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We now need ‘New Thinking’ to solve today’s human issues!

January 28, 2016

We live with a mindset that is archaic for this New Age which is emerging. We now live in an interconnected world where all 7 billion citizens can participate in world commerce and social events. The mindset of fighting over natural resources so select Nations can survive at the expense of others is archaic thinking. The mindset of displacing regimes (like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, China, etc.) which challenge the main Super Powers interests is now also archaic thinking. The mindset of ‘might makes right’ and the ‘end justifies the means’ are philosophies which make conditions much worse for everyone. What we now need is a new logic and a new philosophy for thinking about our issues. Let’s review some of the New Thinking which could advance our global society going forward.

  1. We need to recognize that reality is a ‘real-time’ experience and that The Now is more important than thinking about the ‘past’ or the ‘future’. Past and Future never arrive and The Now is present continuously! The concept of thinking in the Now and living in the Now makes sense given our new global interconnected world. The idea of a ‘past’ or a ‘future’ reflects the old world of snail mail and snail communication. We now live in real-time continually under our global interconnected internet society. Let’s think and live in these Now realities! Give this some reflection!
  2. The government of ‘man’ by ‘man’ is also an archaic concept given that our New Age of the internet promotes ‘equality’ among all communicants. We now communicate globally in real-time with anyone and everyone on an equal footing. Why would I desire another person to govern my thinking and my behavior in real-time via man-made regulations, laws, and control mechanisms? Why would I desire a monetary system of ‘numbers’ and ‘identification’ codes so that a select few can govern my commerce with their cyber numbers (called money)? This mindset promotes enslavement of the many by the few. Is this a good way to relate in a global world which is interconnected in real-time and where everyone desires individual sovereignty and equality?
  3. Some 11 million Syrians have recently been displaced from decisions of the Power brokers who assume that the ‘end justifies the means’. Europe is collapsing, Asia is collapsing, South America is collapsing, and North America is collapsing. Our man-made Power politicians continue to assume that everyone desires ‘democracy for all’. Democracy is defined as 50.1% governing the 49.9% via agreements which can generally not be achieved. America is the best example of a ‘democracy’ which doesn’t work as the opposing viewpoints are hardened by the decisions of those in Power. Why all the ‘executive orders’ today? This reveals that agreements can not be achieved via this philosophy called Democracy (mob rule according to our Founding Fathers)! We now need New Thinking so that everyone can relate as ‘equals’ under the concept of a Higher Power…as ultimate ruler!
  4. The military concept of ‘might makes right’ has been followed for all of human history (to varying degrees). This mindset allows fighting and killing to prevail (and dominate) so that select superpower’s can govern over those with weaker ‘might’. We witness the fighting today among the current Super Powers (China, Russia, and the United States). Building consensus among these Powers is fruitless as each desires to ‘rule’ over the ‘other’. Playing God is what these powers promote with their current archaic thinking. This results in more ‘might’ and ‘killing’ so as to gain POWER and control over the ‘other’. Is this working? Can this mindset promote a global society of equals (now 7 billion individuals) so as to give us justice, liberty, and happiness? I don’t think so! We need New Thinking and a New Mindset going forward!
  5. The scientific thinking which promotes a ‘Material’ view of reality (matter/mass/energy) over the Human spirit is another mindset that is archaic for our New Age. In reality, I live within TWO realms of reality (mind over matter)! Matter and that which is ‘material’ is only a part of our thinking. Science needs to advance and become aware that the human ‘spirit’ (also called the mind/consciousness) is more important that mere ‘material’ objects within our space/time universe. The human spirit is what we now need to focus upon and this can help with a new Model for our planet! Currently, Science and Religion promote a model of thinking which advances the idea that the ‘outer’ is superior to the ‘inner’. Outside in thinking is the result of this model. In reality, Inside out thinking is what we now need for this New Age which is emerging!
  6. The Worldviews of Marxism, Secularism, Humanism, Post Modernism, and Darwinism are worldviews which now need to be abandoned. All these worldviews promote the concept that Reality is composed totally of ‘matter/mass/energy’. My brain is my ultimate source and my ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ are secondary and unimportant. This mindset needs to change so that the words and ideas of the Mind become superior to the that which is ‘outside’ one’s Mind. Matter/mass/energy are important but not superior to one’s ‘inner’ realm (the realm of the spirit). All worldviews based upon the idea that Matter is supreme need to be abandoned!
  7. The Worldviews of New Spiritualism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Deism, Kingdom Economics need to advance as these worldviews promote the ‘inner’ world as supreme and more important than the ‘outer’ world of Matter. The masses of thinking people are now recognizing that the world of the ‘spirit’ is the most important realm of reality. Science, Religion, and Secular thinking where our leaders promote a ‘outside in’ view of reality needs to be abandoned. America was founded upon the ideas which emerge from the human spirit. We now need to get back to this thinking for our New Age! A ‘inside out’ view is much more realistic for this New Age which is emerging! Give this some reflection!
  8. We now need to recognize that One World of seven billion has emerged! Our Internet World is a world where everyone communicates on an equal footing. This means that we need a world where Self Government prevails over Power Politics. Self government is where each individual becomes the Sovereign ruler over his/her subjective mindset. Rulership by select elites is anathema and archaic for our New Age of subjectivity. Truth is subjective and our thinking is subjective. This means that governing by Power Religion and/or Power Politics can not work going forward. We now live in a world of subjective individuals who each thinks uniquely and differently to some extent. This can not be changed with elite mandates, political correctness, or human legal systems. Subjectivity is what we all need to accept as reality going forward!
  9. Finally, we need to recognize that Problems come before Solutions! The mindset of asking ‘What is the Solution’ needs to change to the question of ‘What is the Problem’. I live from Situation to Situation. Each Situation creates a new Problem. From the Problem I develop my thinking and this eventually emerges into a Solution! All solutions emerge from a prior Problem. This is why we need to think about our Problems first! Problems are now ubiquitous globally! What are the Problems…this is the mindset for our New Age! Think about our current Problems prior to thinking about the question of ‘What is the Solution’. If I identify the ‘Problem’ first then I can propose a Solution which fits this Problem! Give this some reflection!

The above is a mindset of Subjectivity! We now need to recognize that objective ‘truth’ derives from Subjective perceptions, questions, and interpretations. Just because select elites agree does not mean that their reality is objective and right for everyone! Socrates understood that Questions reveal Subjectivity! All is ultimately Subjective for fallible human beings!

The above are my ideas for this New Age which is now emerging. Give each of the above some reflection and think about our need to Change our Thinking going forward. Ideas rule the world and we now need New Ideas for our New Age which is emerging. Kingdom Economics is all about New Thinking and a New Model for our seven billion individuals who occupy this planet. Enjoy this New Thinking! I am:

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