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Economics – now morally corrupt! Let’s understand!

February 12, 2016

The profession of economics is now morally corrupt and the corruption is revealed daily for those with eyes to see! Let’s get back to first principles for a greater understanding. What is the purpose of economics? What happens in a morally sound system is that I trade some product for another product. This is called a ‘value’ for ‘value’ trade. Let’s say that I produce hogs and you produce chickens. What is a ‘value’ for ‘value’ trade? I could trade you 10 of my hogs for 100 of your chickens (for example). If we agree that this is ‘value’ for ‘value’ then we have a trade. I am one party to the trade and you are the counterparty. This is basic economics and the principle is based on our agreement to a ‘value’ for ‘value’ transaction.

The first principle of economics is this concept called ‘value’! Trade is based upon this concept!

Later in our first principle economy we ‘invent’ some THING to serve as our medium of exchange and a representation of this concept which we call ‘value’. If we agree that a silver coin (say one ounce) has ‘intrinsic’ value (say equal to one chicken) then I can accept your silver coins in lieu of chickens for my hogs. We have just ‘invented’ money as our substitute (proxy) for this concept which we call ‘value’. We now have a marketplace where ‘value’ for ‘value’ can be exchanged between counterparties for all exchange transactions. Money has been ‘invented’ as a substitute for ‘value’ and this makes trading easier and fair for everyone.

Money was ‘invented’ as a substitute (proxy) for this concept we call ‘value’! Trade is based upon a ‘value’ for ‘value’ exchanges! Assume you are China and I am America!

Let’s briefly review! Our goal in economics is to trade products and items of wealth produced from our planet so as to grow the prosperity of our society. Over time we produce more goods and later services and our society becomes prosperous and wealthy. America is a great example of this process since its founding in 1776. America has produced and increased wealth so as to create prosperity for mostly everyone. Today (2016) we are the most wealthy nation on planet Earth. But what is now happening that is changing this scenario going forward? Why is America becoming a pariah on this planet with enemies everywhere? What has happened these past 40+ years to turn our nation from a positive economic power to a corrupt economic pariah?

Trade is now corrupted as our ‘money’ has become imaginary and worthless to our counterparties! Digits get created by mere typing numbers into the computer screen!

What we need to understand is that American economics has been corrupted and our system is now so corrupted that people don’t know what is happening. We used to trade ‘value’ for ‘value’ with all our counterparties (other nations). America was morally sound economically and most everyone wanted our products and our services. Our money represented ‘value’ as it was related to what most everyone viewed as an item of ‘intrinsic’ value (silver/gold). Our labor was productive and we created surplus productivity for the global markets to share. We were rewarded with products from all over the planet in exchange for our monetary unit called the ‘dollar’. Our ‘dollar’ was equivalent to gold as it was defined in terms of gold and convertible into gold by our counterparties.

The ‘symbol’ ($) is spiritual and it now circulates as our corrupt legal tender for all goods and services! This is NOT historical or valid ‘money’!

Basically, our economic system was moral and sound and everyone desired American products and services. This has now changed exponentially. We now have a ‘dollar’ which is a pure fiction and a mere ‘symbol’ of one’s imagination. This unit (called dollar) has zero intrinsic value and it gets created from the spiritual consciousness (the mind) of corrupt banksters. Banksters think and then create computer digits (numbers) from their spiritual consciousness and circulate these cyber digits to select counterparties (called dealers) for further dissemination into our economy (all via high-speed computer machines). The digits (in reality) have no material existence within our space/time economic system but they, nonetheless, get defined as legal tender for exchange transactions. What corruption and misplaced logic we now live with!

Our markets are corrupted as our ‘money’ is imaginary (mere cyber digits within computer screens)! Stock markets go up as our real economy collapses!

We no longer exchange ‘value’ for ‘value’…and political and banker corruption has replaced sound moral principles of economics. What we call ‘money’ today is a pure corruption of logic and economic education. Our so-called ‘money’ is a unit of nothing, created from consciousness, and then select recipients receive these corrupt units (mere numbers) to use as legal tender for existing goods and services in our global economy (now also totally corrupted). Basically, our ‘money’ and our ‘currencies’ are units of consciousness which have no existence as representations of ‘value’ and/or ‘value in exchange’. I now can create QE (legal tender) from my thinking and then type numbers into the computer screen and call these units money. This is now being done by our American Central Bank as well as Central Banks and their proxy banks in Britain, Japan, China, Sweden, Europe, and other banking institutions! What corruption and moral insanity goes for economics today! It’s time to wake-up!

Our corrupt Central Bankers now seem unaware of what they do! Why not get back to FIRST PRINCIPLES? We all need to wake-up and force change by our actions!

Soon the entire global economic system will implode from all this corruption and moral insanity. As of today, only a few astute thinkers understand what is happening within economics. But our global internet will gradually educate the public (those with a desire to learn) and then this entire edifice of corruption will come tumbling DOWN. This is starting as I write this missive! A few of the wise recognize this corruption and moral outrage and they are starting to purchase some THING with perceived ‘intrinsic’ value for their savings. Yes, silver coins and gold coins (owned outside the computer/cyberspace/computer system) is starting to happen. This is sound thinking and more sound thinkers now need to get out of our cyber (fake) money and get into a real THING such as silver and gold! DO IT NOW! Silver and gold are God’s choice for money! Show your commitment to sound economics and morally sound first PRINCIPLES! Do it today! I am:

Traders now trade cyber digits and think this is sound economics! What moral corruption we now witness in real-time economics! Get out of this fake/imaginary/corrupt system NOW! Wake up and buy silver/gold coins to demonstrate your economic morality! Send a message to our leaders who seem unaware of reality! Gold/silver have existed since biblical times!

P.S. After the current corrupt system collapses (now in progress) we can work on the construction a New Economic Model for our planet! It is now time for meaningful change as what we witness today is moral corruption at the highest levels!

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