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Mind over Matter! Our ‘currencies’ have Decoupled!

February 4, 2016

We now have a great problem in finance and economics. Our currencies have lost their ability to ‘measure’ wealth and production. The purpose of a currency is to ‘measure’ the value of wealth being produced from the land. This purpose is now lost as our currencies have decoupled themselves from reality (material matter/mass/substance). An example to think about is the substance we call ‘crude oil’. Crude oil is wealth as it has substance/matter/mass and is useful for creating more wealth for our society. But what do we now ‘measure’ crude oil with? We measure with a cyber currency (like our ‘dollar’) which has no substance/mass/matter. This means that when I ‘measure’ the supposed ‘value’ of this substance (crude oil) I am merely applying a ‘number’ to each barrel which has no real attachment to material reality. Think on this!

Crude oil derives from the land and is ‘wealth’! We ‘measure’ our production with a currency unit! This is now impossible! Our currencies are all corrupted!

Throughout our history, under Capitalism, we have measured production (material wealth) via a ‘coin of the realm’ which had substance/mass/matter (like silver and/or gold). Today, silver and gold are out of the global system as tools for ‘measuring’ value of production (wealth). We now use a subjective currency unit (a cyber ‘dollar’ or similar) which gets created from bankers consciousness (their mind). Loans are made without any real measurement of what a stable ‘value’ might be for the product (say crude oil). QE is created by our Central Bankers without any new production coming on-stream to the markets. All this phony/fake/imaginary currency which gets created (and supposedly represents ‘value’) distorts price discovery and distorts stability when attempting to ‘measure’ value. The ‘measurement’ system is now subjective and corrupt!


Valuation of crude oil is impossible as we now ‘measure’ with a cyber currency which has no substance/matter/mass! Price discovery can not stabilize when we use subjective currencies for valuation! 

Capitalism can not continue with phony/fake/cyber currencies which are created ‘out of nothing’ and which distort the whole purpose for having money. The purpose of money is to ‘measure’ value (wealth) which we produce from the land. This is impossible today with all the phony/fake/imaginary cyber currencies which our banksters create (via loans and counterfeiting). QE is counterfeiting and making loans with a currency which emerges from the ‘consciousness’ of the bankster is not Capitalism. All our markets (globally) are now fake/phony/cyber markets which are about to crash/collapse/deflate. We now need to wake-up and inform our leaders that Capitalism is over and that counterfeiting currencies by the trillions is corrupt/illegal/evil. Think on this!

Get out of ALL cyber money (used as savings) and get into a material item which can be exchanged during the next 10 years of turmoil/collapse/transition! Do this NOW!

That is my missive for today! The human MIND now supersedes MATTER. Currencies derive from the human mind and economic wealth derives from matter. Our money is now metaphysical/spiritual/imaginary. Capitalism can not survive 2016 with this type of money. Get out of ALL cyber currencies now and buy a store of value which is real/material with substance and composed of matter/mass/energy. What do I recommend? I recommend silver and gold and/or other items of matter/mass which hold their exchange value over the next 10 years. A crash in all our cyber markets is emerging in 2016 and this will continue for years! Get your savings out now and get into some ‘thing’ with matter/mass/substance (I suggest silver and gold)! Good luck! I am:

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