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Human Nature desires to be a ‘Singularity’!

February 14, 2016

Have you watched the Democratic and/or Republican debates lately? Have you noticed how one liar accuses the other as a liar…over nearly every issue? Trump calls Bush and Cruz liars (over select issues) and this happens to Trump in reverse. Then we have Sanders calling Hillary a liar on some issues and Hillary also sees Bernie as a liar on some issues. This desire to assume that MY view is the only correct view and the OTHER as a liar is typical of human nature. In reality, we are ALL liars to some degree. This makes for interesting dialogue as every human being desires to act as a ‘singularity’. What is a ‘singularity’? Why does nearly everyone desire this goal? Let’s review some real-time behavior!

As human beings we were all created with a singular/unique spirit (soul or consciousness). This means that to be free and logical as a subjective human being I must assume that my view is the correct view. Every view that differs meaningfully from my view must be invalid/false/incorrect. This makes everyone (accept myself) a liar (to varying degrees). Reality is subjective and NONE of us can discern reality/truth completely/fully/totally! This is obvious as we watch our politicians and others who seek POWER act/behave in real-time. All this derives from our HUMAN NATURE! As humans we think subjectively, act subjectively, and decide subjectively. This is what I mean by ‘human nature desiring to be a singularity’! Let’s think further on this issue!

As individuals (created uniquely) we can not reach our potential (fully) under human government or human rulership. The person in a POWER/AUTHORITY position will desire that everyone bow to his/her logic and his/her set of core beliefs. This never creates real unity but it does create liars out of nearly everyone and external fighting/war among the various leaders in POWER positions. All this is a result of our ‘human nature’. That is my subjective philosophy and perspective. I am subjective and you are subjective (by our nature). I have my beliefs and you have your beliefs. I have my goals and desires and you have your goals and desires. What does this mean for human relations? To me, this means that everyone needs to be free from ANY human government or human rulership to fully achieve one’s destiny. This is what derives from our ‘human nature’! Think on this!

With our internet age (now a global reality) we all can listen, contribute, and relate as subjective human beings in real-time. When I view the Facebook Social Website I witness all my subjective friends relating in real-time. Everyone has a unique and subjective point-of-view on most issues. Few see complete eye-to-eye on the difficult issues of our times. Some like Bernie Sanders and his Socialism/Communism program. Some like Hillary Clinton and her womanhood/leadership strengths. Some like Donald Trump and his business spontaneity. Some like Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz and his assertive absolutism. Some like Mario Rubio, Jeb Bush, or John Kasich for their establishment viewpoints. And some like the religious/independence of Mr. Ben Carson.  What we have are diverse views on nearly all the leaders (running for Commander in Chief) and all their subjective proscriptions for our Nation.

Yes, we all want to be a ‘singularity’ and be free from the ‘other’ (to varying degrees). Anarchists want NO government, conservatives want LIMITED government. And most liberals want BIG government with lots of hierarchical regulations, rules, and political correct thinking. The views of those holding a position of POWER and AUTHORITY will prevail in our corrupt/deceptive/politically correct economic and political systems. We witness all this subjectivity in real-time and especially prior to an election. After the election has been completed…the corruption continues but the voters tend to accept the corruption as long as THEY are fed, clothed, and are offered a minimalist degree of freedom. All this is ‘human nature’ and I can discern this behavior in real-time now that our internet society is global. I am sure you can do likewise!

Trump calls Cruz a liar and Cruz returns by calling Trump a liar! What does this reveal about human nature?

Go to FACEBOOK and view all the subjective contributions of the members. Notice the diversity of viewpoints and the nature of those with strong convictions on their particular philosophy/beliefs/views. Who is a liar and who KNOWS the truth? It is usually the OTHER who is the liar and the speaker views himself/herself as THE TRUTH. This is human nature in action. FACEBOOK is now a global social media relational website. A sampling of this website is great for revealing ‘human nature’ and the desire that everyone be a ‘singularity’. As the economy continues in ‘collapse mode’ going forward, we should witness some interesting behavior from our subjective leaders as they DEBATE issues that have no absolute answer. Enjoy the diversity! So will I! I am:

Images to enjoy as you think about ‘human nature’ and the concept of ‘singularity’!

Is Cruz a ‘natural born’ citizen, a ‘naturalized’ citizen, or just a partial citizen with dual loyalties? Will this issue get resolved prior to November?

Who desires an 800 mile wall, acceptance of illegals, deportation of illegals, or just to ignore the issue completely!

Hillary knows what’s best for everyone! Give her POWER and she will reveal her ‘human nature’! Political correctness will be mandated for everyone!

Bernie wants $27 contributions (from 3.5 million) and Hillary wants big donations from her Super Pacs! Who will rule come November?

Hillary likes Kissinger and Bernie hates Kissinger! Who has the politically correct view?

Big government, socialism, free college education, free medical care, more taxes/regulations! Is this the America of 2017?

What is the political correct ‘definition’ of Eminent Domain? Their views are different!

I did not want the Iraq War (says Trump)! Bush says quit picking on my brother!

I will pick a new Supreme Court justice (says Obama)! Cruz says let the Voters choose in November! Why is this issue core to America’s future?

America’s Supreme Court now 4 to 4! Which Constitutional interpretation will emerge in 2016 and after? A living/changing Constitution or an original Constitution? It’s all dependent on who RULES and which subjective beliefs prevail!

Is the above representative of ‘human nature’? Who sees reality correctly?




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