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Amazing technology will revolutionize communication!

January 31, 2016

Google has a secret operation which is now becoming public…it’s called Skybender.  They are planning to introduce a 5G communication service using Drones so as to increase the frequencies for cell and computer communication. This could become effective in 2016. Samsung and others are also working on a 5G service for their communication services. This is revolutionary as the service should be more efficient and less costly. Everyone will want this service within a couple of years. Our global financial network will also desire this service for their upcoming ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. Keep your eye out for more details on this technological revolution. Our World is changing fast and globalization is the word for 2016 and after!

Project SkyBender is reportedly using drones to experiment with millimetre-wave radio transmissions. Tests are in the initial phase, but this is not the first time millimeter waves are taken advantage of.

According to a records obtained by The Guardian, Google is testing solar-powered drones at Spaceport America, a New Mexico facility that formerly played host to Virgin Galactic.

Google is now testing the technique with a new solar-powered drone called Centaur and other units made by a division known as Google Titan, which the company formed after it acquired drone maker Titan Aerospace in 2014. However revolutionary the millimeter waves might be, they have their own limitations. Using what’s called a phased array, however, Google and others could potentially focus the transmissions over greater distances.

The codename of this latest venture of Google is called “Skybender” and its main motive is to carry out many of its transceivers and UAVs (drones) utilizing millimeter wave radio transmission.

One of the drawbacks in using millimeter transmissions is that it has a short-range (28 GHz) in frequency; however its speed is massive compared to the 4G internet that we are using.

In reality, millimeter frequency generator has the ability to deliver large numbers of gigabits every second; hence resulting in 40 times faster internet connection than that of the speed we are now receiving using 4G LTE systems.

Cell communication in real-time (globally) will become more ubiquitous!

Data transmission using millimeter wave technology is getting a lot of press lately. First, the startup Starry has an event where it shows off a super-expensive router and its vision of how it might become a wireless ISP of-sorts: using high-frequency spectrum to transmit data signals to and from a box that hangs outside your house or apartment, which should (presumably) get you gigabit speeds so long as you have line-of-sight between the receiver and transmitter.

And now, a new report from The Guardian reveals that Google is also testing out millimeter wave technology for high-speed Internet access. Google’s plan appears much different, however. First off, it’s conducting its tests in secret—under the alleged codename of “SkyBender” (which sounds a bit more like the title of a James Bond film than an actual project).


This is what our money looks like today! Symbols in the Cyber Cloud! Our money is now metaphysical/spiritual!

The entire planet is now in transition and Capitalism is essentially over! Capitalism is based upon a material mindset where people accumulate ‘things’ (stuff). Our money is physical (paper or metal) and our currencies are physical (paper and convertible). This world is vanishing fast as the New Digital Age has arrived. A new global economic and political model is now needed for the planet. But will a new model be imposed upon us or will everyone get to choose? This is the question going forward! The elite desire to impose a new model called Agenda 2030. This model has now been approved by our United Nations and became effective on January 1, 2016. Few, however, are aware of what is now happening. A new age has arrived and a transition phase will be necessary.

Watch this video for enlightenment on what is emerging! Do the elite know what they are doing? Who desires ‘identity codes’ in order to buy and sell?

The transition phase could be messy as there are multiple strongmen who will desire to IMPOSE a new system to their liking. Agenda 2030 is one of the options which our elite may try to ‘impose’ upon everyone via stealth. Personally, I oppose this agenda and its core philosophy of materialism, matter, and one reality. We now need to start thinking as individuals and voicing our opinions on all these issues as reality is (in reality) subjective. The plans of our elite are merely ONE alternative! Do the masses of citizens of our planet desire global Communism? Do people desire a ‘Mark of the Beast’ economic system where ‘identity codes’ define the person? Should a select few rule over the many? Can one strongman rule over all citizens with logic, justice, and agreement? I don’t think so! I am:


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