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Get your ‘savings’ OUT of the computer screen!

February 12, 2016

Let’s think about our monetary savings (that which we call our ‘store of value’) which are now mostly stored within the computer screen (also called cyberspace). Money units stored within the computer screen are located in the metaphysical ‘space’ which we call Cyberspace. Storing money (most currencies are now cyber units) within the computer screen allows select banksters (and politicians) the opportunity to CONTROL all your privacy and your savings (depending upon their desires). Banksters can restrict access to your cyber funds or close down your cyber account for reasons that could be sinister and/or political. This is now being done in Greece and Cyprus and it soon will be SOP (standard operating procedure) in all countries that go Cashless (say Sweden and all of Europe).

Sweden is now mostly Cashless! All of Europe is mostly Cashless! America is working on becoming mostly Cashless!

Our banksters are now pushing for a Cashless world of cyber currencies which are located totally within our computer screen and controlled by select elites operating behind closed doors. Look now at your computer screen. Notice that the text, numbers, pictures, images, etc. are virtual images. The space (in which these images reside) is called Cyberspace. Cyberspace is not a space which you or I can access directly. The numbers (called our legal tender money) are mere units of our extended ‘consciousness’…when they reside within our computer screen (cyberspace). These numbers allow us to buy and sell and all seems kosher when we have ample ‘digits’ for our needs and when there is no problem with access of our cyber numbers. But this could change instantaneously as we do not have CONTROL over these units in cyberspace. Our world is now going cyber and cashless!

Look at the above image! This is ‘cyberspace’! Do you comprehend what this space is all about! Where is it? What is it? Who controls it? Think!

Banksters and corrupt politicians actually CONTROL this space called cyberspace. This space is not within our material space/time universe. These select elite can make rules which restrict and prevent us from getting access to our ‘fake’ money for our purchases and our daily needs. Keep in mind that money (we must call these units ‘fake’ money units) are now controlled by those who control the master computers within our nation and our world. Cyberspace is a computer screen space which does not allow us to access our money directly. The electrical power, to a master computer, could be shut down and then all our ‘fake’ money is unavailable for our decisions. Also, a bankster or a corrupt politician could make rules which restrict access to our funds except for select reasons and purposes. This is now being done in Greece, Cyprus, and select countries in Europe and Africa.

Prophecy predicts a coming CASHLESS world controlled by select elites who desire to rule the entire planet!

When I read prophecy (all reality is really spiritual and/or metaphysical) I can discern that our corrupt banksters and politicians are destined to create a Cashless World where everyone must have a ‘number’ and/or an ‘identification’ code to buy and/or sell. This is a prophecy which is soon likely to occur for those who are believers in cyber money and the money created by our corrupt politicians and banksters. Human nature wants to CONTROL all situations so as to create their assumed utopia on this planet. This utopia is already in operation under the name Agenda 2030. The Authority for this Agenda is our 193 member United Nations. The likely trend for economics is a Cashless World of cyber money under the control of centralized elites! We have this NOW!

Sweden is currently 98% cashless! Their Central Bank controls the Swedish marketplace and all their Krona!

Now is the time to get OUT of this computer screen monetary system (to the extent possible). Those of us who have cyber savings within our computer screens (now) can choose alternatives which will give us choice and options when our corrupt banksters and politicians install their global cyber (cashless) monetary system. We need to THINK about getting a ‘store’ of value (that is what money is) OUT of the computer screen system. How is this possible? Think of cyberspace as within your consciousness (within your mind)! In reality, cyberspace is a spiritual/metaphysical space! Let’s ask this question: What is NOT within my/your extended consciousness (mind)? Think (right now) of material/physical items in nature! Material THINGS are not within cyberspace!

The above items are NOT within our computer screens (accept as virtual images)! 

Food is not within our computer screen! Clothing is not within our computer screen! Shelter (owned free and clear) is not within our computer screen! Silver and gold coins (held in our personal safe or a private property location) are not within our computer screen. Everything that has barter ‘value’ and can be held in our ‘hand’ and exchanged from hand to hand are alternatives which are not within cyberspace. The best alternatives for Americans would be silver (one ounce coins) and gold (one ounce coins). These items have historical ‘value’ as money and could be exchanged for cyber money when needed (or merely exchanged for one’s survival needs). Personally, I have silver (one ounce coins) for some of my savings. What are some other alternatives?

The above items are also NOT within our computer screens (when held physically in our private possession)!

Investing one’s cyber money in an institution which stores physical gold and silver (and ‘allocated’ to each person’s account) is another option for a portion of one’s savings. An ETF such as the Central Fund of Canada (CEF) would be one option. These funds could most likely be converted to cyber money for that which one desires (goods and services in the marketplace). Investing in silver/gold mining companies is another option with a portion of one’s savings. These companies produce a commodity which is real and physical. For Americans (especially) this option should be viable for the coming tribulation period. What happens over in Europe or other countries depends upon the laws and rules in each of these countries. My desire is to remain within the legal bounds of the United States of America. This missive is mostly for the benefit of Americans and Canadians!

Computer screen money (dollars, euros, pounds, krona, etc.) are cyber units and used to promote a Cashless World of economic enslavement for those who desire to be slaves of the power elites!

The essential issues today are differentiating between money stored within our computer screens (cyberspace) and that which is OUTSIDE our computer screen (space/time reality). We all live within TWO realms of reality today and it is now necessary to understand both of these realms. Silver and gold (if owned and possessed) lives within our material world (that which I call the space/time realm). All our currencies are now becoming CYBER units and these units live within a netherworld that is metaphysical and spiritual. This space is where our corrupt banksters and politicians live as they attempt to control, monitor, and restrict our options and freedoms (as individuals). Prophecy predicts a coming ‘Mark of the Beast’ currency…and this currency will be mandated upon everyone within a cashless global society of identity codes and metaphysical ‘numbers’.

This is what is now emerging rapidly! Our global elites (under Agenda 2030 or similar) could implement this corrupt system in our near future! It is time to wake-up to what is happening in front of our eyes!

If you desire to remain OUTSIDE the computer screen world of cyber money, now is the time to prepare for the coming ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy. It is prophesied to occur in the End Times and this is where I think we now live! Now is the time to buy some silver coins (one ounce) and/or gold coins (one ounce) and have them in your personal chosen location. Silver and gold coins are global items which can be exchanged for one’s needs when push comes to shove! Americans are guaranteed this option as our Constitution allows us this option for our legal tender (Article I, Section 8 and 10). As long as we have a rule of law under our Constitution we are safe from our corrupt banksters and politicians. Think on this issue at your leisure! I think it will prove meaningful! I am:

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