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Bernie Sanders – his Worldview is Secular Socialism?

February 2, 2016

The young are supporting the philosophy of Bernie Sanders for President of the U.S.A. Bernie and Hillary are fighting for the loyalties of those who desire to vote another Democrat into the highest office of America. Last night Bernie received 50% of the vote from the democratic constituency in Iowa. He nearly upset the corrupt philosophy of Hillary Clinton! Most likely Bernie will win the support of the voters in New Hampshire next week. His support among the millennials (those under 40) is substantial and this group (who seem to lack historical wisdom) thinks his philosophy will lead to prosperity, happiness, and justice! But what is lacking in the thinking of these millennials and Bernie Sanders?  Why do the young lack an understanding of Bernie’s Worldview? Do they lack an understanding of prior history? Bernie should know better IMO!

Bernie has excellent ideas on our economic issues but lacks wisdom for resolving the issues IMO!

Bernie does have some good ideas and his analysis of our economic situation is mostly ‘right on’. But the young seem unaware of history and the realities of communal solutions to social problems. Socialism and Communism are both ideas which promote communal solutions to our economic and social problems. The administrator of these communal solutions is BIG Government…and economic enslavement to taxes (for the administration of this system). Big government creates more inefficiencies and corruption for the communal society and more taxes creates economic enslavement for the masses. The young who listen only to the ‘words’ emerging from the mouth of a politician, such as Bernie Sanders, do not look back at our history for wisdom. What is lacking today, IMO, is economic and political ‘wisdom’! Bernie should know better as we have much evidence from real-time history that Democratic/Secular Socialism does not work!

Socialism and Communism create a huge STATE to administer their utopian ideas! It never works in real-time reality! Our young millennials need to seek wisdom from prior history! The evidence is clear IMO!

Secular Socialism is also called by Bernie…Democratic Socialism. The ‘name’ is unimportant but the underlying philosophy is a form of communal solutions to our economic problems. Communal solutions must be administered by someone! Who becomes the administrator of Bernie’s Socialism? Think! The Administrator is Bernie and a host of like-minded bureaucrats in Washington. To make this philosophy work they must create a mindset of ‘political correctness’ so that everyone buys into their program and their thinking. Big money and the official media must also buy into this mindset of Democratic Socialism so that the public can be indoctrinated with the principles of Bernie’s Socialism. What is the Worldview of Democratic and/or Secular Socialism? It never works in real-time! History is our teacher!

When Communism arrives everyone becomes a SLAVE of the administrators and bureaucrats! Is this freedom?

The key principles, of this philosophy, are that reality is composed of ‘matter’ and ‘energy’. The entire worldview is based upon matter/mass/energy and Materialism. We have lots of history on this philosophy as Mao of China imposed this mindset on billions of Chinese. Lenin and Stalin of Russia also imposed this mindset (worldview) upon the citizens of greater Russia. What happened? What happens is that the administrators of this philosophy must attempt to ‘impose’ the principles of secular Socialism upon everyone if it is to work. These principles are that the STATE is God. There is no higher spiritual power within our universe and the STATE is supreme (the God of everyone). This worldview also desires that everyone ‘assume’ that a select group of elites can administer justice, fairness, and prosperity for everyone via their mandates, regulations, and legal impositions. This mindset is a fantasy/myth!

Capitalism worked from 1776 to 1934! We now have progressive socialism and Agenda 2030 (currently the Worldview of Obama and our Global Pope). Will this lead us to Communal Communism (under these administrators or similar)! Will this create utopia for our planet or economic/social enslavement under the ‘Mark of the Beast’? Think! You know my view!

The STATE becomes the God of the universe and the people become the SLAVES of the administrators who run the STATE. This is what happens in real-time and we have years of experience with this mindset. Read your history and think about how Bernie’s Socialism will work in real-time for the U.S.A. and ultimately the entire planet. In reality, Bernie is deceived about what happens in real-time when he becomes Czar of his Democratic Socialism. Bernie becomes the supreme ruler over everyone and group enslavement results for the citizens who buy into his program/philosophy. We now need to think more seriously about the Worldview’s of our candidates for elected office. Who understands history and real-time reality? This is the issue going forward! Enjoy and read some history on what Bernie Sanders desires for America and our planet! I am:

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