers, and the general public is what can serve as a ‘Store of Value’ during the coming days of crisis within our global financial system. A digital money system (operating in cyberspace) is a system of the MIND. It is a metaphysical system which operates to influence, control, and rule over the human MIND. Can you discern what is emerging gradually and relentlessly in our speed of light cyber markets? There is a downside to all this digital money which is now being promoted by select banksters and politicians who desire to rule this planet! The downside is CONTROL over the public by an unelected group of elite banksters (operating behind closed doors)! Think on this!

The ultimate historical ‘store of value’!

If you comprehend the message above what could we do to counter this metaphysical system of control and deception? My suggestion is to get OUT of this digital system with your extra funds (called a Store of Value). Get into material items which can be exchanged between counterparties directly (without our bankster control). Items like silver coins, gold coins, food items, drink items, security items, energy items, and items which can be bartered from person to person in your particular venue (location). Think about items which are ‘outside’ of cyberspace. Think of material items with substance (matter)! Think of what has served as a Store of Value in prior periods of history! I think you can figure this out on your own! Enjoy the thinking! I am:

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