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The ‘Electrical Grid’ vs. The ‘Financial Grid’! Comparison!

January 29, 2016

The electrical grid is a network of infrastructure which provides us power for all our appliances and mechanical items. We power our factories and our residential communities using this grid. This grid is key to our survival as we all now use electricity for most of our survival needs. This grid is now monitored and administered by computer technology which allows this grid to service nearly everyone within our country. If this grid goes down we could experience difficulties in our survival. Since this grid operates under a centralized control system, we are all vulnerable to a cyber attack on this grid. We could be in serious trouble if this were to occur.

An image of our electrical grid. This grid is now centralized and vulnerable to a cyber or EMP attack! Computer technology runs our grid and cyberspace is the new space for global warfare!

Note the interdependence of this electrical grid on the flow of electrons (electricity) so as to power our society! This grid (being centralized) creates a network which could be destroyed by an enemy! We are now all vulnerable to cyber criminals who may desire to destroy our centralized grid!

The financial grid has emerged mostly since 1998 as our money has become digital and circulates within this space called Cyberspace. The entire planet is now an interdependent and interconnected network of computers which operate within this nether world space called Cyberspace. Our financial grid is now mostly centrally controlled via our global Central Banks. These Central Banks have their own cyber trading rooms where they can monitor and manipulate this network of cyber money for our planet. This financial grid operates as an interconnected grid where any part can affect the whole. This is extremely dangerous as we could experience a ‘flash crash’ within this financial grid that shuts down the entire system. Our currencies today are ‘cyber’ currencies.

Fiber optic cables have created our global financial grid which operates within the nether world of Cyberspace! The system has created a grid or network which operates 24/7 and in real-time!

Satellites and our electro magnetic spectrum of frequencies have created a global financial grid or network! This grid has emerged mostly since 1998 and it operates in the nether world of Cyberspace! The word which describes today’s commerce is Globalization!

Our electrical grid is dependent upon ‘electrons’ as the particles which create our electricity. Electrons are particles of ‘matter’ which have some substance and material existence. Our financial grid, however, operates via one’s and zero’s (bits and bytes) which are units of information. These units of information have no matter or mass. They appear within our computer screens as ‘numbers’ which we call our currency unit. Our ‘dollar’ is a cyber currency unit. All the other global cyber currencies are also ‘numbers’ and ‘symbols’ which derive from the consciousness of our Central Bankers and their proxies. The financial grid operates within the nether world space which we call Cyberspace. All is now interconnected via a web of computers globally.

Electrons are basic to the electric grid and photons are basic to the financial grid (electrons are material units of matter and photons are units of light which are non-material in nature). Note the difference! 

It is our photons which give us the electro-magnetic spectrum and our frequencies which carry our information to our computer screens! Our monetary currencies (dollar, etc.) are now units of information revealed by photons and frequencies in our computer screens! Our banksters create these units of nothing from their consciousness!

Cyberspace is created by our computer technologies and the interconnections of computers. This network or grid creates our financial grid and all our monetary transactions! All is centralized and interconnected and mostly global! Select banksters and traders try to control, manipulate, and rig the markets (to prevent a collapse)!

The text, images, and information derived within our financial grid ‘lives’ in this nether world space called Cyberspace. This space is non-material and has no ‘matter’ or ‘mass’. Photons (which have no rest mass) create the text and images which we witness within this nether world space. We now need to recognize that ‘electrons’ are basic to our electric grid and ‘photons’ are basic to our financial grid. Our electrical grid operates within our material world of matter/energy/mass/volume. But our financial grid operates within our metaphysical consciousness and our extended consciousness (the computer cyberspace screen). Particles are basic to our electrical grid and information is basic to our financial grid.

Our global computer trading system (network) operates 24/7 and in real-time! Information is our currency! Information is created from our banksters ‘consciousness’! The financial grid is metaphysical!

Our financial grid (network) is now global and totally interconnected/interdependent! The entire monetary grid system is now subject to a ‘flash’ crash as our currencies are units within cyberspace! High frequency trading could create this coming financial holocaust! Algorithms do most of our trading today!

Our money is no longer backed by gold (a material object). We now live within a cyber (information) system! This type of money is metaphysical/spiritual! Note the difference! All this has happened since 1971!

A criminal cyber attack could freeze up our electrical grid as it is dependent upon our computer technologies. An EMP (electrical magnetic pulse) could destroy our entire electrical grid and bring us all back to a primitive society. Our financial grid could also be destroyed by design (our banksters) and/or by criminal cyber attacks (from anywhere on our planet). Both depend upon our computer technologies for their survival. The two grids, however, are different. The electrical grid depends upon material particles for generation of electricity whereas our financial grid depends upon units of information (derived from human consciousness) for its survival. The two grids ‘live’ in two different worlds. The world of matter represents a material reality and the world of information represents a spiritual/metaphysical reality. Note this difference! The two grids need to be understood fully!

Due to the ‘nature’ of our two grids (electrical and financial) we are now subject to a cyber or EMP attack!

Since our money is now a unit of information (non-material). This means that a cyber flash crash is likely any day! Our Central Bank trading desks will attempt to prevent this event but algorithms have no loyalty to these Banksters! Algorithms create most of our prices and our trading activity today!

In conclusion, we live in TWO worlds today. The material world of matter/mass/energy and the non-material world of finance/money/cyberspace. These two worlds are different yet both can be visualized as global networks or grids. Our world is now global, interconnected, and all is interdependent. Centralized policymakers try to control this non-system Casino behind closed doors. The key administrators of the centralized financial grid are the Federal Reserve trading desks in New York/Chicago and the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland and Hong Kong, China. Central manipulators try to monitor and control and rig the entire global financial system with their closed-door operations. Watch out for the coming financial cyber holocaust! I am:


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