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If Silver and Gold are ‘barbarous’ relics – Why all the Central Bank Suppression?

February 14, 2016

Have you noticed how our Central Bank authorities continually manipulate and suppress the spot prices of silver and gold on our electronic (cyber) exchanges? Today, the price of silver dropped 33 cents in milliseconds and so did gold (in percentage terms). This drop in price is NOT the result of supply and demand. It is pure and unadulterated manipulation and rigging by our Central Bank authorities. If silver and gold were NOT important to the confidence in our markets, then WHY all the suppression and manipulation by our Central Bank trading rooms? I think I KNOW the reason! The reason for all this manipulation and suppression is because silver and gold reveal the corruption within our financial system when allowed to serve as a real barometer of events. When people choose to buy silver and gold it indicates that they have NO real confidence in our elite finance authorities who control and administer our system.

Watch the prices of gold and silver in real-time at:!

I have watched our markets closely for the past 5 plus years and especially the silver/gold markets. Whenever there is a heightened demand for the physical precious metals, our elite Central Bank trading authorities immediately use their ALGORITHMS to sell short (using ‘naked shorts’) these metals on our Futures Markets. It is our Futures Markets (like the CME Globex Electronic Exchange) which immediately suppresses these prices when they sense that there is market demand for the metals. Our elite Central Bankers (now with huge trading rooms behind closed doors within their banks) use their unfair clout (and their cyber money) to suppress these prices via their robotic algorithmic trading. This is now obvious to any thinking investor/observer who has been following these markets.

Check out the ‘green’ tick line! Why would the real-time price of gold drop exponentially in micro-seconds?

Gold drops $15 in seconds! This is similar to what happened today! Is this a free market?

What is evident today in our electronic markets is centralized market manipulation, price suppression, and rigging to deceive the gullible traders (the general market participants) into investing in fiat (fake) virtual financial instruments…so that ‘confidence’ does not collapse. Silver and gold are our historical barometers of what is happening within real-time markets. When these metals are allowed to function freely as barometers of financial events, they will reveal this financial corruption to the public. The prices will increase exponentially! History demonstrates that the foundation of all monetary events started with a sound focus on issues of VALUE. Silver and gold were these barometers which revealed these ‘value’ relationships. In reality, ‘money’ is merely a proxy for this concept called VALUE!

Who are the above? Do you discern their thinking or why they desire gold/silver to be suppressed?

Silver and gold are NOT barbarous relics as our Keynesian elite want to espouse. These precious metals are the FOUNDATION of money and finance. The only reason for the price suppression and manipulation is to deceive the public and the general investment community that ALL is well (when it is not well)! At some point soon, the general investment community will become AWARE of this game of price suppression and rigging (and this game of deception). This is when our elites will run for cover. The real supply of silver and gold is very limited and the market price could skyrocket exponentially when real ‘confidence’ wanes. This is now starting to happen! The game of using ‘naked shorts’ to suppress precious metal prices could come to an end in 2016.

The mindset of political/finance policymakers! Gold and silver are ‘barbarous relics’! Then Why The Price Suppression? It all goes back to the Keynesian economic model! Think on this!

Now is the perfect time to understand the game which our elite Central Bankers are playing (behind closed doors). Our U.S. Fed is the biggest culprit in this price suppression and rigging. They act as the servant of our U.S. Treasury Department. The real culprits are our Treasury and our Fed along with their proxies (the Exchange Stabilization Fund, J. P. Morgan Chase (a dealer bank), and Goldman Sachs (another corrupt finance dealer bank). The key policymakers behind all this price suppression and rigging are Mr. Jack Lew at the Treasury and Mr. William (Bill) Dudley at the New York Federal Reserve, in New York. The ‘tool’ for all this price rigging is now robotic machines and coded algorithms (which act autonomously and electronically). Watch the real-time ‘tick’ charts at for further evidence of real-time rigging. It is now obvious and ubiquitous!

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