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Freedom: a paradox wrapped in an enigma!

February 21, 2016

We all want individual freedom yet we tend to promote enslavement via our thinking and our actions. What is the problem? Why is human nature such an enigma? One problem is that reality is mostly a ‘paradox’. We live in a dualistic mental world. The ‘individual’ vs. the state, the ‘problem’ vs. the ‘solution’, ‘good’ vs. ‘evil’, ‘right’ vs. ‘wrong’, ‘matter’ vs. ‘spirit’, the ‘old man’ vs. the ‘new man’, the ‘christ mindset’ vs. the ‘antichrist mindset’, ‘rulers’ vs. the ‘ruled’, and our ‘lower nature’ vs. our ‘higher nature’. All these dualities create paradoxes in our thinking. How can real freedom emerge in a world of paradoxes? That is the question for today!

There are TWO natures with man! Two spirits, two mind’s, two self’s! A lower and a higher in a battle for reality!

The goals of our founding fathers were to promote the God-given rights of life, liberty, equality, freedom, and justice. Governments are instituted for this core purpose. After some 240 years of government (via the State) our freedoms (for Individuals) are vanishing under the auspices of a State which desires loyalty to its logic, controls, laws, money, and regulations. Our elite leaders (rulers) now desire to create a world of enslavement for the ‘many’ so that the ‘few’ can enjoy rulership and control! The ‘few’ enjoy a type of freedom whereas the ‘many’ must suffer enslavement (subservience) to support the mindset and logic of the ‘few’! Is this workable?

Light vs. darkness, good vs. evil, yin vs. yang! Dualities rule over human consciousness!

Leaders, like our current President and those desiring to replace this President have created a political system which enslaves the ‘many’ so that the few can ‘prosper’. Let’s think about what is now developing. Our esteemed President, Obama, is promoting an Agenda 2030 which transfers the effective sovereignty of America to a body of unelected elite (the United Nations) which desires to promote global socialism for the entire planet. Agenda 2030 is now the International Law and America is a member of the United Nations Agenda 2030 scheme. As of January 1, 2016, America is technically subservient to this global socialistic Agenda.

The paradox within different ‘ideologies’! Which promotes ‘freedom’? Is either superior to the other? Words and beliefs are what creates the enigma!

Then we have a group of political candidates which recognize that America is in serious trouble economically and politically, yet they have no positive options for leading our Nation into another Manifest Destiny situation. America has debts which can not be repaid and regulations/laws which stifle growth and progress. America now recognizes  a diversity of people’s who live here legally and illegally. America is recognized by most as the policeman for the planet given their prior military might. Yet the problems in our world are mostly ideological…not subject to military solutions! What a paradox!

Is this the battle we are fighting? This battle of opposites is within each person! What a paradox! How can freedom emerge with all these dualities?

Currently, American politicians recognize that we are at war with an ‘ideology’ which is foreign to American historical values. ISIS and Islam is an ideology which bows to a specific God not to the political correctness of America’s core values or its religion (Christianity)! This creates an ideological war between two religions (with different core values) although both are derived from the historical Abraham. Islam promotes a God which is singular and absolute. Christianity promotes a trinitarian Godhead (with some exceptions) which Islam views as heresy. To Christians, Yeshua (Jesus) is also God Almighty. To Islamists, this is anathema and a heresy. There is no reconciliation between these two ideologies. This means war to the end! What a paradox!

Two opposites battle for your loyalty so they can Rule this planet! Where does this leave the ‘individual’ who desires freedom? What will emerge in the elections of 2016? We live with many paradoxes! This is life in 2016!

The coming financial crash in our stock/bond markets may help to entice this ideological war of words and beliefs between the various contradictory ideologies. Who will rule this planet is the ultimate question. Will the God of Islam rule or will the God of Christianity rule? Will a secular regime emerge which promotes man as God over man? Who was the God and Creator mentioned in the Declaration of Independence? Who will rule is the ultimate question of the ages. Right now we witness total confusion and many paradoxes within all aspects of economics, politics, philosophy, science, and religion. At some point this means breakdown in order (division) and some type of anarchy. Individual freedom may need to be put on hold while all these ideological (mind) battles converge! Watch the markets for the coming financial crash which is likely in 2016! Watch as this event sets off the war of words which govern one’s beliefs! I am:

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