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Out of ‘thin’ air and then back to ‘thin’ air!

January 25, 2016

We all recognize (I think) that our digital money is created ‘out of thin air’ (a metaphor for creating money via the computer electronically). This phase has become ubiquitous in the past 7 years due to Central Bank QE operations and Commercial bank lending activity. Bernanke in 2008 and after created our ‘dollar’ out of ‘thin’ air in order to ‘save’ the system. The word QE for quantitative easing is now on the lips of every trader and investor on our planet. QE is another poetic ‘name’ for creating our digital money ‘out of thin air’. Central Bankers merely punch computer keys to create the ‘digits’ which we call our currency unit.

Electronic money has replaced our historical paper and coin money!

All global currencies are now created ‘out of thin air’ which means out of nothing but the consciousness of the policymakers (their thinking mind). Fantasy money is now ubiquitous all over our planet and nearly all of these units are created ‘out of thin air’. Let’s look around our planet at some popular ‘names’ who are currently creating lots of computer ‘digits’ (called money) ‘out of thin air’. The name of Bernanke, America’s Fed Chairman from 2006 -2014, is now old news. Big Ben Bernanke is out of a policymaking role and is now working for a large Hedge Fund. His role in our money creation is now over although his model (QE) is now prevalent and in use all around our planet.

Big Ben tried to convince the public that he was not ‘printing’ money! The word today is creating money (electronically) via the computer out of ‘thin air’! Few can discern this change since 1998!

His successor is the current Chairman of our Federal Reserve and she has stopped Big Ben’s QE operations (apparently). The lady is called Janet Louise Yellen and she now presides over our Federal Reserve banking system. I say ‘apparently’ because there is little ‘light’ on this private organization which we call the Federal Open Market Committee or their proxy banks. Many of my hard-core opponents of this entity, called the Fed, have tried to shine some ‘light’ upon this private organization with zero success to date. So we do not know precisely what they (the Fed) are now doing in our markets. My sense, however, is that huge market manipulations are occurring (daily) via these policymakers who ‘hide’ behind the closed doors of this corrupt private entity.

Mario Draghi (ECB) and H. Kuroda (Bank of Japan) create trillions of currency units out of ‘thin air’! This favors the wealthy friends of these Central Banks and enslaves the general public!

‘Thin Air’ money is flowing from many banking organization all around our planet. Over in Europe we have the Central Banker of the ECB, the European Central Bank, Mr. Mario Draghi pumping ‘thin air’ money into the euro economy. Over in Japan we have another Central Banker, Mr. Kuroda, pumping trillions of cyber Yen into his market. Over in China we have the Peoples Bank of China pumping billions (possibly trillions) of cyber Yuan into their Asian economy. We know that the Bank of England has pumped billions of cyber Pounds into the economy of Great Britain. Given the nature of today’s money every Central Bank and their proxies are pumping cyber currencies (‘thin air’ money) into their respective economies.

The financial ‘jargon’ coming out of the mouths of our Central Bankers are mostly based upon word deceptions! Few seem to discern the financial word deceptions coming from our money overlords!

The recent history of our bond and stock markets reveals the huge quantities (cyber digits) being pumped into markets to prevent a collapse of these global trading markets. What most people do not comprehend is the ‘nature’ of our money today or the fact that all our Stock Exchanges and Bond Markets are now electronic markets. The old Open Outcry System for determining spot (cash) prices has expired and we now live with computers, the internet, cyberspace money, and electronic trading. These new technologies have totally changed all our markets. Our markets are now Global and Inter-connected via a web (network) of computer machines and our electro-magnetic spectrum frequencies. Trading and price discovery is now done at the speed of light. What a change and all this means that we now live in a new economy where cyberspace rules over all of us.

Most of our money and cyber data is now stored in the Cyber Cloud! When markets crash this type of money vanishes and disappears! It’s all ‘thin air’!

The Cyber Cloud has emerged and this is where all our money is now located. All our debt is also located within this Cyber Cloud. Our entire global economy has now transcended material space/time reality and entered a new dimension of reality called the Cyber Cloud. Few are aware of what has happened in mostly the past 18 years. Since 1998 the technology of our internet and cyber transactions have become the New Standard for our Digital Age. Smart phones and computer communications now rule over politics, economics, science, religion, and our social relationships. Witness the power and influence of Google and Facebook. These two entities now rule over most of our communications in America and Europe. We live in a New World which is emerging daily!

I now need a ‘password’ to access my cyber checking account, my cyber saving account, and my cyber investment account! Why? Our money now consists of ‘thin air’!

The old world of paper money and precious metal money has been suppressed so as this New World of digits and cyberspace can emerge. Norway now desires a Cashless Society. Sweden and Denmark desire a Cashless Society. All of Europe is being forced into this Cashless world of cyber currencies, digital transactions…and our data is now stored within the Cyber Cloud. The imaginary world of our consciousness is now becoming the New Standard for a New Age. During this transition to this New Age we are witnessing mass confusion and increasing uncertainty about where all these new technologies are leading us. Our monetary system is what I am focused upon mostly as economic survival is key to progress within this coming New Age.

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the European Economic Community desire a Cashless economy going forward!

All this ‘thin air’ money which is now being created is really fantasy money IMO. The ‘nature’ of this type of money is so different from our history that it must be understood before progress can be made towards this New Age. ‘Thin air’ money is really a unit of nothing, created subjectively, and circulating as part of our imagination within this metaphysical space called Cyberspace. The Cyber Cloud now stores all our digits and data (mostly) and this means that our money can not work as a symbol of ‘value’. This also means that Capitalism (which was founded upon money of substance) is essentially OVER. Few comprehend what has happened in just the last 18 years. We now must watch as our historical markets collapse from all this ‘thin air’ money (which has zero meaning when fully understood).

Me pay, bitcoin, bit dollar, bit yen, bit krona, bit euro, bit pound, bit currencies everywhere! This leads to human enslavement down the road when economic conditions become difficult! Eventually, the ‘mark of the beast’ emerges!

The next five to 10 years could be historic as monumental change must occur so that our planet and the people can survive. The coming financial holocaust is what I witness occurring in the very near future. ‘Thin Air’ money is not viable as it vanishes and disappears during a serious cyclical downturn. Cyber Cloud money is not money with any substance (matter, mass, volume). This means that curing a cyclical downturn this type of money vanishes back to where it came from (the human consciousness). Yes, we now live with ‘thin air’ money which is really a unit of our consciousness (our inner spirit being). This type of money will vanish and disappear as our electronic markets crash and collapse. Watch and learn from the coming financial holocaust. I will do the same! Enjoy this day in our material world and think about your immaterial inner world when it comes to our money! I am:


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