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Who is ‘naturally’ born? I am! Why?

February 8, 2016

The issue of who is a ‘natural’ born citizen of the United States of America is a confusing issue to many. Our Constitution states that to be President of the USA the person must be ‘naturally born’. What does this mean? The word ‘naturally’ can also be defined as ‘native’ born. Native means a person of the ‘soil’ and the ‘blood’! Am I ‘native born’? Let’s review! My parents were immigrants from Sweden who became ‘naturalized’ citizens of the USA. Both were ‘naturalized citizens’ when I was born on January 24, 1943. I was born in Roseau, Minnesota on Sunday (around 5 a.m.) on the 24th of January. This means that I am a child of the ‘soil’ of America and also a child of the ‘blood’ of citizens of America. I think this qualifies me as being ‘naturally’ born. But who may not be ‘naturally’ born citizens according to this definition?

We now have a number of individuals who desire to be President of America who ‘may’ be citizens of the USA but ‘may not’ be naturally born (native citizens). Who are these individuals? Our current President is called Barack Hussein Obama. Was he ‘naturally born’ in the USA? He apparently has not proven his credentials as we have two birth certificates for this person. The internet shows a birth certificate from the State of Hawaii and it also shows another birth certificate from the Nation of Kenya. Which is valid is part of the issue. Why don’t we citizens of the USA have strong evidence (verified evidence) on where this person was located when physically born? Was the hospital in Hawaii the location of Barack’s birth or was the location at the hospital in Mombasa, Kenya?

My evidence as of today suggests that Barack was conceived in Hawaii but possibly born at the hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. Is this correct or not? Why can’t Barack demonstrate (convincingly) what actually happened so all Americans can have a clear conviction on this issue? It also appears that Barack’s father may have been Kenyan or possibly the person called Frank Marshall Davis (a friend and social companion of his mother, Ann, during this time period). Frank Marshall Davis was born in Kansas and later lived in Hawaii (where the mother of Barack lived at the time of his conception). Ann, apparently was a social friend of this person called Frank Marshall Davis. See this evidence:

So was Frank Marshall Davis the real father of Barack or was his father the Kenyan who married Barack’s mother while in Hawaii (and later went to Mombasa with his mother to visit relatives of this Kenyan person)? Who was the real birth father of Barack is the bigger issue? My sense as of today is that the real birth father of Barack is Frank Marshall Davis! Am I correct or not? Only Barack can clear up this issue by revealing all the evidence on his history and the history of his mother and her companions during the period prior to his physical birth (August 4, 1961). If Barack’s father was really Frank Marshall Davis, and if he was actually born in the state of Hawaii on August 4, 1961 (with a valid birth certificate showing this birth there) then he would be a ‘naturally born’ citizen of the USA.

But if his real father was Barack Sr. from Kenya (what his published book states) and if he was actually born in Mombasa (the hospital where another birth certificate suggests that he was born), then he would not be ‘naturally’ born IMO (a ‘native’ citizen of the USA). Barack Sr. was a Kenyan and did not have any citizenship in America. So if Barack, our current President, is a child of this person from Kenya, then he ‘may’ not be a valid President or have loyalties to the American Constitution and Laws of the United States of America (as required by this concept which we call ‘naturally born’). Who is this person called Barack Hussein Obama (in reality)?What is the ‘truth’ on this issue? Who was his birth father at the time of conception? That is the core question!

When I look at images of Frank Marshall Davis who was a social friend of Ann Dunham while in Hawaii…I get the message that this person may be the real father of our President. The images of Frank suggest that he most likely is the real father and not Barack Sr. from Kenya. The only person who could clear up this issue is Barack (assuming he desired to make all evidence available for us to study). Why is there so much secrecy around the history of Barack and his real loyalties? Is he a closet Muslim? Is he loyal to the philosophy of Frank Marshall Davis (Communism)? His behavior suggests (to me) that his loyalties are not really American! Does he subscribe to the philosophy of our founding fathers (such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin)? Who is this person which now occupies the highest office in the land of the United States of America? Why does he not seem legitimate?

Barack’s mother, Ann Dunham, while in Hawaii (prior to his birth)!

The internet is full of information which suggests that Barack is not really an American who has loyalties to our American culture and values. We have videos and statements from his supposed relatives in Kenya which are very contradicting and confusing. Read this for example as one item from the internet: “I am mad as hell. Our President, Barack Obama, admitted, in 1991, to being born in Kenya and no one seems to care. This is not conjecture. It is documented. This is not a typical “bombshell” because the truth is that we have known about this for well over a year and some have known for much longer than that. The problem is that no one wants to report it or talk about it. The media and lock-stepping useful idiots will either make excuses or simply pull out the insults.”

Is this a valid birth certificate? Only Barack can clear this issue up! 

Further evidence is: “Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” The booklet, which was distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel. It also promotes Obama’s anticipated first book, Journeys in Black and White–which Obama abandoned, later publishing Dreams from My Father instead.” What does this information suggest and imply?

Likely birth hospital of Barack on August 4, 1961, in Mombasa, Kenya! According to Obama’s Kenyan step-grandmother Sarah, he was born at the Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.

The actual real-time behavior of this person called Barack Hussein Obama suggests (to me) that his history is ‘clouded’ in jargon which is unclear and possibly false. This makes me think that he is not loyal to American values, our Constitution, or our history of individualism and self-government. He now desires to promote a United Nations Agenda 2030 which is not based upon American values or our history. Marxism and Communism are not American desires when fully understood. Is it time for Barack to come ‘clean’ on his history? This could happen if he desired it to happen! Barack must desire to come clean and clear the air on all these contentious issues of his personal history. Think for yourself on these and all issues! Pass this missive on to Barack for his reflection and consideration. That is my suggestion! I am:

P.S. The other persons now desiring to be our President with confusing credentials on this issue of being ‘naturally’ born are Ted Cruz (born in Canada and with only one parent being an American citizen at the time of his birth) and Marco Rubio (born in America but with parents who were not citizens of America at the time of his birth). Is it time to get our Supreme Court involved in this issue of who is a ‘native’ or ‘naturally’ born American (and eligible to run for our President)? Our Constitution, Article I (section 1) does imply that our President must be a ‘naturally’ born citizen (and loyal to the values and history of our Nation)!

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